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Beloved Friends,

in the last few months I have been going through great challenges, here where my new home is. And it is still not over but improving. I got also finally a better internet connection even if quite expensive.

Not only ordinary daily life, including basic technical requirements, takes a lot of effort and endless time in this region to make things work, because nothing is well organized and most people are poor. 

Although this island is divine, I had also to deal with unexpected most difficult volcanic energies at my place here, and all the archaic and from inner earth coming negative entities closely attached to them.  It is and has been very hard work and affected my health. But I feel that this work I do is breaking through the paradigm of the old world altogether. And I know that I am doing it not just "for myself", I am doing it for humanity too. Just living for myself, I could simply look for a cosy place to live in bliss.

But where ever YOU live, my friends, probably you all feel and sense and experience more or less that life has become more difficult everywhere. This is because the frequencies of the old ways are not supported anymore, a new energy wants to establish here and we are still waiting for that great cosmic solar event to arrive. But we do not know when.

But the sleeping masses hang on to the old ways, trying to prolong them,  that are ever more imploding and collapsing into the dead end of an artificially created world, the domain of the AI agenda. That’s why there is so much chaos in the world, for everybody to see. 

According to my own personal experience only very few people – compared to the number of 7.6 Billion that makes the totality of humanity – start to wake up, willing to leave the blissful illusion pretending that everything is "OK" on this planet and enter the necessary path of initial phase of disilliusionment and possible depression in order to grow their consciousness in Truth to reach the light.

So looking at the course of events on our Beloved Mother Earth, it does not look like that humanity as a whole has made such a progress that allows us to rightly assume that a Golden Age is at our doorsteps as hoped for in the years leading to 2012.

What happened? In my blogpost in 2011 “THE ELOHIM AND THE ASCENSION PLAN FOR EARTH AND HUMANITY” I wrote:

“The reason why there was no complete ascension of the ascension candidates on 11.11.11 is, that the Darks have influenced with their mind control  and brainwash technology  the souls of the sleeping masses  in a way that they unconsciously agreed with their agenda. This means they can only be "awakened" by Divine Grace as their "soul-contract" has changed and they are now closely attached to the Dark.  Pretty weird, but I couldn't sleep last night and this scenario was so present in my awareness, that I could not deny it. And even today this story is still very present in my mind as a given fact. Before I had received this information, I had very seriously asked for understanding what's going on and what the  delay of the mass awakening was about and what the further plans were for them.”

The consequences of this brainwashing are obviously much more serious than anybody would have imagined! It has reached catastrophic dimensions for humanity, our planet and beyond.

Studying what other people have to say presently, people whom I consider to be of true spiritual intelligence – I found that some have similar concerns. Please see further below an example. 

Unfortunately inspite of a lot of disinformation, claiming a blissful spiritualization of humanity, it has become darker than ever before. True spirituality is hardly to find anymore and many lost their path, sinking into deep materialism, - disappointed and discouraged that the promises of 2012 did not happen.  

Perhaps this exactly is testing us, whether we are true to our genuine Divinity, in spite of all the obstacles and increasing difficulties of life. 
If we acknowledge the new frequency and ever more expanding light, we shift our consciousness. It allows us to live a new paradigm entering a new time line, as we begin to fine tune with it. The new energies are here to create a much more smooth and beautiful life, a life flowing with  happiness, joy, abundance and love.
We may enter parallel worlds and hopefully a freedom beyond any world which signifies our true Essence of Peace, Joy and Beauty. Therefore, beloved friends, don't give up, ever! Hell is not worth living.
But how to enter a new timeline and implement this in the midst of a disturbed and chaotic world that is functioning less and less for those who are awakening? There we face obstacles after obstacles as our own new energy does not match with the old establishment that still vibrates very low, predominant with self-serving attitudes, non-love and irresponsible actions.

Most importantly it is required of us not to mingle with or to rely unconsciously on the old energies, but to turn everything into a co-creative act that is based on a clear heart-vision, a vision that is rooted in the heart.

And indeed, the new dimension of light is manifesting itself as clear, pristine and radiant presence in our heart. It is a conscious zero-point field radiating at infinity. It must be the foundation for our new creations to bring this light into manifestation.

I have published so many messages regarding humanity's original Divinity, and basically they all speak of the same, though with a lot of variations. And I consider these messages in these darkening times as more important than to speak of this or that possible event, pointing to the great expected shift for the better. Because it is the discovery of our true Divine Nature that shifts our consciousness which in turn would allow a new Divine World to manifest. The law is "from inside out", our consciousness invites the shift in the outer world: Because YOU yourself ARE the world and the universe.

Whether this shift for the better will start rather benign or cataclysmic, is depending on humanity's actions. The future is not fixed. Therefore each one of us must carefully watch out to keep our vibration high, no matter what. This is not about gleeful and naive New Age-ish raving how everything is going now so wonderfully spiritual and happy. It is not true! Look at your circumstance and look at the world! There is so much suffering, it is increasing and has not become less! The intensifying earth disasters just mirror the state of humanity's consciousness and the present great universal crisis. Love and compassion on the world scale have not improved, and neither happiness has, rather depression, desperation and health challenges are on the forefront!

However, for you, facing this, remember it is NOT about becoming depressed yourself, but it is about rolling up your sleeves, keep your mood up and positive and using your Divine creative power to envision and manifest the signs of your Divinity.

This is how you serve the world and humanity at best. Willing to keep up your vibration, living the light and living love. Finding out who you truly are, rather to submit - disillusioned by unhappy events - to a darkening world. Instead, do not forget to exercise your higher will to open your heart, to let the light in that is waiting to be accepted by you.

Please be aware that you can choose in any moment whether to submit to darkness or to open up to Divine Truth. None of you is the victim of anyone who claims self-appointed authority over you! YOU are given free will that you can utilize always because it is your Divine birthright. There is no reason why not to engage your God-given free will in any moment. Although often you cannot change a situation, you are free how you respond to it.Trust and love yourself to respond with an open heart, even if it is extremely difficult and requires a great deal of self-transcendence. But you can do it. If you fail, stand up again. This is your native Divine power. You are born from the light. And your light is contagious to those who carry still a spark of it in their heart.


Here follows the above mentioned "example",
quoting the Seer Almine. I wrote this article a while ago, it has been sitting unpublished in my blog waiting for the right time, which has arrived now. 
I decided not to make any changes, although I might repeat myself in some way. It shows how this whole human situation weighs  on my heart, as it does certainly on all those who came here to help humanity ascend.

With love and blessings,


From a conversation with Almine:


Dear friends, 

I had to publish this short conversation, Almine had with her students, because it confirms what I see, feel and know.
Unfortunately there are countless messages around on the internet  awakening the illusion that humanity is ascending now as a whole. This is just a bold lie if you look with open eyes and listen to and feel with your heart, because it is not true! 
The situation is like with the emperors new clothes! 

This is  not about being negative or something, or creating fear,  it is about having the courage to face the truth that  there are very few who truly serve the true Divine light.

In my experience, the seer Almine is one of the purest and brightest and spiritually most evolved Mystics alive in our time, serving selflessly humanity in the ascension process. She has great wisdom and large knowledge as a Toltec master and is a great Creator Goddess with a very high state of enlightenment.

In this question and answer session she speaks of  humanity´s possible future.  I appreciate that she is not one of those who idealize  humanity and awaken false hopes  suggesting that a few people just need to do the hard ascension work and the rest takes it easy and is being simply  taken into the 5th dimension, without personal responsibility for their own purification process and growth in divine consciousness.

Obviously the extensive spiritual work of the few has not inspired the majority of mankind - as it has been hoped for and envisioned and prayed for by those who came to help humanity to wake up and to ascend. Just observe the world and your environment, be aware what most people have on their mind and do to one another and the animal kingdom, and most of all: FEEL the energies!

Then you will realize that quite the opposite has happened in the last years and even in the last few weeks, unfortunately rising in a crescendo  towards the worse. To continue living here on earth has become meanwhile a horrible suffering for those with a light body, as most humans now carry more and more negative,  painful and destructive, life-denying energies  with them.

I believe it was in 2010 or earlier,  also the Arcturians, channeled by David Miller who founded the Group of Forty, said that there was  a possibility that humanity would not survive. 

Dear brothers and sisters, in spite of the seemingly obvious, we will not give up hope that humanity can still be saved. We never give up to remember to nurture the light from moment to moment, to be love, to stay strong and to practice integrity in the midst of the growing chaos, so that our frequency may match the higher 4th or the 5th dimension. It is all about the level of frequency!

With my love,

Here now the quotes from a short conversation between Almine and her students:

Question: Would it Be Merciless for The Infinite to Wipe Out the Human Race?

Almine: The volcano is like a timebomb** yes. But what it’s related to, is the possibility of the Infinite wiping out the human race — their destructive madness is threatening the planet and the animal kingdom.
**   http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/812301/Yellowstone-eruption-caldera-volcano-big-   one-magma-reservoir-national-park


Almine: It became clear during The Ohio Event (one of Almine´s retreats) that the Original Ones* have to stop saving humanity. You cannot pull those up that don’t want to. That only pulls you down.

Question: This perspective seems so without mercy to me? 

Almine:  Mercy, the way man defines it, is listed in the dictionary as: kind or forgiving treatment of a someone who could be treated harshly; kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation; a good or lucky fact or situation.
The cruelty of man against animals, people (especially those who cannot defend themselves), the Earth herself, is like a virus spreading through the cosmos. I’ve always said that humanity, being the root race, are archetypes for all other cosmic races. What they do affects all. Mercy, the way man applies it, often means that you have prevented another from learning the hard way, something that in future could call in an even harder way. The most merciful thing you can do is to maintain an eternal perspective (which often seems merciless to one with contracted vision), and live your highest truth. If the great light this sheds can uplift man, then it is merciful. If not, then at least there’s one that will gladly use the opportunities you gift — the Earth. To elevate her beyond the possibility of man destroying her is also merciful. 
* The Original Ones: According to Almine divine humans, gods, who were here from the beginning



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