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Within the time of untruth Truth must be lived, My  Beloveds.

Real Truth Blows like a great Wind of Enlightened Clarity  through your Deep Heart that is Open to Me.

On the mundane level you will find that there are many truths, - which one to choose?

I Say: to explore arbitrarily different kinds of truth and then choose, will not reveal to you real Truth. Because real Truth is not an object, something separate from your Divine Nature.

If it would, you had - in a scientific manner - to ponder with your conceptual mind - which one seems most likely to be true. But truth, such found, would be only your truth, because others might very well find other proofs, according to their personal point of view, meaning each result depends on the personality of the explorer. Therefore there is not a single objective truth that cannot be disproven, depending on point of view.

So there are therefore many objective truths. But how could you live with such a chaotic, constantly interchangeable reality!

Because it has nothing to do with Myself Who Is You. Truth must flow from inside out!

I must move from inside out. I Am Truth and I must be Lived as the Power of Existence in the Deep of your Heart, both: as a Living Fountain to inspire your actions and as the Infinite Stillness of My Being.

No whatsoever horrible lie and insanity, no whatsoever multiple man-made truth will change Truth Itself, and no man-made truth will heal your world. No acrobatic and sophisticated trial and statement of your arbritary mind will bring about the great change that you desire so much.

You, as a separate being, cannot fabricate Truth, neither with techniques of the subtle mind, nor with manifestation tools!  

My Truth alone will stop the world from running down into the abyss of absolute godlessness. It Is My Well of Zero in which everything will be renewed, refreshed and filled with new life. And even Love will be reborne in a new meaning, radiance and greatness.  But the old world must first go to its very ending, you must allow it to consume itself.

In Truth it Is Me Who Consumes the old world in My Radiant Consciousness.

To allow yourself to do My Work through you, you will know My Truth that saves you Now from confusion and constant doubting: when will we be saved, when will this madness end, when will I feel better, when can I have a happy life again!

My Presence IS Truth, right now! It Is Certainty, Divine, Absolute Certainty detached from and in the midst of all the vanities of a life of constant change and profound insecurity.

You see,  you are learning now in this broken world, that There Is God, There Is Truth. But Truth is not separate from  Your True Being-ness, Which is not just inside of you. You Are within Me and  therefore My Truth Is all around.  

 My Truth is the Watery Solidity in which all these millions particles of your out of joint world are floating. Why holding on to the particles, even if they seem to be your personal truths, when I Am The One Truth Who by Consuming them all, spits out a New Divine World That I Am. The New Divine World Arises, because you recognize It as the Consciousness I Am, and because the many little objective truths lost their power of separateness over you.

Allow Me to open your heart so that My Single Truth may Shine through to bring this false world to an end.

My Beloveds, it is up to you, to shorten the times of destruction and intense suffering! However, My Divine Time will come, do not doubt! If not now then later.

But the desasters are now running with great speed to fullfill their destiny, to fulfill its course sown by humanity. Therefore it is YOUR responsiblity, My Beloveds, to allow My Work now to be Done through your surrender to Me, so that the suffering may end much sooner.

I Bless you, My Grace and My Love Are Always upon you!


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