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My dear friends,

this text "My conversation with the spirit of the sun" (see link below) was written in February 2012. I publish it today again, because it is right now of great importance.

Shortly after this conversation, at the beginning of March 2012, there were extreme solar flares that put my body and my entire being under massive fire, as my contact with the sun was very close at that time.

This shows what solar flares actually mean for us humans (and all beings in the solar system): Not just earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other so-called earth disasters.  They actually trigger evolution in our solar system. This is of course not new. But I experienced it in a quite dramatic way, so I could deeply feel the sun's role in our evolutionary process. I described this in this video back then:

This morning when I woke up, I had a another profound experience in regard to the experience in 2012. And I believe it is important for all of us to share. Because I know that this experience is directly related to the increasingly strong eruptions on the sun that are now reaching our earth:

I saw paradisiacal, white-radiant domed buildings with golden roofs, paradisiacal festivities and jubilant celebrations, celebrations so beautiful, high vibrating and divinely energetic that I can hardly describe them in words! Radiance of supreme joy, of indescribably heightened consciousness, a glorious celebration of the enlightenment of humanity. Carried by high divine power. 

The atmosphere was deeply permeated with mantra chantings: it was an initiation into the high God-consciousness of humanity.  I experienced it as clear rooms of radiant light happening in my body, purifying  everything, dissolving everything, burning everything that does not belong to the divine world. 

It is the mantric chants that once created the cosmos, and now it is the mantric chants that are now dissolving the old, godless patterns on this planet and putting everything back into the divine origin, giving birth to a new cosmos. For in the chants of the Infinite, new fields of glorious consciousness are rising, in which the song of all beings is being heard, blissfully, released from that which binds consciousness to limitations and stagnant holes of unhappiness.

From now on, the magnificent light- currents of God flow freely again, in glory and majesty, beauty and perfection.

May you open yourself to this Miracle!  

With love,



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