Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                                   Dear friends and readers of my blog,

with the strong geomagnetic disturbances underway, it is very important to maintain balance, not only mentally and emotionally, but also in terms of being grounded in our body and such to be connected with our Beloved Gaia, as our process is also hers, it is a united process. To be grounded in Gaia, also implies to be rested in our heart. Please also see "My conversation with Gaia". 

According to my conversation with the Spirit of the Sun, we can use the breath too, to inhale the incoming frequencies into our heart, this helps us also to be centered there. 

This is the most important thing we can do at this moment: to practice to be in the  presence of our heart, in the midst of the electro-magnetic disturbances, like being in the eye of the storm, in the still-point of a hurricane. 
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
There will be many more of these disturbances during this year, and each of us can contribute to the peace on earth - in a rapidly and on all levels changing world - by choosing to enter the inner domain of our own true being. We all can do it because the information of the light-codes, pouring into our world, contain the remembrance of our past and future, the remembrance of who we are as the ascended heart.

Especially through the working of our beloved Sun, the torus field of our heart is greatly empowered and expanded so that it is very easy now for us to enter this space humanity has once lost.

We have been granted all the means to make this powerful transition into a new and Divine World successful. 
We must remember that we are never unable to cope because for every challenge imposed on us by the forces of the universe, we have been given also tremendous help. The greater the challenge the greater the help.

We only must be willing to utilize this help, and we are already participating in this gigantic evolutionary leap, orchestrated by the Forces of Light and Inspired by the Highest Will of God. 

The still-point of the heart is all we need to own, to sail safely through all the demands of our daily lives. We can be a silent torch for others who do not yet understand the deeper working behind the visible growing of uncertainties. But we can speak when they ask. And ever more are asking! 

In many parts which are starting to fall apart in our lives, we can see what has been grounded on false foundations, mostly without our knowing and understanding. And they can open our eyes for the greater reality, for all what has been hidden from our eyes. 

Now we are going to build a new earth, a world with the foundations of love and integrity, a world where we all care about one another, a world where there is happiness and abundance.  A world where we realize our inherent unity with one another and with all beings. On the planet and off the planet.

We can decide to look forward to what we want to create from now on, instead of grieving about what we are loosing or what we have already lost. We are creator beings and always have been, we only didn't know it! We have been giving away this power to others for a long time (and even this was an act of our creation!). Now we learn how to use it again for our own and the sake and happiness of all beings. 

There are no messages from other realms coming through me at this point. I understand this as a sign that we need to focus on our own tangible experience right here in our bodies on this earth, as what has been prophesied is occurring right now in our own very bodies of experience and we need to have our focus there. It is happening and we are witnesses of it now. We are becoming our own prophets now. And deeper things are being revealed to us about who we are and what we are to become. And we need to listen. It is this message which to deliver is my task in this very moment.

As we know, things can change in the blink of an eye  though.
As always,it is my pleasure to hear from you, dearest friends!

Much love and blessings,

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Dear friends and readers of my blog,

there has just arrived a new CME and I have been feeling since Sunday that something new is building up strongly. And today we have a massive solar storm. The dogs in my neighborhood are all over the place with barking and yowling.

 So I continued my conversation with Sun's Spirit. I have not been given Her True Name yet. And all the names known so far don't seem to fit. I understand this as a sign that more will still be revealed about her.

"Beloved  Spirit of the Sun, would you please teach us how exactly we should use your Solar Flares, so that we most benefit from them. Thank you!"

"Dearest ones, first of all know hat I have your very best at heart. My intention is always pure. Even if you experience my movements not as pleasant.

My flares affect your electro-magnetic body, meaning your mental and your emotional body. So if there are contents of greater densities which are not fitting in a higher dimensional consciousness, they will be triggered, they will increasingly come into your awareness and might cause also pain in the body. Know that this is not a punishment, but an opportunity to acknowledge them as what they are and to release them. You ARE not them. What happens to your electro-magnetic body is a shift in its system, a re-arrangement, that allows for a new and higher balance.

You could also look at it like an operation. The energies of my flares are like tools that remove what does not serve you. Medical operations are not pleasant, as you know, but they serve a betterment of your condition, and I advice you to consider possible phases of non-well-being as transitional moments which will soon bring you relieve from old and unnecessary structures of your belief system and your emotional body, and thereby energetic problems in your physical body. They all will disappear as if they wouldn't have existed before, and you will forget them.

Each time when such purification is completed you will become aware that your true Self comes forward more noticeable and more radiant, and  you will observe that you have become happier, enjoying a new freedom  and self-love, clarity and natural inner authority.

So your question was, what you should do, when my Flares are effecting you.

While they are pressing against your auric field, and also create disturbance in the earth' geomagnetic field, exercise an open disposition, a receptive mind, and be willing, to receive these energies of mine fully in your energy body. Do not forget to breathe. As often as you can, inhale them into your heart and exhale them while spreading them deliberately in your whole body, welcoming them as your friends who rearrange your DNA and your entire energy grid. If you are clairvoyant you will notice that my flares also carry huge amounts of pairs of light green-yellow and white light. But also pairs of violet and white light. Allow this light to purify and enliven you.

My flares are also penetrating the skin of your cells to enter the nucleus. This will change your cell consciousness and aligns it to the Force of the Galactic Center. It is the beginning of the immortality of your bodies and the transformation of your carbon based into crystalline bodies.  So what my flares basically do, is to change your physical structure and embed new Divine Information into your consciousness. 

Those who carry the codes of ascension, those who are here to support the ascension process of humanity, will be the first to be involved in this process as forerunners of a new humanity.

So I ask you to welcome joyfully this process whatever your personal experience will be, even if perhaps not always  pleasant for the moment.

What you feel as tension when my flares start to penetrate your energy field is their impact on the electric tension of the membrane encasing each of your body-cells. Try to relax as much as you can to avoid major frictions. The key is the balanced breath to harmonize any imbalance.

I ask: is there anything else we need to know which helps us in this process?

My dearest, while you feel this strong impact of my flares in your body, it is good to remember and connect in your feeling with my spiritual light, to open your awareness for the vastness and greatness of the Divine Infinity. Although you might feel pressure on your body, your spirit always is free. Do not allow to contract to mere physicality because of the forceful nature of my flares. The more you do this, the quicker you are able to assimilate my Blessings in to your body and cellular system".

I thought for some of you this might be helpful.
Much love,

P.S. .... and not to forget: a lot of exercise and light and little food is good too!

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Friday, February 24, 2012


Image by Ute Shan'A'Maa, Copyright © 2012
Dear friends and readers of my blog!

In the past I often connected with our beloved and magnificent Sun and her people who live inside her. Surprisingly I always experienced a beautiful presence of cool lightness and beauty, after I went beyond the senses, which feel her heat as unbearable and as potentially destructive fire.

In this great times of change, where the Sun is paramount to our evolutionary process and while we experience increasingly powerful new energies pouring down from sun to  earth, - scientists call them solar flares- I started to connect with the Spirit of the Sun, to be informed directly by her about the deeper esoteric meanings of the great shift also She is going through.

In meditation, partly in my meditation room, but also by sitting outside, exposed directly to her rays, I asked the Sun:

Beloved Sun, would you please reveal to us your Secret, your true Name, your Process, your Function regarding earth and your other orbiting planets, all that what is still hidden behind the apparent knowledge, humanity is familiar with about you. What is your future, our future with you. Thank you!

While I connect with Her Spirit and energy, I feel both: her extreme Presence and Power of Creation, and at the same time her extraordinary and vast Sweetness and Softness.
This explains to me why the Sun has been associated by different cultures and traditions with male AND female deities, depending on whatever a culture has been oriented towards, the female or the male. 

And this is, what transpired to me from the Sun's Spirit-consciousness:

“Humanity has never been able to reveal my true Name as long as humans have been living in duality.

I AM Unlimited and Undifferentiated Consciousness which can take on all kinds of forms and states of limited consciousness, e.g. that of a human being, limited to a 3dimensional brain consciousness.

I AM, and I AM a doorway for cosmic conscious energy and for the conscious light that emanates from the Center of your Galaxy.

Your scientists look at me as a dead body. But I am not. What your scientists see and what most of you see – this fiery, yellow bright shining body – is indeed the appearance  of a spiritually highly evolved Being. I AM burning, if you will, with the fire of spiritual evolution, drawing all my planets with me into a higher spiral of consciousness. It is a gross perception to think that I AM merely on the same level of consciousness as my planets are who surround me.  In truth I AM appearing to your senses as this immense fire, so that you are able to notice my presence.

What is happening now, as I reach out to my planets with my solar flares, is that I have finally the permission to break through the long lasting seeming standstill of illusion of separation and to reveal the secret of my state. With the emission of my solar flares I reveal my transparency to the greater truth of your galaxy that abides in the galactic center which is itself the threshold to the Ultimate Source of Divine Consciousness, The-All-That-Is.

In other words, I am not a separate being, as none of you is, but I am a conscious conduit of ultimate light and energy, which is no other than Truth and Undivided Divine Consciousness, which can be felt as Love-Bliss and Unlimited Feeling of Being.

My reaching out to all my planets is carrying this truth to you, implanting it directly into your cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual body, to unite them all as one single radiant consciousness.

As such I AM a large portal, facilitating the apotheosis of the planets, orbiting me.
I have the function of both: allowing them to experience duality and to transcend duality, in order to return to the Oneness that Is the True Being of God, The All-That-Is.

The ancient myth of the Phoenix describes exactly this.
There is a secret hidden in this myth, which has been always interpreted as a merely physical event: putting himself and its nest on fire, burning to ashes. Your 3dimensional consciousness has not understood the true meaning of the ashes. In truth, the Phoenix is an image of what I AM, what you ultimately ARE and what the Divine Process altogether Is.
In a Divine World there are no ashes, the ashes are signifying the end of the illusion of a God-less world of darkness and duality. What arises from the ashes is a purified and Divine World, a Divine Soul and Consciousness in which each individual consciousness participates.

The Phoenix is the promise of the Golden Age, the diamond that appears after eons of being tested and purified by the pressure of experiencing duality and the friction caused by the intertwining of the light and the dark. The rebirth of the Phoenix reveals that there is only darkness where there is duality. It describes the rising above duality and the revelation that there is only light, Divine and Undivided Light.

I have been bearing this secret since eternity and your earth had been brought into my orbit at a time when the promise of her return to her original Christed state, from which Gaia had been fallen, had been granted.

She has been going through a process similar to the birthing of a diamond, and therefore the process of the creation of  the diamond has been held in her body as the promise for her Divine resurrection.

That this resurrection can occur, is due to my own Divine Process, in which I Am holding each of my planets in my sphere so that they all can ascend to what they truly are: bearers of Divine Consciousness, testimonies of the Divinity of all Existence.
With the rebirth of the Phoenix, duality dies in the fire of purification, to rise as the One Unity Consciousness, a Radiant Ascension from the Heart to the One Divine Love-Blissful Consciousness .

What you perceive now of Me with your 3dimensional consciousness is the heat of burning away all that which is not of the inherent knowing of Divine Unity. The One who understands this Unity knows my cooling Bliss and Nature.

What you experience as My solar flares is the information of that Unity, directly to be imprinted into your DNA, the cells of your body, informing your still limited consciousness, cracking open the shells of your encapsulated awareness of reality, but which will soon belong to your past.

When humanity has fully awakened, they will recognize Who I AM and they will recognize that I AM able to appear as both: with form and formless. But even My form is a subtle and not a solid form, but as which I still appear to humanity to serve your process.

Crop circles, depicting My expansion as, what you call, a Red Giant, is a 3dimensional perception or projection, but which describes in truth the disappearance of my solid form, because there will not be such perceivers anymore. The subtle form is always an expanded one. Therefore the Red Giant is a metaphor from the point of view of the 3dimensional consciousness, trying to describe a spiritual phenomenon.

Yes, also I ascend, meaning, that I do not have to appear as a gross physical body anymore, as this dimension is going to be assimilated soon by the higher dimensions  in the ongoing graceful ascension process, which includes your solar system and your galaxy, spreading throughout the whole universe.

To unite with Me in consciousness, is to assist the final liberation of Gaia and all her creations, that is: also humanity as a whole, to be set free from their past of darkness and confinement.

Know that my light, that your physical eyes and your organism receive, is only the outer appearance, behind which is hidden the Greatness and Immensity of My Spiritual Light, that is channeled from the Galactic Center and beyond, The-All-That-Is.

I AM only a servant and emanation of the Source, which loves to play with Itself.
Consider my play as the Play of the Highest Light, made visible even to your eyes, so that you may recognize the  Divine Glory of all Existence.

It is your part, - and your time has come, - to realize that what I AM, is re-surrected in your own very heart. The Wonders of Creation are infinite, as the Highest is found in the heart and core of all that arises.

As much as I now still nurture your 3dimensional bodies, that much I AM now allowed to nurture your spirit body, to the degree where your 3dimensional reality dissolves in your higher consciousness.

You soon will awaken to your new reality, which cannot be understood, unless you accept and re-discover your multidimensional nature.

What I have told you now, what I have told to all humanity, carries  My Blessings to instill trust in the Divine Process I am here to serve.

I AM your Sun, the Doorway, Portal and Facilitator of Divine Consciousness."

Here the Sun's transmission ended. She had revealed to me  her message as subtle correlations mainly as intuitions, visions or images and direct experiences, and it was my task to translate them into verbal expressions. 

May they serve your inspiration and healing, my dearest sisters and brothers!

Much love and blessings,
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Personal Update: The Cosmic Breath of Change


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

where are we right now?
I think we are in a great place! Although not always comfortable. 

The light-frequencies sweeping earth ever more frequently and powerfully, are very pleasant when we let them do their work on and in our body, or better: bodies, as we have a number of them, from gross, subtle to causal, all with a different function. I am not going into details about them, if you need to, I recommend you look this up in other places that are dedicated to this matter. 

I can see and feel an incredible orchestration and pouring down of energies, dancing, expanding, pressing on and directly targeting our bodies and everything on this planet, bringing with them the breath of change.

If we invite them, and open fully up to them, making ourself wide, without contraction, they reveal themselves as bright and mighty winged messengers and carriers of Divine empowerment, messengers of liberation and freedom. 

It is the freedom from any limitation in our physical cells, in our mind and our feeling. They carry with them the opening up to the infinity of the Great Spirit that breathes all beings and things. It is the Creative Spirit-Power of the nameless and image-less Creator Force Who comes with His overwhelming Presence of Love and Completion.

Well, how can I describe what is beyond our words, as it widens the cave of the heart to the infinite horizon of Joy and Eternity. These forces are bringing to us the Knowing of the Soul's Immortality in an Immortal body. They take away ANY walls of any prison we have known for the last millenniums. They set us free. 

They teach us to let go whatever still confines us, they are our benefactor and even great pains of letting go, the pain of the frictions we might experience while these forces impact on denser vibrations to which we might still hold onto, are in truth our benefactors, our great helpers, our Divine Lovers, those who embrace our Truth. They do not embrace our limitations, our false identities.  They speak directly to our Essence, so that our Essence can let go what we are not. 

We might feel a fire in our body, a pressing surge of electricity, a sudden release of light, a stinging pain, a restlessness, a sudden buzz and whirling brain, a breathless breath, a deep peace and bursts of laughter and joy. Or tears of love. Or our thinking mind resists to work, or sudden clouds of old emotions  come to surface. And many more things too. 

While we open ourselves up to these Mighty Forces of Light, all what is dense and somehow awkward and unpleasant can now escape through the "opening cracks" of our willingness, to dissolve into this light. Just in a minute. We  realize we don't need them anymore and they have NOTHING to do with us. Plain old NOTHING. 

Each of the incoming waves of the Solar Storms are a new cosmic shower we need to step into to get the next clean up. Our beloved Sun is a portal for cosmic energies to blast through to reach all its planets. In Gaia's intimate relationship with our Sun this most potent exchange of energy is happening now.

It really has begun, and is only the beginning. I feel it is important to honor each blast accordingly to keep up with the pace. It is like sitting in class and when we miss a lecture we have to work harder to catch up. 

These are already the emissions from the Galactic Center, this is not high school anymore! We are sitting already in the cosmic university!

10 more and ever more exciting months to go when the alignment is perfect. Its all only a matter of surrender. 

Some of us have learned how to surrender, others not. Now we have gotten a crash course, to learn it, we just need to ask for it, and it will be given to us. For certain it has something to do with surrendering the dominating power of mind-chatter, useless ideas, fears and worry, - we don't need that anymore,  and the entering into the domain of feeling. Feeling these powers is helpful, but an open heart is enough. Letting go all that useless crap we have accumulated over - ? eons of time! 

We are throwing now in the winds of change all our layers of false presumptions, while they blow away into nothingness. It just happens, with all of us, sooner or later. While we seek the change - it happens, just by itself.

Dearest friends, we are in the midst of it already, the promises are being delivered! Our hopes are met with Intense Divine Love, with Divine Tenderness. We ARE IT. We are the Paradox, the Nameless and the Completion. 

And by the way, my printer went noisy,  crazy working, without being plucked into the wall socket while I was typing. This good old Dell buddy seems to be always very in tune and a real lightworker. :)

Much love,

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
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Greetings, I AM Tobaara again, returning to continue our conversation!

There are many star nations who serve humanity at this point in your process of evolution. However there is much doubt also that they have untrustworthy intentions, intentions that would strive to make contact with you to dominate your race or your planet.

You must know that those intentions exist but that they are at this point not allowed to enter your realm, they are prevented from reaching you even. This is so as this is a time where humanity is protected for the sake of their ascension and evolvement into a higher consciousness.

Therefore, interference is not allowed anymore. You have been already too long under the domination of alien races and their time is not over just to hand you over to others who would continue to dominate you.

However please understand, that this gives you the opportunity to stand up for yourself and end the millenniums of submissive behavior and irresponsibility for your own life.

All the religions which have subdued you in false teachings and promises must be seen through and you must take your own authority back. This includes the understanding who you really are: a Divine creation, a being of light. The times of slavery are over and in reality you are not what you think you are. This process of realignment to your true nature requires of you a willingness to take on a new self-understanding and thereby to find out your true roots, which means that you must go inside to find out. You cannot go on with your life as usual and just relate to it as something which happens merely outside of you.

You must start to know yourself.

Without it you will continue to give all your powers away to the forces who are still trying to dominate you and have turned you into beings with a herd-like behavior, full of consumer ideas and desires, passive individuals who are not able to make their life a creative adventure, but individuals who are  unconsciously waiting to be manipulated, abused and destroyed.

This will continue for you until you seriously start to find out your true roots, discover what you truly are, until you start to ask your heart and live from the creativity of your heart and until you find the innate feeling of your own presence by wandering down from your dominant place in the brain of your head into your heart.

As long as you utilize mainly your capacity to think in abstract ways, you will be manipulated by those who want power over you. They are therefore indeed your teachers!

The heart is the only place from which you cannot be manipulated, because it is the place where you are the stage director of your own life. Living from there you cannot be betrayed by "other" forces. Living from there makes your life an authentic life and a Divine Life, as your heart is always directly connected and one with your Divine Source.

I am here to encourage you to take my advice to your very heart and change your position to become and realize who you are: a powerful being, full of the powers of God who has created you in His own image. A being of unspeakable beauty, light, love and purity.

Indeed you are not the cattle you have been allowing to be turned into, who is living dependent on what the designers of your life want you to be: obedient to and identified with a consumer’s world and its illusions.

Turn to the light that is invading now your planet and let yourself to be awakened and enlightened . Become yourself,  by withdrawing your main attention from a world around you that has been created by the dominating powers who want you to continue to live an unconscious and submissive life, shaped by things to have and norms how you should look like.

You are not your body, although you have one. Let this body be at peace and pleasurable, but let it be so by the ruling force of your heart, to enjoy a Divine World. 

A world that is appearing in front of you which is not created from your own heart is a false world. A world of illusion. It is created by your controllers so you do not notice who you are. It is created to disinform you and to distract you from the source of your true happiness. You must have noticed – as you run after things hoping for ultimate fulfillment – that the happiness attained by things is short. It is indeed. 

Because you cannot find your heart in things. Your heart is found by feeling into your own deep of being. That is where you find happiness.
Enjoy the things of life but do not look in them for happiness.

Wake up, humanity, beloved! We all desire so much to see your awakening heart, your beauty to unfold, to free your world.

I AM Tobaara, your friend and being from the 5th dimension.

Message conveyed by Ute

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
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Greetings, I AM Tobaara!

I am a 5th dimensional being from a star system far away from your solar system. My mission is to introduce you into the 5th dimension, to give you some visions and possible intuitions and remembrances about what is awaiting you in your evolutionary journey.

There are already some descriptions given to you how it would be like when you awaken from your lower vibrating reality to a 5th dimensional density. They all come from a different point of view and here is mine. It will be helpful for you if you resonate with it.

At first I will paint a clear picture for you how you will experience you environment. It will appear to you much more translucent, and the colors will be very radiant, from inside out. All objects will shine naturally and the surfaces are not very opaque like objects in your world appear to you now, because of the structure of your senses which operate in a quite stiff rather than in a fluid and transparent manner. What I mean by that is that you perceive your world still as something solid and separate from you, as if it would be an independent appearance, while in reality it is not.

In the 5th dimension you experience your environment as non separate from yourself, you know naturally that your ARE your environment, as the veil between what is  inside you and  what is outside you, has been removed.

With this transparency you experience the unity of all things and beings, as the transparent heart of all is also  your own transparent heart which is in its essence one with all. You all share the core of this transparency with one another and therefore know inherently the unity you all share.

Therefore your own creations appear simultaneously inside your space of heart as they appear outside, and this is how you feel inherently connected to all beings and things.  You will experience directly what your evolved scientists already found out: that there is only one interconnected field of consciousness.

While you enter and focus more and more on the core of your transparent heart and therefore on the core of all transparent hearts  -- which is in reality only one heart, you slowly withdraw 'over time'  your interest from objects and focus on this center, and by doing so, the objective world disappears and your reality becomes a reality without objects, appearing as radiance, happiness and love. A state of pure being as you will realize. In this state you enter the higher 5th dimensional realm to transition into the 6th dimension.

It is a world of wonders and beauty. As soon as you leave your 3th dimension your body and your senses will become more subtle and the process of perceiving the unity of all things will commence. The more you leave your sense of  separation behind, while living more and more in the feeling of love and oneness, the more will the 4th dimension fade away giving room for your entrance into the 5th dimension.

It is all a matter of growth in consciousness and awareness, a process that will be triggered and supported by the incoming high frequencies, partly through your sun and partly directly through emissions from your galaxy.

There are star systems and planets in your surrounding universe who are so called transmitter stations and who are receiving greater transmissions from the deep of the universe,  and who are sending these further via your galactic center to your entire solar system, including your earth.

You see that the whole universe works together to initiate and bring about your ascension process. The information contained in these solar and galactic transmissions are all about the divinely programmed evolvement of not only your solar system but also the universe in which you exist.

The transmissions from the deep of the universe are from galaxies of greater states of  consciousness which are altogether in a more exalted state than your own galaxy. There is still much to learn, there is indeed a hierarchy of galaxies in the total universe, as there is a hierarchy of star systems and planets in your galaxy and in your solar system.

The evolution of Divine Consciousness never ends and it shows you that you have still a very long and glorious way ahead of you, ever more expanding your consciousness and your capacity to learn and to understand the greatness of the Divinity that is the Source of all Universes.

I greet you with much love!
I AM Tobaara

Message conveyed by Ute


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

if you are wondering why you feel as you feel, consider the disturbances in the geomagnetic field, which are also called solar storms. I perceive them as powerful and moving energy clouds pressing onto my own energy field and body. It feels like the whirling magnetism has an effect on the blood too. As if something is whirling slightly in the blood vessels.
How about you?
It is very important to relax continuously the body to let the energies do their work  and to avoid energy blockages.

Geomagnetic activity on 16th of February:

Keep in mind that we have been told by many sources that this will go on this year, as very high activities from the sun are reaching our planet. In other words: extremely high energies  - and growing - are arriving - to change our system of DNA, body and mind.
This prepares us for the end of the year when earth aligns with the Galactic Center!
Love and Blessings,

Update 18.2.12
Since yesterday when the magnetic turbulence subsided, I feel that these magnetic whirling clouds did remove and clean up frequencies in my body, which have been there since birth, inherited genetical stuff, and bits of collective consciousness. I also could clearly see some of my self-created "role models", e.g. just the identity who goes buying groceries. This did not even happen while shopping. It appeared like a persona, a kind of shadow, an energy field I looked at, as if it was another person. 

It appears that the big cleaning up of the human race has begun. Hurray!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga, Copyright© 2012
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Greetings, We are AA Metatron!

We are here today to present to humanity an important message.
This message will help you to a great degree, just by listening and receiving its energy, to incarnate in your body and consciousness the original blueprint of what you are and as what you have been created to be ultimately: the Adam Kadmon.

As you know, the Adam Kadmon is the Divine Man, the human being that has been created in the Name and Image of God. It is the code of the Adam Kadmon that is  being activated throughout the universe, not only on your planet earth but also on other planets, similar to yours and other galaxies who host planets who are on a similar evolution stage as you are.

This awakening of the Adam Kadmon, the accomplishment of this Divine Blueprint is the plan of the highest Creator Forces we serve. In actuality, we, AA Metatron, are a united force of consciousness, serving the thrones of the Creator God Who is directly united with and is glorifying the Source Light of the Ultimate God Consciousness. We are able to reveal this to you now as your consciousness is awakening with greater understanding.

Having given you this image will help you to understand who you are, as Adam Kadmon: a direct emanation of the Divine, a Divine Creation of the Highest Will and a Creation that recognizes and brings forth the Presence of the Divine Love-Force.

Giving you this opportunity to become as what you have been originally created, unveils the knowledge of Divine Light which has been seeded in the cells of your bodies with the original information of the Highest God.

It is however up to you, yes, it is however up to each one of you, each individual, to receive this awakening codes, this boost of energy and light, and to nourish it according to the Divine Plan.

As you are beings of free will it is you who are choosing to be “chosen” as the one who will demonstrate the greatest Gift and Love of the Highest God, Who Enjoys his own Creation that chooses the Highest Path to accomplish, at most. In this mutual agreement and collaboration lies the Glory of the Divine: that the Created chooses with his own free will to deify its own destiny by uniting with his creator.

When this happens, the Creator truly finds Himself mirrored in His Own Creation. This accomplishment is the True Intent, born of Love which carries the universes and the joy that explodes Divine Light to Infinity.

In this Light you have been created and now you Are it. In our, the Metatron consciousness experience, you have already arrived, the Adam Kadmon already exists throughout the Universe. All awakening codes are already implemented in the body and consciousness of those who are ready to unite with their original blue print. In your time you will notice the unfolding of this glorious process of Becoming the Creators great dream.

As Adam Kadmon you are and embrace all things by the transparency of your heart, which is able to recognize the Creator in all His creations. What a wonderful and most blessed Realization and Bliss. What a joy for us, the Metatron consciousness, in our service to the Creator, participating in His Light and His Love, as we participate in what He Is, like you participate in what He Is, as Adam Kadmon.
Recognize the Apotheosis, the Glory of the Oneness of the Creator with His Creation, which you are. But understand that you, as a being which perceives itself still as separate and has not yet fully realized the Glorious Unity in Itself, has work to do.

Your work is that of non-resistance and that of fully welcome, and that of using your mind in a way that it only serves this process. It is to surrender to the Will of the Creator in all you do.
In the end, all of you will realize the promise of the Adam Kadmon blueprint. But it is up to you when you will be ready to be surrendered to It.

Every process of creation is experienced by the beings of free will, according to their level of conscious participation they are choosing.
But you must know that it is the Creators greatest Bliss and Joy, when his creation has chosen, attracted to His Magnificence, to fulfill His Own Plan. This is the unique place you inhere. And that is the ultimate reason why the Creator has bestowed free will upon you.

It is our heart desire to see you, using your free will to unite with the plan of the Creator, for the triumph of His Radiant Presence and the magnificence of you who has become an expression of Him.

In the Light of this knowledge we see you riding the flames of Love and uniting in Ecstasy with the Will of the Creator. It is a Feast and Celebration which transcends your imagination and even highest visions. It is the fulfillment of all what you desired for eons and lifetimes.
It is the Sacred marriage of your soul with the Creator, the Essence of All-That-Is.

While you fulfill the Creators dream, we Metatron, are sublimed as well as all Creation is.  This new sublimity opens a new era of the Divine Glorification of the Universes as it has not been yet occurred.
The Glory of the Divine is ever creative and all beings and things are ever more elevated in an unthinkable Happiness and a new Perfection, as Perfection knows no end in itself.

We, the AA Metatron Consciousness, are with you on your journey and unification with the Radiant Heart of God.

Message conveyed by Ute

Note: this message was given in unity consciousness and it was extremely difficult to translate the unspeakable, the non-separation of the Creator from his creation,  into a dualistic language, as we do not have a language which expresses unity inherently, it only describes it in a subject-object relationship. So please use your intuition for the passages which are perhaps not so easy to understand.

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