Friday, October 11, 2013



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Many wonderful facts 
and yet, 
is it happening?, 
you ask.
Musing about ascension.

So many mind sets,
So many techniques,
So many strategies and searches,
So many paradigms,
So many origins,
So many pathways
From countless universes.

So many Galaxies, 
So many Wonders,
So many Realms and Kingdoms,
All with a different plan,
With a different mission,
Or a different agenda –
Although even Divine.

But if we seek Unity,
After all,
What remains 
is the awe of Silence,
Is Feeling,
Is Eternity.
Is Truth.
Is Depth.
Is Fullness.
Is Full-Fill-ment.

What is there to say –
After feeling All there is to feel 
And to suffer ? -
 As we entered density,
To learn,
To experience,
To gain knowledge,
To understand the possibilities.
And to explore God.

But in the end
Only Knowing remains.
It is Heart-Wisdom that is Silence,
And Understands
The Fullness and Being-ness,
And I AM.

And as to language,
It can only sing in poetry,
To flow and dance
With the currents of life,
To follow the stream of the heart,
To express
the un-Knowable
And the in-Describable.

All Universes live in the Heart,
And they are
One there,
And their Essence is Eternal,
And Is the expression and love
of the Mind of Supreme Divinity.
It is the Fullness of the Eternal Goddess,
Who Is Alive As all Creations.

We bear All and All in our Very Heart,
The Heart of Existence and of Being.
It is the Source to Which all things return,
As they arose in It.

There is no Time
But there is Forever Now
the constant flow of movement
in ever evolving spirals of evolution,
That is the Walk of God
Through His Own Creation
In the Form of us.

To return to the Eternal Heart
That we never left,
the Heart, 
That bears the singularities of us,
And in Which we exist
- Forever -
because we do not know time,
And to undo separation
Because it does not exist
but as an illusion of the matrix:
For us, to return to the Eternal Heart,
 is the most Natural Thing!

Are we not un-born?
It is our Inborn Essence,
inherent in our Divinity!
We only have forgotten
In the bewitched gardens of the shadow-lands.

And as we re-enter the Light,
As we re-enter
the timeless Existence
Of Pure Being-ness,--
The primordial  Source and Substance
Of our Joy and Power of Undying Love,
Is already Eternally Present There!

It Is Us,
our Own Substance and Truth,
Our Native Treasure,
In the Brilliant Pristine Depth
of Untouched Purity
That Widens into the Beauty of the un-Known 
and into the un-Speakable Mystery,
In the Forever Rooms 
That We Are.


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