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A Message from the  Spirit Beings of the change of time and transformation. 

We would like to tell you, that a huge breakthrough has occurred in your world. It is a breakthrough of a kind that happened never before. It is not the repetition of something old from earlier in your history, but it brings about a radical new experience.

This new experience is not that easy to recognize and integrate, but requires your conscious opening and collective preparation.

We are companions on your way. Call us Spirit Beings of the change of time and transformation. We are perpetually in a floating state, ready for new forms of existence. Our consistency and stability is our consciousness, our capability of detached observance and  awareness of gross and subtle substances, forms, states and creations.  

What we convey to you is therefore a communication of changing forms of consciousness from the point of view of the observer. We are not identified with the changes of our own form or form of consciousness, that mirrors the great world events.

We will now describe to you what we are presently aware of. As it always takes some time until what we perceive also reaches humanity, we have decided this time, to inform you directly what awaits you in your near future. The processes usually evolve in a way that some of you, - and then increasingly more of you – experience changes in  the higher domains of their consciousness, which then manifest in greater density, whereby then all humanity is able to recognize them as it solidifies as something you then call reality.

We communicate with you about this new change already now, to bring it faster into your morphogenetic field. Why are we doing this?

To help you to bring the long awaited shift quicker into manifestation. Too many of you suffer unbearable long standing situations which seem at this time to get worse and even more dense.

What we now are being aware of, requires of you great opening for the unusual new and the transcendence of doubt.
What we see now, is an immense, even sharp rift in the veil of remaining darkness in your realm, allowing intense Light to flow unimpeded into your dimension.
With this Light suddenly a new consciousness arrives, a consciousness with an energy so powerful that many of you will not be able to easily deal with it.

You would rather need some time, to cope with it. We wish to give you this time, so that you are able to already now prepare for it.

How do you prepare?
It happens, by not concealing yourself any longer! Not from yourself and not from others. Showing who you truly are. With all and every aspect of your being, not holding back, but communicating all of it openly to yourself and share it with others.

You all must know that this radical disclosure to yourself and others liberates blockages and remaining suppressed parts of energy, allowing them to expand and to unite and merge with the incoming higher vibrations. You may also call it a conscious purification process of the human collective itself. Now the time has come, where collective purification processes make great sense, because they lead exponentially to faster and more powerful results.

An important factor is your courage, to show yourself as you are, your trust, that each one of you is part of a most important process of humanity, in which each one of you is included. By totally and openly showing yourself, immense energies are being set free, which released into the ether, gives room for the soon enormous Light of Consciousness, without you being thrown off track by this event.

It is known to us that many of you have participated in the past in purifying group processes. Thereafter many of you withdrew upon themselves again. But this was only the beginning.

The new group processes start already at the level of love and mutual acceptance. Therefore we recommend that those of you who reached this level of love and self-love and self-healing, initiate the beginning of these processes. The morphogenetic fields that are created thereby unite, and communicate directly with your human society. And so this process can progress rapidly, bringing Light to all of humanity.

Please understand that our call must be taken serious. If advanced lightworkers work with one another in that way, deep rooted discrepancies can be resolved,  which are the cause for so many divided groups between you, weakening humanity's field of light.

You will be able to resolve problems with structural differences in the grand unity-field that is the power of love, in a way that you not longer experience them as disturbing but as enriching, accepting them with joy.

The new unification that emerges now, is lifting the consciousness and frequency of humanity such, that the enormous conscious light, approaching earth, can be integrated by the majority of humanity with ease and without damage.  

Radical opening of your heart for the current of life and all forms of consciousness can happen in this way, something that has not yet been incarnated in this form on your planet.

You are called to dare to leave your hideaways, to find one another and to unite and to surrender. Especially your sense of being different, being special, being selected, and to leave everything behind that separates you, every phantasy of separation you have created, and to EXPERIENCE, that there is only ONE life, in which you all participate.  A life in the absolute light, in the power of love, that belongs to all of you equally.

We thank you for your cooperation, for your enthusiasm, for your love and devotion to this new great humanity process.

Even if you are not yet ready for it, it will be required from you all soon. Therefore, the earlier you engage in it with all your heart, the easier it will be for you, to take the great shift as a wave of bliss, without struggle, without confusion, pressure or pain, as you have already tuned into it.

Some of you will accept our advise and together with others initiate these processes. Others will still hold back.

But for all of you the chance is arriving now to evolve in a new way, to participate in the great cosmic events, as Servants, as Lovers, as Messengers, as Bearers of a New Consciousness, that is ushering the Golden Age on Earth.

We are with you, holding the portal open for the vision of the Irrupting Grand Light of the new Consciousness.

Conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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