Thursday, April 2, 2020


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My Dear Friends,

this is the strangest time I have ever experienced.

I am seeing the dark matrix in a kind of bardo, an in between state, its illusionary artificial construct clearly still noticeable, but soon dying, now lifted like a transparent dark sphere out of the unconscious and distinguishable for everybody to see now in front of us. We are no longer captured in it.

It has been transformed from the deep „us“ identification to an „alien" object, now separated from us, which can be now distinguished from our own being as something else. We do not sit in it anymore. We are no longer in its clutches! It has no longer power over us.

We have the choice and freedom for a different reality. At least glimpses of it. But if we hold on to to the old familiar, if we hold on to it by fear and falsely assumed powerlessness, we will be sucked into this dark, illusionary sphere again, suddenly believing that's us, our world.

But why schould we! Our god-given creative power is back, no longer suppressed in the chains of the unreal.

There is a new reality arising or better: waiting for us that has been always there but we had forgotten it, captured in deep sleep in the dark sphere.
Now, as the sphere has been separated from us we are standing free in our original divine humanity.

Yesterday while walking in the small hills, full of fruit trees and plowed fields around where I live, nature was radiating an intense, but soft, beautiful light, as if the hills and the soil, grass and trees were just a denser manifestation of that light.
It reminded me somehow of my experience on Nova Terra some years ago.

I felt this is a beginning of a new earth. It is not yet fully liberated from the dark shadows, because there are too many who still see and believe in them. We might still have a bumpy way in front of us, but the earth shows the signs of spring of a New Age.

But when I look at the Blue Sky and the green bushes in front of my window, for me the New World has already begun. The dark sphere of the old matrix has fully vanished, even so it makes desperately still so much noise. It is a paradox!  To me it has the quality of the proverbial „ Emperors New Clothes“. To me, nothing happens, nothing. Virus, hysteria, quarantine, military, end of the world as we know it, has no meaning. It is a deep strange dream. 

This entire artificial theatre that is being put in scene by the dark players is void of reality, void of substance, it is empty. 

That's how I perceive it since a few weeks, as the dark sphere of the unreal has been lifted. We are already free of it. We just must notice it and not continue – by habit – with the old dream.

Free yourself and notice:

There is a Silence, the Silence of the Real. A radiant Joy.
It just IS. Radiating. Present.
It is the foundation of the New World.

Humanity is on the crossroad now:
There are two timelines, each one of us must choose now.

We can remain in the black sphere or allow being drawn back to it, or we can choose freedom from the thousands of years enslaving manipulation.
We can choose between liberating freedom, joy and love – and the darkness of fear, desperation and slavery.

The more of us now join the New World, a stable Presence of Joy, Radiance and Fullness, that enables naturally our state of Love, the stronger the united field of true humanity. In it vanishes the fata morgana of the dark sphere of bondage and suffering like dust is draining in the clear waters of liberation.

The more of us join the the light-consciousness of our god-given unity, the quicker the nightmares of the past dissolve while we give power to the earthly forces of change.

And so it depends on us, on our consciousness, on our love and joy, inherent in the New World, how quickly, swiftly and benign the Great Transformation happens.

For those who cannot choose, who are captured in eons of fear, will drift away in the dark sphere of illusion. In slavery, suffering and wars, until they truly seek what is divine.

Indeed, there are two timelines, now to choosen from and not later. The worlds drift apart, and there is less and less communication possible between them.

Beloved friends, we will meet together in the Real World, because we choose Divine love, joy, stillness and radiance and make a new life of it.  

Happiness and Beauty is our guide!
With love,

   ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2020. All rights reserved.


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