Saturday, January 22, 2022


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My Beloveds,

there is no return to what you call the „good old times“. There is an acceleration of chaotic events.

Each experience of something good will evoke the reaction of something more evil than ever before.

There is a great imbalance, and this imbalance is growing with great speed seemingly in favor of the evil  which seems to have all power over the forces of light.

But extreme imbalance will quicken the collapse of the whole artifical construct they have laid upon this world and humanity.

Expect in the next weeks an ever more declining sense for rightness, lawfulness, public peace and justice.

People will not have access to rightfulness. The law seems to lay completely in the hands of the controllers. They will in their decay try to reign the world with cruelty and the will to kill.

They are furious, but also stupid, and this is their downfall.

They will consume themselves, destroy themselves. No external power to intervene is needed. They have violated the Divine Law of Balance. So they will fall, without doubt .

Now, in the human understanding of time, the complete downfall will not happen tomorrow and even more chaotic times will follow.


Why you don't understand that this war that rages between good and evil, on earth and in the skies, rages since tens of thousands of years. It is just only now that most of you have become aware of it.

There was never true peace, although you thought it was.

Underneath the blanket of peaceful times they prepared what is now in the open in plain sight for everybody to see.

But this war serves only your growth in consciousness, your understanding, what this world is really for.

It is never about winning or loosing the war. It is not about destroying the dark, because the dark is part of this existence in the lower dimensions. So it cannot entirely disappear.

Don't you know that the war happens in your favour so that you can come to the unterstanding that there is no solution in this world! And never will be in the lower or even higher dimensions!

A „world“ is never a solution. But Spirit, Truth, God IS!

You have been mislead so profoundly by clever intention of a dark mind. 

So you are, by watching and experiencing and suffering the war, called to enter the next level of evolution! To remember that you are spiritual beings whose Consciousness and True Nature has nothing to do with war.

You, as a true spiritual being, live in an eternal field of peace, beauty and joy. Love being the Ocean in Which all of this happens.

So why being concerned about war.

If you dare to exist within the Divine Balance it will govern your life, so that you no longer have to follow the rules of the war times. You are protected! And opportunities will find you to solve any worldly problems.

If you live in My World, My World of no-problem, everything will be solved in your favour, if your heart is pure. By the power of Divine Justice – Light outshines all darkness.

It does not mean you should not act. But it means you act on the level of Divine Light. So have confidence with your heart wide open, to receive the appropriate means and work with them. Thus all problems of the old world disappear in My Divine World.

Never leave your path because you think you first have to solve worldly issues. But always turn to Me first. I will show you a way how to deal with them, without having to step down into the world of darkness.

What is expected from you, is to work within the appropriate level of frequency!

Otherwise you give energy to the dark world what you do not want.

Solve difficulties on My Level, not on the lower levels or on „your own“. This is short-sighted. If you ask Me, I will guide you. You need to know that I care for you because I give you the chance to remain in the world of light, while dealing with whatever you are challenged with.

This is how you are protected by the Divine Forces.

Do not worry, all is good.

You all schould turn to Me and should solve what troubles you with Me.

It is the greater perspective that leads to your victory and a positive outcome.

Thus, always stay with Me. Open yourself up fully to Me and I will give you guidance.

Fasten your seat belt for the times to come!


Message conveyed by Ute


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