Tuesday, June 25, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My dear friends,

For some weeks now I felt as if I have lost the context of my work in a newly arisen space of a kind of ‘nothingness’, as if all that I have done has lost its meaning in an environment of something completely unknown.

So I found myself in a kind of disorientation, a dead end, without finding any answers to this situation. I even started to feel bored, an experience I cannot remember having had for a very, very long time. What had driven me before had evaporated, I could not find the familiar anchor! My usual awareness and self-investigation lead to nowhere and I started to read books I never would have read before, only to occupy myself with what I already knew.

But I am glad that I now finally found the words to express what was not expressible before to me.

Because I figured out that we have now arrived in a kind of interphase or new beginning in the midst of the constantly  rising flow of changing energies and energetic events.

The discovery that I am not the only one to find myself in this kind of seeming vacuum, was a real relief and opened my eyes with the dawning of a new understanding. And if you find yourself in a similar confusing experience, then this update hopefully inspires you! 

It is very hard to describe, but it seems that the space of “compression” of the past has gone to give undefinable room to something that I cannot yet figure out what it is, only that it is completely new.  Like you wake up in the morning, your eyes still full of the nights sleep so that you cannot yet see clearly when you open them, as your attention is still resting on what you experienced while asleep.

The new room I see is therefore still 'empty'. And this new room is on the other side to where we have been drawn by the opening of the important May 25th  Portal! 

Just being able now to put this into words seems to be the first step to become slowly aware of something we need to integrate into our consciousness. And so I am for the time being kind of stammering, but glad that I am at least able to stammer.

However I am not so sure whether this is about integration or rather about discovering. Or is it about a new light and energy that wants to be used for brand new creations? But which is basically the same thing: we create while we discover what still sleeps in the heart of the universe, ready to be drawn into our sphere to bring about the next evolutionary step into our existence.

This new space of highly energetic consciousness needs our full attention now so that we can discover what wants to be discovered. It requires our focus and attention in the way we would try to see things hidden in the fog, but which we can locate more and more clearly while we increase without any self-limiting presumptions our wide open perception and imagination. 

First we might recognize just a scheme, a contour of something, and the more we concentrate the more this thing takes on an increasingly distinct shape and meaning. It is the discovery of the unfamiliar whereby we need in excitement  to reach out for the unknown to realize perhaps later that what we found is nothing but remembrance or the discovery of something familiar, now appearing in new coordinates.

As we transitioned into new territory, it dawns to me that we now are on the brink of entering new chambers of our own memory and simultaneous multidimensional existence  to access in a new way, what we came here to become and to do. In this process it seems that individual paradigms are changing, as we left a part of the old world behind. However, that this actually happened, many of us must still discover, as we might feel a bit numbed and bewildered in the un-Knowable Room of the new human consciousness.

We must be patient. This can’t be taken by storm. We must allow to wake up to the new morning each in our own time. We cannot hurry, because every detail must be discovered and recognized with great love. If we lost orientation, the discovery alone and the understanding  that we are now in a new chapter in our adventure, is already enough to equip us for the new journey.

There also seems to be a new experience of what we call time. There is so much “Now” and endless expansion present, where nothing seems to matter what mattered before, as all of this started to retreat more into the background. And in the foreground there is this infinity, this  space to which we need to adapt.

If we feel diligently into it we notice that this space is packed  with possibilities and  content. Is it the Zeropoint – Field in which our new co-creations with the Mind of God are happening, now very palpable brought into our Presence and feeling-awareness?

We are so blessed!  Dearest brothers and sisters, we are now as pioneers on the threshold to a completely new adventure in human consciousness!
How precious and exiting is this! We have traveled far and we are entering now a completely new chapter in our human history.

We need to enjoy and appreciate it every moment, savor joyfully every single step of discovery and learning in this new Divine Terrain of Consciousness. Great pleasurable responsibility is given to us, great satisfaction! Wholeness, and Wondrous Joy. It is the Realm of Love and Freedom to draw from the Fullness of the Infinite Invisible a New Creation.

I never thought that the end of my old creative impulses were just the beginning of something Unspeakable Great we all need to discover and to explore!

To do this we are to leave behind the familiar. No energies are feeding anymore the structures that were, before we went through that Portal on May 25! Now we are on the other side! And this is all about unheard-of discovery! A brand new adventure! We are now walking into an entirely New Direction!  

Presently many are experiencing the surfacing of old tendencies, believing they were gone! But they appear only like illusions before the stainless Mirror of this New Consciousness, to disappear if we let them truly go. All which does not reflect and express our true Fullness and Divine Being-ness, Free and Independent of outer appearances, must now dissolve, so that we can stand in our original Identity to become and Be the New World. 

This is a process in which the inseparable Unity of the Field of Consciousness, Being and Doing is revealed.  

In Lak'ech!

Much Love,


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