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  Where to go from here?
Beloved friends, this kind of world continues for us as is,
as long as we consider the outer appearances to be primary.
Because we confirm what we look at.
We write our own prophecy.

I have tested it thoroughly.
Extraterrestrial beings are still being considered
to be the best trusted sources of prophecy, 
but which doesn't seem to manifest.

Because a new world can't be implemented 
just from outside of us, without our own 
participation in Consciousness, 
and without our dedicated  cooperation 
in the purification process.
"We need to be the change we want to see".

Yet we have the continuation of humanity's
old and deep rooted addiction to look helplessly
up to authorities for change,
but of whom many are NOT.

The lesser advanced extraterrestrial civilizations
who choose the path of technology 
over the one of Consciousness, 
are certainly not our best mentors. 
They are the ones using ships made 
from metal, similar or somehow solid materials.

Their messages are not so much
different from the earthly news 
we can see in our TV's.
Only that they differ in content and have mostly well-meaning intent.
Nevertheless they are our beloved families.

But if we go on, hoping to get 
the next exiting or consoling news 

from those ships,
we think they know better than us.
And indeed they do,
as long as we do not exercise our own intuition
and inner knowing and find our own wisdom and love.

If we develop it,
we realize, that they are the ones to learn from us,
when we freely choose the path of Divine Consciousness.

We have allowed
the churches to make their major imprint 
on the psyche of humanity.
We bowed down for ages to those 
who pretended to have the spiritual power,
and who we presumed to be superior to us.
So we continue to give our power now away to off-planetarians.

But please do not misunderstand:
There are really advanced beings in Consciousness
Who do not speak and look in the manner 
people expect them to be.
They do not surrender to expectations.
They surrender to their own Divine Impulses.
And their "spaceships" are their Merkabahs.

And there ARE indeed also REAL superior Divine Beings,
more enlightened than anybody else of us
who walked even this earth out of Pure Love for us.
To honor their teachings and to learn from them,
by accepting their guidance and blessings
without involving our separate 
ego-I or giving away our power,
has always been and still is of greatest benefit for us.

Because there ARE levels of Divine Realization.
This has been misunderstood by the false dogma 
of "sameness" in the New Age community.
But it is true: as long as we identify with a separate ego-I,
we are of the same category, 
even though with different characters and preferences 
and perhaps vibrations.
And so we must not forget, 
that even "ascended masters" 
are functioning from the point of view 
of the separate ego-I, when they serve
the broken light of the universe.

But there is a State in Consciousness 
beyond the ego's separateness,
and it is BEYOND the mind and point of view.

These Great Beings show us the time-and space-less
We recognize them with our Heart,
and not with our solar-plexus, 
that is about control, power and separate ego-games.
Remember, it is not even a heart chacra 
that is able to recognize,
but the depth of our own Divine Being.
That is the One that recognizes Divinity,
and It Is Us - at our very own Core.

In fact there is much more than what 
New Age philosophy is conveying.
I heard somebody call it "New (c)Age". And it is.
Because the search and excitement 
in the domain of limited point of views, 
is confining us to the surface 
of our Being, never ends.

And we never arrive as such.
 Because we do not see beyond 
a presumed pearl of ego-splendour,
because we cannot stand still,
we cannot BE.
We cannot BE Love.

But To Be Is, what we need, 
to live participation in evolution.
It is all about Divine Consciousness,
Not brain-consciousness, as many believe.
It Is the Consciousness that is all-pervading, 
and that is our Root-Being,
Beyond this body-mind.

Sure, those heavens where people look 
so nice and radiant,
Is the goal for many, thinking it is ascension.
Well, it is an illusion, we know, 
when we use discrimination 
and our higher intelligence.

It is about spiritual consumerism,
when the love speech flows easily but is not lived.
As long as love is pink,
Love is not Known.
It is not Realized.
Because it is of the broken light.
There we find  the emphasis on the perfect body, 
as a "sign" of evolution.
Forgotten the memory of who we really are:
Not a body and not a mind.
But very few want to know about it. 
Very few explore.
It is just not popular.
Most run with what is popular.
Because they are afraid of not belonging.

My sisters and brothers,
I do not belong, and I belong every day less.
It is a way alone, yet not lonely, 
but in Oneness, and a happy way,
because I live and confess my truth.

This truth cannot be consumed like 
in a fast food restaurant. 
No hype. It cannot be achieved, 
rather it emerges when I let go.

It requires to give up illusions, to be dis-illusioned.
No, not negative, although 
there is some sadness attached, 
because of the human condition;
but with deep Heart-feeling
and with Knowingness of the Beautiful,
of pristine and untouched  Freedom,
the mind can never imagine.

It is to me the gospel 
and it is the gospel of humanity.
But I have no voice. 
This voice is silent and loud is the mind-market.

It is a dangerous path 
and few dare to walk it.
Because it demands to stand still and to die.
To turn the world from outside in.
To recognize it from inside out as what it is:
without message but with Inherent Divine Meaning.

To go there is a paradox, because it is both,   
still-stand and move.
It is the depth of happenings,
the depth of Love in which things happen.
Humble simplicity and Vastness.
It is not thought, it is not a concept.

It cannot be spoken about as "now".
It is experienced, whole bodily, 
and felt directly and as non-separate, even here.
It is Zero-Point, the fulcrum for the New World.

In lak'ech,

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