Tuesday, August 5, 2014


My dear friends,

after many weeks of preparation and packing I safely arrived on the Canary Islands. Now I am slowly adapting to my new exiting life-circumstance! 

Things are progressing slowly on all levels and I have basically no access to the internet - yet! It seems moving again is required, but I only just arrived!
So I am just leaving you for now with this short notice to let you know that everything is beautiful and evolving! 

But here things take time, probably more than in so called "western countries". Although the islands belong to Spain, they have their own very characteristic rhythm and pattern - certainly a pattern that loves life and knows how to enjoy simple things! Great! 

On the other hand "functioning technology" seem to be a rather foreign affair here - which is good, but makes things quite complicated :):) In some sense we have only little organization like in 3th world countries. 

Also it seems that youtube/Google meanwhile made again major changes, meaning I have no longer access to my own RadiantlyHappy youtube account!!!

In my understanding it is now only possible to create a brand new account with my personal name! (But if there is still a way to access my old account, and you know how, please, please help!! Thank you so much!)

Much work is waiting for us and we are still a small group of happy people. 

Much love for now, my friends, and many blessings!


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  1. You should be able to access Google, Blogger and YouTube all by signing in to Google. If you are not signed in to Google/Gmail then YouTube will not let you into your account. At least this has been my experience. Anyone with more technical expertise, please chime in.

    When I lived in California in my 20's, I had a dear friend who ended up, through tragic circumstance, passing through the Canary Islands on her return to the states (Her brother drowned while fishing off the coast of SF; her father and his friend, the boat owner, made it to shore after the boat sank. They had to fly his body back to Sweden for burial). She fell in love with a young man in the Canary Islands, and they wrote to each other. Eventually she moved there to be with him. Mail service was terrible on the islands, and I moved a few times and lost touch with her. BTW, my mother's mother was from the nearby island of Madeira, which is Portuguese. I hear those islands are all very beautiful and magical. <3 Best of luck to you in this new adventure!

    1. Thank you, Phoenix!!. I am signed in with my personal name that uses the radiantlyhappy youtube account. But it does not allow access anymore as radiantlyhappy. Can anybody please help?
      Sorry about your friend's tragic experience and thank you for sharing your Canary Island story! Blessings and much love, Ute