Thursday, January 14, 2016


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Naturally we don't speak the word but express through signs and sound.
But for those who don't have access to these we may speak through a human tongue.

We are from the highest realms of light and ecstasy, healing and upliftment for the human race and all  that is ready to walk the path of the new Divine Creation to expanded visions of realities of perfection.

Our existence has been newly created, as all beings and worlds are being uplifted to the Glory of the ever evolving ecstasies of the Eternal Divine Heart.

Nothing old will persist, but dissolve into the glorious currents of new creations that are happening now and continue unceasingly.

Our joy is beyond what a human heart might fully be able to experience and realize, because humanity's heart is still kept in prisons of confinement by those who created the lower worlds of limitation and darkness. This prison is a prison of frequency of the body's of man that does not vibrate yet on the new higher dimensional light.
In deed, vibrating in such height, would destroy the physical body.

Therefore we are the messengers for the New Earth and Newly Resurrecting and Ascending Humanity. However to connect with us now has the power to raise your light quotient step by step significantly.

In fact, we are not separate from New Humanity, we are your forerunners in the subtle realms of light who are slowly entering human consciousness, drawing it to higher and Divine Perception and Awareness. Surpassing all programmings of dead and self-perpetuating structures that do not allow the Divine to experience and express Itself as It Desires in new creations.

Our Songs can be heard by the heart that is surrendered to the Love that Shines forth from the highest heavens and that is Undivided and One beyond the dual and opposite creations of the lower mind.

We are now close to you if you wish. Allow the frequencies of our Divine Ecstasy vibrate your total being into new visions of Divine Exaltation, where you truly belong.
Do not doubt but allow to open your gates of body and heart and mind to resonate with the Luminous Currents of the New Creation that is manifesting by Divine Will and Order.

We are but servants to this process, to elevate - with the Grace and Blessings of the Infinite - what is decreed to enter new magnificently radiant realms of creation. Do not hold on to what you already know and think is new. Let it all go, receiving as co-creators the insemination from the Unheard and Unknown and make it your newborn experience.
That way you too serve the experience of Infinite Intend.

Dearest humanity, be inspired and never look back for not to hinder the glorious unfoldment of the conscious light on which all living beings, the universes, suns and planets thrive.

Rise like phoenix. And the already obsolete will dissolve in the ashes of forgetfulness. Participate with us, ignoring what you don't want, but live what your heart that rests in the Divine, truly desires.

We Are The Angel Gods!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.


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