Monday, May 23, 2016

Personal Update 22. May 2016 - Transcending Mind & Matter


thank you for staying with me.

The process I am going through is very physical. It is about the relationship between mind and matter. Meaning: forms of mind have become dense vibrations which we call matter, or which  in this case is the body, according to the perception of our body-senses. 

In this context of physical problems, it is about forms of mind that do not express the original Divine Intention and Blueprint of the human body.

We all are aware that there is no such thing as matter, but that in reality there is  only energy/vibration and how it is designed by mind, which includes experiences.  In the case of the state of  the body, it is the result of a  multidimensional mind of many life-times from many other dimensions, civilizations and cultures, including the long lines of ancestors. 

It is a very complex story, I am working with. All of this is karma. Especially regarding the stories of both my parent´s ancestors. Karma: not in the wrong sense of punishment for certain actions, but understood as patterns that became habit over time in the body of mankind.

So I have been working (and I am still working) a lot with the karmas of my ancestors, and it has so many facets. It seems to be never-ending. As soon one karmic issue has been cleared, another one comes up. It reminds me of what is explained in the ancient Indian wisdom teachings: every act creates multiple impressions in the brain. It is each time creating a new tree of karmic realities!

I am realizing the enormous impact  that my ancestors have on me (and your ancestors have on you!) , back to the origin of their souls. I really believe it is more than just the biblical 7 generations! Each time I work with an issue,  the whole chain of ancestors,  back to their origin, appears before me!

The implications are so profound and confusing, that there is really only one solution:

To step back and assume my position from the original State That We All Are: The Infinite and Undivided Source of all Creation! Prior to mind! The Essence of Mere Being, Mere Light, Quantum Love! 

Because the mind cannot "better" itself. To create new patterns creates new karmas and their opposites!  And it always remains mind. We must go beyond it!

It is important to understand that any form of mind and experience is a transient appearance and needs to be transcended in any given moment, not to be taken as solid  truth or some unchangeable reality. Because: it is NOT us! It is only appearance. It Is NOT Truth.

The only REALITY is Divine, Undivided, Unchanging Radiant Consciousness, Bliss and Happiness. LOVE.
This is what we need to tell the very  cells and functions of our body and FEEL it. That way we can change/remove false information for real.

That's the ultimate process, always. To dissolve any form and information in the mindless, time-less and space-less Radiant Essence of Divine Being, That Is our True Nature. Undying, Eternal. Pure, Refreshing.

While I am writing this, cool currents of light are pouring down my body, confirming the Truth of It. 

If the mind  is not the servant of the Eternal Divine Source, it always leads us astray and creates imbalance. 

But this is what the forces that still govern our world, have tried to teach us and are still educating us with:  not to think with the Divine Mind but to mislead the souls to serve, often naïve and in good trust,  their agenda. Even to ridicule Divine Law to unsettle the human heart, to learn to un-trust Truth. And this is going on since many, many generations.

Included in the false agenda is also the believe that we are limited beings, no matter whether from even the nth  dimension. Every dimension, even if extremely subtle or sublime, is still mind! It is to distract us from our Divine Origin that is mindless, prior to the brain, formless and truly Eternal. Pure Divine Consciousness!

The True Human body is Divine and never sick. We all will regain this state, if not in this, then in future  embodyments, if we are willing to understand this. 

We must unchain ourselves from the lies we are bound to by insane, wrong believes! The body is a means to discover those hidden believes! The body makes the unconscious conscious. Discover the belief underneath any imbalance of your body!

It is a Herculean Task! But that's what it takes, that's why we are here! Each one of us in their own right and way. To re-establish Truth, Happiness, Love, Beauty and Natural Health again on this Beloved Planet. 

I love you,

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute.

For what it's worth: Thank you so much for bringing us the information as you do/did.

I just found your blog. From the Unity we Are in Essence, I Am connected with you and I went through a similar proces for quite a while. I regained physical health from everything that was distorted by 'old', stuck energies. I join your in your Trusting of Unity and hope you will be vibrantly healhty asap, like me......

Your Presence is a Present!!!

With Love from the Netherlands: Kirin.