Tuesday, August 1, 2017



By birthright and being each our own universe,  
we are free to choose our Realities,
to create what is ours in any moment,
gliding on the wings of light 
into the realms of the Un-known.

Free of former agreements because they are fluid at best,
nothing is rigidly bound to status-quo. 
Bound only if in your limited-down imagination that serves death.

But we ARE forever creators, 
flying into Divine Horizons of Light,
but seeming horizons only, 
because they are in truth openings
into the endless journey of freedom of 
ever new sublime unfoldments into eternity.

Nothing ever stays the same, 
and so it is impossible to repeat or copy the same thing,
not even once, because each time there is new creation,
Instigated by the flames of joy and ecstasy 
into the High chambers of Love, 
nurtured by our heart-fire.

Each journey unique and inspired 
in the resplendent rooms of perpetually 
refreshed Divine Freedom,
now and now towards always new perfections: 
perfect, because the Songs of light and joy 
always taste impeccable.

In the True Room of Divine Creation, 
above the usual sluggish world of stop and go,
never ending luminous currents move,
never to be touched by what already is imperfect, 
in this or other worlds,
but free of any known - and thus forever unknown.

Unspeakable, with the happiness of truth,
evolving constantly into newly created  realms,
un-inhibited free-flow, surrendered to ecstasy,
and therefore true and pure, 
because the Divine never holds its breath,
but constantly breathes out new worlds 
that never repeat themselves.

In this unstoppable, deathless 
and abundant flow of supreme Joy
new Divine Worlds arise only to live and to  bless,
full of the blessing breath of Eternal Life.
Shining with Bliss always, and always transparent 
to the Truth of Existence Itself,
dancing, ceaselessly embraced by 
Unforgettable Lightning Love, 
in never-ending Expansion.

Because the True Divine unfolds Itself forever
until it inhales back into Itself
on a journey of the magnifying Depth of Beauty 
and Pure Intensity and Radiance.

Then: as anciently Prophesied, 
in the Grand Cycles of Creation, 
the return into Only One Single Room 
of Eternal and Unending Being Itself,
the One Divine Self, free of Appearance and Happening.


So it is, and my friends, 
come with me on this journey, 
which is not just a childish dream,
But the creation of deathless Reality 
in any moment of happiness,
even down to this dying world 
to resurrect the New Divine Life here.
In your creations never ever touch again 
this world of endings and repetition of the always same!
Do not try to create there, bound to death. 

Do not repeat. Do not compare! 

But create from now, heart-inspired,  
 in the untouched Room of Radiant Eternity above,
 undisturbed by the bumpy stagnancy below,   
to allow the unfolding Beauty of Divinity 
where you and I belong, only.

Do not repeat what you already know.
Do not even think that there is repetition 
in the realms of Truth!
Know that every repetition and claim 
of sameness or similarity is bound to the prison here, 
empty of Truth and Inspiration, 
Simplicity, Purity and Ecstasy.

Be aware of your intention, 
it is your pure and always new intention 
that creates the Real. 
And do not confuse creations of such pure intention 
with random similarities in prisoner's rooms.

Dare to fly high, envision your free lovejoy 
to expand to the Heart of Radiant Infinity 
and trust that your brothers and sisters too 
know how to bring it to here.

Just remember. 
Always remember your truth 
and be the Radiant Height of Love. 
With your ecstasy recognize 
that you are on your right path. 

With Love & Blessings,
Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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