Saturday, December 16, 2017

Personal Update, 15.12.2017

My Dear Friends,

immersing deeper into my new life, it turns out that this is a time for me to practice infinite patience regarding my impatience to continue with my work as I usually did.

Promises and expectations regarding technical comfort are not being fulfilled.

Unfortunately I still didn't get a working internet connection yet. And I also was not able yet to buy a new, functioning laptop, still waiting ....Life is ticking differently here than in the so called "civilized" world.

I am writing this update on my mobile phone and hope that I can save it online, before it is lost. In fact I saved it several times already, but in spite of it I lost several times parts of the content. It takes me already many hours to get this update done and not yet a finishing line in sight.

All of this seems to be the influence of volcanic energies, where life tends to stand still (as I now am blessed to learn) and everything evaporates all the time in the ether of timelessness. This is a place with more than 100 visible volcanoes, the rest invisible under the ocean, making it the biggest volcanic area on earth.

Inner Earth is very present here, with huge amounts of materials from the inside of her, thrown up to her surface. A strong prana energy is the result of it and deep soothing and "oily" soft heart energy. However the element of groundwater is missing, there are no springs or water reservoirs in the grounds. Just the salty ocean around.

The invisible forces of Nature are most powerful, sometimes of a heaviness, unknown to me, and immediate with a sudden churning up. Very challenging, pressing all of unconscious personal and collective content, including that of ancient history of Earth, to the conscious surface.

Then again utter purity of bliss, easy and soft currents of immense light, with a slight blue-violet shade in which the landscape appears to be pure magic.

The powerful presence of Mother Earth with all her precious gifts is very potent here, She Who bears us and all life and even the skies. As if she calls us to merge with her and recognize Her Unique Divinity, equal to That of the Stars.

It will become obvious whether the unique situation of this place allows me in the future to continue with what I have been used to on all levels, including my creative and healing work. Perhaps this will become an initiation into something new.

In any way my spiritual practice requires a maximum of depth and draws me necessarily to the very core of my being and beyond, destroying all illusions that most of humanity holds so dear at heart.

This is a very unique life experience and often it appears to be not of this world. Driving with the car is like gliding over huge cosmic runways. It is not the usual traffic stress but always a meditation, flying close to the skies.

Accordingly my daily perspectives are focused differently. Here is no rush and no social pressure, and things that seemed important loose their grip on me. Only rudimentary basics remain, that is how it looks like to unfold.

People are much more serious than in other places. But there are no smartmeters, no mind control and heavy radiation towers nearby and almost no chemtrails - and most of all: no consumerism. No luxuries, everything very basic, including medical support, but also more expensive, because everything needs to be imported.

I have no idea which impact this environment will have on me in due course of time and whether this will be a permanent place for me to stay or just a transitory adventure. Although I thought I would spend the rest of my life here.

The usual festive season is not felt here, and no Christmas and buying hype either. The challenging power of the volcanoes is overshadowing human superficial  and artificial ways of life.

May you all in this precious time be blessed by and feel the essence of life that is love -  and the eternal light in which all of this arises.

With all my love,

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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  1. Myself I live in La Gomera and it suprise me that you are not feeling the energy from Atlantis, because that is the reason that the Canaries Islands are so powerfull and magical. The seven islands, the seven sisters have been the seven mountains aroundt the royal city of Atlantis. Ho do I know this, and without been arrogant, this is where I had my first incarnation on planet Earth, Mother Gaia around 35000 Earth-years ago. This seven island are the mirror image directly connected with Orion who is above and always visible, also the Pleiades are right above most of the time.

  2. Hi Roberto, to me the Canary Islands have been always part of Atlantis. To me it is so self-evident that I did not mention it. But thank you for the reminder because it might serve others who don't know about it.

  3. Another reason why the Canaries are so powerful, is the nearby Karman Vortex Street. Besides that Lanzarote is very special among the other islands because of the biggest number of volcanoes and because of the blue-violet light from the North. Regarding the mystical history of the islands, nobody can know the whole picture. Therefore there are many different explanations and descriptions depending on personal point of view.