Saturday, June 16, 2018

Personal Update: 15. June 2018

Dearest friends,

wow, how life plays! And it is amazing! Because whatever moves and happens, there is a place which always stays the same: silent, expanded, in it's very depth sparkles and flashes of exploding happiness and joy. Radiant! 

And there the experience how I am not the body! - (neither are you!) - as it is a mere vehicle, a machine, an instrument, which carries tendencies, feelings, emotions, reproduces thoughts and pain, but nothing really important, as it has absolutely nothing to do with myself, I notice, as if self-contained and apart from the Real I Am - as it is just something conditional and not necessary, while I am healing from a broken vertebrae. 

With the body stuck in a place "I" would not chose to be in -  if I could. But, wow, that's how life plays. And still - EVERYTHING is a Blessing and an opportunity to grow and to transcend, and I am grateful!

And although my usual creativity cannot flow freely here, as the circumstance does not allow it, (still no privacy whatsoever) - there is a WELL, in which you and I participate, only that we need to be aware of that WELL, which always exists, free from the body-mind's business.

And it is always necessary to live in THAT. We do not know what life has in store for us. But given that these things are ultimately not significant - die and then you understand WHAT is REALLY important - we always have the freedom, and the RIGHT, not to say: the obligation, to be HAPPY.

We owe it to ourselves, so that Mother Earth may become finally fully vibrant, humanity awakening from the dark dream that seems to cover the consciousness of so many. 

Beloved friends, dig deep for that True Well of Happiness, That Exists, no matter what.
It is about loosing your identification with what you are NOT.

However do not escape the body but allow it to be gifted and inhabited with the Divine Spirit Force from head to toe. To truly stay in That Enjoyment!

Much love and many blessings,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

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~B.L. Austria

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