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Dearest friends,

my Spiritual Master used to talk about Divine Ignorance – not only to talk about it, but to bless us with the actual experience of It. He could do this, because He Was The Embodiment and Transmission-Master of all-encompassing Divine Consciousness.

True Spiritual Masters don't just talk, - if they talk at all, - and if they do, then only when it seems to be necessary to awaken their students.

Would Divine Ignorance from an usual point of view mean, the Divine is ignorant, doesn't know anything? Is aloof, absent, not interested in our suffering and all the other affairs that a life in the 3th dimension is about? „God created us and the world“, and then left us alone?

We must not try to understand these things from the point of view of the lower mind, the mind of separation, identified with a physical body that suggests otherness and limitation.

The sign of Divine Ignorance has nothing to do with some naivety or irresponsibility. Divine Ignorance is a state of Bliss, beyond mind, immersed in Divine Radiance, drunken with Infinity and Fulfillment, utter Satisfaction. It is a state "above" mind, "above" all human affairs and creation altogether. 

So Divine Ignorance means Pure Divinity that is forgetful of the separate and suffering realm of things that cannot touch or disturb our Deepest and most Perfect Divinity, pure Beingness, Ecstasy. We are NOT obliged to be conscious of this world and to be bound to it. Although it seems our educational and social system would like to have it so. 

We have the right to the true Divine State, that is most blissful Ignorance, not being aware or having forgotten the binding forces, constant loss and change, and what captures usually our lower mind in the confusion and the literal hell of this world, where we tend to be busy all the time with all the - mostly useless - content that denies our Divine Heritage.

My Master used to ask: „Do you know what anything is, I mean IS?“ Because what IS a tree? We can describe a tree, but do we know what it IS? In and of itself? No, we never can know it. Never. There is a feeling, a sensing what it IS, and the same feeling we have when asking: do you know what a stone is. Can we ever know WHAT it is? Can we describe its essence, its true nature?

And you, do you know what you ARE? Not how others would describe you, but really, WHAT you ARE, allowing yourself to feel IT, not by engaging your thinking mind and giving a verbal definition of yourself?

Right, you are Divine Essence, beyond words. Your True Nature reveals itself in Divine Ignorance. There are no words available for what you ARE. As little as you have words for what a tree or a bench in the forest really are. You just don't know what they ARE. 

You in fact know nothing, not what you ARE and not what any object IS. You can only feel into IT, be aware of IT. And yes, it is a presence that reveals itself to you, a reality, if you feel deeper into the essence of yourself or a tree or anything else. 

The question is not being answered by saying, that a tree is  made from wood with a trunk, branches and leaves. And what you ARE is not answered by naming your name, describing your body, your habits, your thoughts and actions. After all, there is no answer in this world. The answer reveals itself when you release the world and allow yourself to open to infinity, then you „know“ without thoughts, without reference to the world and its objects.

And without doubt you enter as such a state of limitlessness, expansion, because your mind stops as it is not able to define right now, to structure, to remember, to construct, to describe. It must be set into silence where your heart opens, where infinite peace surrounds and pervades you, and your heart is starting to breathe into love.

Look at your hand, do you know what your hand IS? Allow yourself to be inspired, trust your right response and feel the infinite resonance and Beingness, Which is everywhere and nowhere, containing your hand, pervading it,  sourrounding it.

Do you know what you ARE? Feel the infinite resonance in your being, as your Pure Being, that Is Silent to answer this question, because there is no answer, there is only Beingness, Infinity, IS. It Is. Your Are.

This is Divine Ignorance. You ARE not a word's description, not an activity and not a thought, not even about yourself. You are not a social entity and you do not have a role. And you are not even spiritual or non-spiritual. All of this are imaginations, qualities, classifications, step-stones, means for orientation that have nothing to do with Truth. It might somehow give you an idea about yourself, that body-mind that is known to others. 

But ultimately it all must be transcended. The Truth Itself is simple and obvious, but giving up what is not Truth is difficult, meaning WE are difficult and not Truth.

Before or within God or Divine Reality you are not a something that can be described. You are KNOWN by the Divine in Complete Penetrating Silence, full of Eternity and Presence, and as Itself, with a very subtle transcendental cracking sound that might become a Tornado in your ears, overwhelming with the Power of Divinity, if you deepen your experience.

Divine Ignorance is the mighty foundation of the world and all universes and you are One with it, -- if you sacrifice the idea of your little "I", an imagination only to make an excuse not to Be the Infinite.

You ARE and you ARE forever, It never dies when the body dies, IT does not suffer, it is untouched by the world's appearances.

But so far you still think, that you ARE the appearances of the world, including your body. But as Divine Ignorance you are not even your mind. You ARE - but this Truth is not much valued in the world of consumption, struggle for survival, competition and fear. This state is ridiculed as nothing-ness and value-less, perhaps as weakness and crazyness because of Its's subtlety.

But spirit IS subtle, Consciousness IS subtle and the true human being IS Divine Consciousness, beyond the function of the brain. You ARE the Oneness of Being. The human being IS Spirit and never the garment it took on when it incarnated in a gross body with it's senses governed by imaginations in the brain, projected outwardly, inventing a „world“. When you stop this projection, the mind subsides and you realize that you do not know what anything is, but what you really ARE.

Then you start feeling into the Infinite, into the Substance in Which you arise. It satisfies the depth of your Being and is the Fullness and Fullfillment of your heart, and you just know It, if you love Truth.

You must be a Lover of Truth to ponder these matters. You must be a passionate seeker for Real Reality, for the Underlying Foundation of all beings and things. Some call It God, or the Divine, or Perfection and Divine Reality.

If you want to stop suffering and participate in the Infinite Love-Bliss of Divine Existence, you must start loving to not to know, because you don't know what anything IS, not even yourself.

You open up to what is Greater than your little you, you start to accept, that there is a power infinitely more powerful than you think your ego is. Or if you consider yourself as weak, you start to accept that this weakness is absolutely meaningless, because your imagination of the ego-I is meaningless. 

And because there is Only the Divine as that Infinite Field of Divine Ignorance. And even this idea must be given up to BE What IS.

With much love,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

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