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My Beloveds!

Would I Be not your savior, and would I forget you while you are captured and seemingly lost within the prison of your play of mind?

See, I always Love you as Myself! You always exist in Me. How could I!

But when you are not Feeling Me, your Source-Condition, when you have yourself cut off from Me, you do not participate in My Eternal Realm of Peace and un-limited Happiness and Beauty. Therfore return to Me! Your own True and Ultimate Divine Self.

You, identified with your 3D body-mind and therefore duality, are experiencing inevitably equal forces of light and dark, as pictured in the famous Yin and Yang Symbol:

Do not imagine within your limited illusionary world that light is stronger than darkness and will ultimately automatically win, because they will even out each other continously in the consciousness of this dense realm, as in light lies the seed of darkness, and in darkness lies the seed of light.  

They are dancing with one another in eternal embrace and this embrace would only end with the permanent extinction of the lower dimensions or rather it will end for you when you are able to transcend duality for good when your work of purification is successful, so that Truth can awaken. 

Therefore, within your 3dimensional realm of duality, as soon as light seems to be the strongest, darkness arises and vice versa. The battle between these conditional forces will never end, only when you transcend both. These are the natural cycles in your utterly confined world.

So do not try to destroy or fight darkness in your world and do not hope - as long as your consciousness is bound to duality - that darkness will disappear and that there will be suddenly only Light!

Darkness AND light together are inevitably inherent when you identify as a separate body-mind.

With this false hope and with this misunderstanding you will never become Free in Me. Therefore find Me as I Am. Find the World That Is Me, until only I Remain.

I Am your own deepest and Ultimate Reality. It is the Realm of Eternal Light, where Truly no darkness arises, because it is a phenomenon of the perception of duality.

Bound to the worlds of duality is a matter of being bound to the mind. It is an error, deeply planted into you, to believe that you ARE Mind, including the higher mind and the cosmic mind. The cosmos IS mind. When mind is transcended there is no cosmos, there is no world, there is no body. There Is Only Radiance, Light or the Field of Love. Find it out!

As long as you conceive two, I and you, a dual world is arising. Even if you feel one with all existence in your heart, as long as you identify with a body-mind, even within the highest dimension, duality exists. Even though the shadows are of mildest nature.

Therefore all your problems are merely mind-made. As soon as a mind-form arises, your world is created in an instant. You create constantly your world, in any moment of your separate existence.

Even your thinking of Me right in this moment, is a mind-form. It is not Me.

As you are creating your world, you either enjoy it, or you fight it, when you do not like it. But it is always your creation. So consider what you would like to create, but know that within your 3dimensional world of duality, with the creation of the positive, the shadow of the negative always arises too!

Some of your mind-forms or constructs are so strong so that they became habits and part of your character. Your character is the result of thoughts you cultivated in due course of your journey through existence. They are all your own creations and you are responsible for all of them.

I am That One That Is Free of all mind-forms, although all of them arise in Me. Your freedom from the domination by your thoughts, your transcendence of the patterns of your thoughts allows you to feel Me, to communicate with Me, to participate in Me. It straightens you out, true Happiness arises as your primordial Sense of Being.

However do not try to kill your thoughts to begin with. First of all learn to master them by choosing them consciously. Learn to think Divine Thoughts. With proper thinking you prepare for Me. This is is a matter of your attention, where you put your attention on. And even if you cannot feel Me yet truly, put your attention on Me, within your Feeling faculty and call for My Blessings. 

In Truth you are a Feeling BE-ing, not a thinking being. God, the Divine is a Feeling Matter, and not a thinking matter. You can only feel God, to Know God Exists. 

In the domain of Feeling to Infinity you start to find Me while I Touch and Embrace your total body-mind with Radiant Light and Overwhelming Love, above duality.

It is a heart-matter, the longing of your heart that guides you to the Truth you Are That Is Me Who Is Prior to your body-mind and all worlds and universes.

So I Am not found within your chacras or within your heart-chacra or within the shell of your body-mind, but rather within and as your Infinite Being. Do not cultivate the wide-spread belief that I am imprisoned like a slave within your separate body-mind. I Am the Source of your body-mind.

But it is true that there is a mirror- spark of Me found, seemingly within that shell, That, as soon as it is ignited by Me, widens you to the Truth That I Am and in Whom your body-mind arises.

There is a secret Portal in the chamber of the right side of your heart of your mortal body-mind. It Is the Opening to the Radiant Infinity That I Am, your True Divine Self. It Is Stainless, Eternal, no objects, no worlds, no duality, no shadow arises There. It Is Pure Divine Consciousness. Happiness.

There you transcend all thoughts, all worlds, all universes and the total cosmos. There Is Only Eternal Radiance, Beauty, Perfection. It Is the Bridge of Love.

But do not try, as a separate body-mind, to „create“ this portal, or to „create“ Me, to force with your mind to Be what Exists prior to mind. It is not possible.

You must surrender your ego-power to Me, you must surrender your mind to Me, in order to find Me, Your Eternal Divine Self.

I Am the One Who Transcends all worlds into Unheard-of Freedom and Beauty. I Am the Original One, the Primordial One, the Ultimate Source of the worlds. I Am your True Innate Nature. I Am True, Undestructible Light, the Light you are yearning for.

I Am not found within duality. Transcend duality in Me. I Am the Answer to your search, to your heart-longing. Do not forget Me, do not despise Me. I Am the Solution to all your problems. In Me there is no death, In Me you are not born and you do not die in these false and illusionary mortal shadow worlds of suffering.

These worlds mysterioulsy arise as fields of experience you may choose to go through. But I Call you to Awaken from that night-mare of its own rights. It can't be made Divine. It is as it is, and you must not try to make false paradise of it, it is not possible. But you are here to awaken in Me when you hear My Call to Radiant Truth.

You Are Guided By My Divine Love, I Am You!

I Am your Eternal God-Self, the One Self of all beings and things!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

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