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My Beloved Ones,

Who are you and who Am I? Beloveds, at the core of all things into eternity, you Are Who I Am.
What you not are: a distinct person, although you appear to be such a one.
You are not characterized by attributes, although you have them.

What You Are and What I Am IS. It is motionless, is formless, It Is, You Are. It Is Consciousness prior to the thinking-mind. It Is Superior to all. And yet within It there is constant arising and changing.

Questions subside because questions do not exist, when you know that you merely Are. 

Many of you are very busy speculating about your future. But I want to show you a different approach to this pressing question.

Find yourself first There, in this motionlessnes, in this stillness, when you want to know about the future of your world. Each one of you is in the constant process of creating the future in their own way, based on your ideas, and also participating in the great cosmic event. And only what all these creational ideas have in common with one another will manifest as what would be the future of humanity. In fact, ideas are mighty manifestation powers. And so you would need to become aware about your conscious and hidden ideas and that of others, all global and cosmic and super-cosmic events and consciousnesses included to know what is ahead of you.

I AM your saviour because I remind you of yourself. But I do not come from outside of you. I Am you. So do not be concerned about the course of the world. It will happen as it will while you exist in your Divine Beingness. Understand the multidimensionality and simultaneity of this process that is You.

So first of all, be concerned only about what you Are. The answer to this question is the power and strength you need to be happy inspite of the increasing chaos in your world.

But you want to be certain about external things, instead being certain first about your own internal and eternal foundation in which your future arises. 

However external events are just the mirror of what is inside you. Therefore, know yourself first. Then you know that you are One with all humanity. And you are able to steer the future for the benefit of humanity and all beings.

But as a separate being you tend to be confused because there are many different voices, depending on point of view and many ideas about how your future should or would look like, making statements and predictions about it.  

But is anything of it you? Who Are You in the midst of the many possibilities?

When you Are, just that, when you Are in your Being-ness, you do not care about your future, you do not care about the world. Because you Are. Events then take place as an emanation of what you Are. 

Learn from the innocence of nature, or just connect yourself even a little bit with nature, let it be even a tiny leaf in your hand.
What is it? It is mysterious as it carries the Heart of Existence Itself. It speaks of eternity, of knowingness, of fullness. Listen and Know.

Look at a tree and if you enter a forest, it is even more majestic: because My Vast Presence is there available to you.
All of Nature speaks of my Presence, My majestic Stillness, My Perfection, My Beingness.

Go and let nature be your teacher. Understand that nature reveals to you What I Am and Who you Are, by mere beingness, by showing mere existence, cooperating with the omnipresent environment, adapting to it, dancing with it. Just look how the wind blows there and moves the branches of the trees, and the tiny plant stems, the blossoms of the flowers. It Is and so You Are.

I Am existing in all of that as well as I exist in you and as you. Listen to nature, learn from the silence and the strength, the power of a mountain, learn from its being-ness.
And know that you only can see and become aware of what you already Are.

Let Me teach you through nature, experience yourself within nature. Forget your business at least for a short while and know Me first, before you try to figure out what is to come and before you guess time and quality of tomorrow, because it is all volatile and changes always every second, according to your participation in My Universal Play.

Every thought of yours changes the universe. But you understand, that My Being Is everywhere when you Are Aware of Me, without judgement. feeling the power of Nature and the Stars and Clouds, and from then continuing to be aware of Me in the midst of your busy cities, recognizing Me in every building, feeling Me in every detail of your daily life, and in every living being, in your loved ones, your friends and colleges and even in your – what you consider to be – enemies. 

I Am and you Are the Silent and Sublime Substance of all things and beings, because I Am and you Are in and as each and all what you are aware of.

What you conceive as Me in you and everywhere is My Stillness, My Beingness, My Eternity. It is your only and true Divine Nature. And when you are aware of It, when you are grounded in It, only then look into the future, the possibibilies of it, the ways of others, measured within My State of unchanging Beingness.Then you are free of false identifications and effects of manipulation and mind-control and their lies, unaffected by controlling agendas to look at the always moving world with its innumberable possibilities and trends.

Being Me as yourself, you then choose from the silence and beingness of your heart, the future you desire. And you will be certain of it, because Your True Nature only knows Truth. It is not built on the errors and lies your present world is based on.

That's how you prepare the new world that is Mine and a Divine Creation. 

Your own Truth is motionless, eventless and void of any happening and content. It is full of My power, it is Love. It is all-embracing and free of necessities. It is the ground on which all things and thereby futures happen. 

Therefore do not get disturbed by your brothers and sisters who seem to bring you good or bad news, concerning the future of humanity.

You yourself Are the future, carrying it in your heart. There is only your future and it is in you and becomes you, it does not come from outside of you. Because it is your own future. You cannot live somebody else's future, you always live your own future and it will be benign and sacred when you allow it to happen As I Am, as My Beingness. And so you will be what your future is, and your future will be what you Are. You Are your future. 

Do not be confused and do not put your hope on promises from even stars-beings or enlightened ones.

Because the world is constantly changing because you change, while you stand there Being What you Are.

You and I are your future as One, it is always the „IS“ while events are floating on its top. All is carried by Me if you only would discover Who You Are.

Your Trust then is the boat to your always present future that always keeps you safe, untouched from harmful events, - even if your body should participate in them -, because they are not contained in your consciousness.

This message you can only feel with your heart  as I Speak the Unspeakable. It is free of 3dimensional logic and you must understand between the lines as a multidimensional being.

I AM Your God-Self, the Eternal Self of all beings and things!

Message conveyed by Ute 



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