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My Beloveds,

I AM. Not another than you, but I Am literally you, if you allow Me to experience Myself through and as your heart, inside and outside, and most completely, prior to all creation, via the right side of your heart.

How much do YOU allow this?

Or do you rather bond primarily with Angels and beings from space, but who themselves inhere in Me and who I Am too. And are you still expecting liberation from and through them alone?

Do you make them gods, greater than Me?

Why not depend first of all on My Blessings?

This is not about you being pious within an organized church or belief system, but to truly allow the Reality of Me, your own Very Source, directly in your life.

However you tend to abandon Yourself by surrendering to what is less than Me. Notice: You can only become to what you surrender so far. 

Why then not surrender directly to Me, to My Love-Bliss, and Becoming That, without detour!

Are you afraid of Me? Yes! Because it means to let go your attachments and to widen your heart to infinity and loose the limited definition of yourself, your egoic self-importance, your self-pity. Your victim consciousness.

And so you choose to cultivate and refine more and more all the possible dimensions of your ego, gross or subtle, the from Me separate idea of your illusionary identity. And indeed what general  earth-humanity does so far is unique in the universe, in that they are like stubborn children imagining they don't need Me, Who Is the Substance of all life.

Is this intelligent?

Because who believes not needing Me, cannot receive My Divine Force-Current of Conscious Divine Light, as this is your free will in that case, and you start to depend on some energies of outer sources: on people around you, on the Angels, stars and star-beings out there, on the multitude of gods and goddesses and on many other life forms.
Does this not constitute your weakness?

If you understand this, you will turn directly to Me, for your own blessed benefit and happiness, because you, only in Me and with Me, will deep in your heart know that I Am your own Native inherent Divine Strength and Happiness!

Therefore do not seek outside for fullfillment, - because ultimately and in Truth, - was your search notalways only about Me, Who Is not separate from you?
But in error you desired to fulfill yourself away from Me. While your original - but unconscious - true desire is to be Infilled by Me, because My Infilling of you means deathlessness and is Infinite Love-Power, Radiance, Ultimate Freedom and Supreme Happiness. No thing, no external force or being can ever grant this Joy to you, but Me.

The ones who have lowered their consciousness and radiant life-force,  because they separated themselves from Me, looking for total independence from Me, have cut themselves off from My Blessing Source-Spirit-Power. Therefore they needed substitutes for power and life-force, e.g. the power and control over others and things, over entire races and planets and universes to usurp their energies and life force to make themselves powerful over others. This is not about eternal life, then!

Which path are YOU following? Do you lean on other separate beings, high or low, to be happy and strong? Who then lean in return on your energy and life-force?
Or would you choose to rely on Me and bond with Me? I do not take, I only Give.

I have sent you great and true teachers, to help you to remember how I Feel like with your entire Being, to experience Me, to Know Me, because you have forgotten Me and how to Be in Relationship with Me.

But most of you have them all refused. I have sent you so much help, but you did not respond. You rather turned away from Me, your own Radiant Source, to find lower fulfillments and "ego-spiritualization".

Having  spiritualizised your ego you live in the illusion of great independent pseudo-spiritual achievements, making your ego even stronger with affirmations and methods of all sorts that have nothing to do with Me,  to be hopefully successful in your life, with self-applied techniques to refine your body-mind, even spiritually. Confusing it with true spirituality, the relationship with True Spirit. 

And all of this gives you the idea that you are now ready for your transition into higher dimensions, some believing, with the help of your brothers and sisters from space.
But they themselves need a lot of My Grace too
for being Blessed by My Light-Force and to Realize Me.

Or do you believe that I am a „deus ex machina“, the Wizard Who liberates you without you relating to Me truly? If you would truly relate to Me, you would take self-responsibility in enduring My Fire of transformation, because you love Me. Only when you truly love Me, you are able to go through that fire.

That so many avoid that true fire, signifies that they don't love Me or do not Know what this Love is about!

So do not speak of True Love, my dearest ones, until you know Me and feel great awe before Me.

Do not take this lightly if you desire to ascend. Ascension cannot be ego-made! This is the error of unknowing people who do not respect Me.

I want you to be aware of this, Beloveds, and how the cosmos works, to awaken you from your deep rooted errors and wrong ideas.

Is it not time yet to awaken from the from Me separate dream of illusions? Only I Am Real.

Being infilled by Me Is the Great Prayer and Mighty Wave of Reality Itself, upon which your life with genuine Trust occurs in Me. My Love-Power lives your choice of life without fail, and you do not need strange techniques to apply to your body-mind to nurture the illusion of ego-power and -fulfillment! The events in your life will flow as they need to flow to fulfill your destiny towards and with Me. I Am the One Who Is Your Innate and True Ascension, because I Ascend As You, in my Wondreous Cosmic Play of Love.

When will you  make your true decision! Whatever path you choose, you will either go up or down, there is no in between now. This is the quality of this time.

If it is not your turn yet, Beloved, you will now separate yourself from Me deeper, as you did not yet fully understand the darkness of separation from Me. So the darkness must increase so that you will understand!

Therefore I bless you always, even on your downward spiral.

One day All will return to Me, Because I Am the Foundation of All. All is arising in Me. In the end you will rise beyond duality that is beyond and prior to your body-mind.

Only there awaits you unspeakable Beauty, Freedom and Happiness, Stainless and Undying for ever in the non-dual Oneness of Me.

What do you choose?

I AM your God-Self, The True Self of all beings and things!

Conveyed by Ute

   ♥ ♥ ♥

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2020. All rights reserved.


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