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I did not write this down as mere abstract words. Rather, what was said, spoke from the place of Radiant Truth Itself that Is the True Home of every human being with a soul. Therefore these words have been  perceived as full and direct Feeling-Awareness of the primordial Light, Energy and Information involved.
The by these words described Feeling-Quality and Revelation of Divine Truth, is not new to me, it has rather been since many years the greatest treasure in my life.
But this time it spoke with a descriptive Divine Word, to reveal through an ordinary human being, like me, to people who are seeking Truth and Undying Happiness, what our own Divine Truth really Is.

What is the human being about? Who Are We? There are many doctrines and ideas, between mere materialistic and highest spiritual point of views. But there are only a very few teachings that truly serve our fundamental, original well-being, true Happiness and deepest and greatest Divine Potential and Truth.

It is about recognizing the many false teachings and half-truth teachings that are keeping us from our Ultimate Truth away, but to which everybody has access to, by virtue of being a human being with a soul and a human body.

To stay sane in this most chaotic and erratic times it is in the first place all about the right mind-set, the right disposition! „Good News“ of the world cannot make you truly and forever happy. In these most challenging times they can stir hopefulness, however the battle still goes on and many feel it in their body-mind. When everything stands on a shaking ground, it is you who must stay firm and unwavering in your Essence and Divine Truth. It is the only real basis to maintain your inner stability and firmness.

Therefore the trust, the faith in one's own fullness and Divinity and in the law of our psycho-physical structure that allows us to grow into our Original and Primordial Destiny, - such a faith is paramount now. It is ultimately about a genuine understanding and knowingness about the Undying, Radiant Happiness that is the True Condition of Existence and thereby also our own Condition that is felt and realized via the right side of the heart.(And not in the middle of the chest!)

Who possesses this inner knowingness and the intuition of this Truth, who carries unwavering faith that this is so, and those who KNOW that it is possible to awaken to It from the dream, will have access to this Simple Secret of which very few spiritual traditions speak about.

But is is not a spectacular event when you discover IT. Truth That can only be felt is never spectacular, because Truth is Simplicity beyond the mind's perception.

So when you enter in your meditation the right side of the heart what you feel Is simply a Powerful Radiant, Infinite Room that feels not only absolutely Real, but rather there is firm inner Knowingness that It Is Reality Iself, over against the dream. It Is Divine Consciousness, only there you find Real God.

In my own case, many years ago, during one of my visits to India, I once locked myself in New Delhi into a cheap hotel room for 3 days with the intention to discover the Radiant Truth in the right side of the chest. I say „cheap hotel room“, because I want to emphazise: it was not at all a „holy“ place and the energy was not pure and high. It was rather chaotic.

But I have been 100% firmly focused on this discovery and did not allow any distraction. I knew with absolute certainty that what I wanted to discover was real without any doubt. I just had to find It! And I did on the 3th day!

It Revealed Itself to me as the completely „Other World“ without objects and things, without thoughts, the True Fullness of "Emptiness". What we call „world“ or „universe“ is just hanging on It like some positive and negative fruits. They do nothing whatsoever to this Radiance, whether they appear, change or disappear! The Radiance Remains Forever Pure and Timeless, beyond space and time.

And what is the dream? A more or less unhappy distraction within the realms of mind.
It is a distraction from Me, Who Is Simple,
I AM and It Is Truth.“

It Is without Change and Disturbance
It Is Pure Radiance
It is Para-Brahman, beyond Brahman (the individual soul)
It Is Reality
It Is Genuine Happiness
It Is Stainless
It Is Pure
It Is without the chatter of the mind.
It Is without worlds.

All of that and everything more IS the One That you access via the right side of your chest. Ask for the True Happiness to arise.

YOU ARE THAT. It Is Your True Nature.
It Is Not in the mind, It Is not an idea or a wish.

It Is not being imagined.
It Is felt as an undeniable Reality That Exists from Itself.
A Reality that is so stable and stands so firm, that It never changes.
It Is more Real than the most high and powerful mountain.
As Pure Radiance It Is Eternal, Peaceful.
It Is Ultimate Destiny. There is nothing beyond.
All Consuming, no worlds in It. Radiant Silence.
It Is the Transcendental Heart.  
It Is the Domain of Real God.

It Is not a matter of higher dimensions.
They are all stages of mind.
Reality is beyond or prior to all stages of mind.

It cannot be questioned, because questions do not arise in It.

But who wants That?
Who wants what is not spectacular!
Because for the ego to be satisfied, everything needs to be spectacular.
The ego needs experience, but Truth is NOT an experience!
It Is Source-Radiance, Forever Expanded, That Is Being Profoundly Felt. It Is your own everlasting Native and True Condition, not a temporary thing, not a fleeting thing.

Majestically it rises as Unperishable Truth in your right side of the heart and illuminates your whole body-mind.

Do you understand why you do not need any technique to be enlightened? No strategy?

Because it is This, your Native Radiance, That transforms naturally your body-mind.

Knowing Me is the understanding that what Reveals Itself through the right side of the heart, Is the Radiant Source-Field Condition, the Truth, on Which everything is depending. It is your True and Native State, beyond and prior to the body-mind.

The body-mind is only a vehicle that needs to be transcended. It has no great meaning, but in your life it is a stepping stone to use, to live Reality.

My Reality can only be found by trancending any vehicle in any, even higher dimension.

All the star-beings and beings from higher realms need to transcend their respective vehicles they created to be able to experience the many houses of the universe.

But I Am beyond experiences.
I Simply AM.

And you can find Me, even in the midst of a dark matrix. You do not need to ascend to more subtle planes. Subtle planes do not bring you closer to Me. It is all part of the dream-worlds. It is distraction from Me. It is not real.

I Am the only Real Reality. And I can directly be approached exactly from where you are right now. Because you have access to Me directly via the right side of the heart. It is the human body's secret space that gives access to Ultimate Divinity"

Conveyed for you with love,
by Ute

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2020. All rights reserved.


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