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My Beloveds,

are you aware that I Exist? I Am not what you think.

Identification is the point! Identify with Me! Not with your mind! But by surrendering your body-mind to Me. However do not neglect it, deny and suppress it. Purify it first so that I might adapt it to Myself with My Mighty Spiritual Force.

If you worship yourself, your mortal body-mind and the personality intertwined with it, you seem to be inextricably identified with it,  no matter whether it is a 3dimensional body-mind or the light-body that participates in a higher dimensional realm.

Do not fall for falsified teachings. You might feel something etheric in your heart what you call God, but it is just that: etheric, and it is not Me, Real God. When you die and loose your physical body then only the mind survives. 

Where then to locate this etheric substance that sooner or later will also disintegrate? Preventing this disintegration you will desperately look for another embodiment. It is an endless cycle. 

 And how could you then relate to Me, as I Am beyond mind. I Exist forever even before the mind arises.

Without Me there is no true liberation from that illusionary cosmic existence that you call in its  subtle appearances divine.

I Am beyond all of that and I Am That Primordial Divine Being and Consciousness That humankind has lost since so long!

I Am not „within you“, although everybody spiritual is claiming that, insisting in that claim, forgetful of True God. Your belief that I Am within you, is separating you from Me,  bonding you to  some consoling cosmic light.

You say: God lives in me. But why should True God confine Himself into a mortal shape and allow thereby mortal beings to continue mortality in endless cycles of existence. What you then consider to be Me, is merely a part of an ultimately mortal being, as also your soul is only a temporary creation. It may live for hundreds and thousands of years, but dissolves at latest together with the cyclical dissolution of the cosmos.

I never die and I never disintegrate! I Am your Eternal and Very True Identity, apart from all creations and creator gods!

You, the world and the universes inhere in Me. I am not found IN the world. This idea belongs to a mortal god-personality, a separate entity who has a creator-function. I am not a creator god, I do not create at all, I Simply Am, Radiant As Myself, Existing from Myself. Nobody and nothing created Me.

Therefore I Am your Ultimate Freedom. But this Freedom can never be yours if you continue to hold on to your  identity with a separate body-mind, no matter in which dimension. You cannot Become What You Really Are if you seek for God within the little chamber of body-mind and separate „I“, enlarging and empowering it with subtle thoughts, imaginations and energies, living an imaginary spiritual life.

The universes are full of these entities and beings, including yourselfs,  all leading to ultimately nowhere. Yes, to some subtle worlds perhaps, where you can feel temporary a bit releaved as a sweet etheric body-mind. And perhaps you think you are a master there in these etheric worlds. But all of them are illusions of the mind. Don't you know that! It is still a god-less existence. It is not your True of You.

So that's why I say to you: Just be with Me, That Ultimate Divinity Which Is your very True Nature. It Is Radiant, It Is Bliss, It Is Unconditional Love. Formless. Absolute. That's where you come from. Do not be content with the lesser illusions! 

Is it not said: what is greater, God or Maya? So Maya appears to be infinite, but only  Me, True God, Is the Way out of that seeming infinite labyrinth in which most of the souls linger self-meditating around for eons. There is no way out, but Me alone, Above and Beyond this endless play, however great and attractive the goddess Circe may appear there in these multiple playgrounds.

My Beloveds! You have lost Me and now you are seeking, seemingly helplessly identified with your mortal body-mind, working on it to change it, to make it more subtle, thinking this is the way to Me and don't even know that it is not.

Because it is only about things that come and go and do not participate an iota in My Eternity, My Beauty, My Purity, My Perfect Love.

I Am That Unlimited, Eternal Mighty Space of Un-thought Immensity That Is Forever Radiant Love, Infinite, and Truly Liberating you from the endless cycles of birth and death in all the realms of the Universes.

But you cannot „reach“ Me, you cannot „seek“ Me, you cannot "walk back" to Me, because I Am on the other side of what is known to you. Therefore you cannot know Me, unless you surrender to Me to become Who You in Truth Are.

It is the Only True Freedom, the Only Real Happiness. Do not allow to be confined forever in working out your body-mind, making it „better“ or „greater“ or more luminous to become somebody more seemingly spiritual.

My Beloveds, this is about your growing understanding about the True Nature of the Real That Is Me. You Are not your body-mind, never have been.

When you dream to be the body-mind, the seeming maze from which there seems to be no way out, is simultaneous appearing in your dream. So I say: Wake up from that dream of body-mind! From that hellish confinement.

Wake up to your True Freedom and Happiness. My Love must be made known to you, because It Is Greater than any Love that you imagine, because It Is Real, because I Am Real, because there is only One Divinely Conscious Reality. Me.

Grow Within Me to Your True Nature.

I Am Your God-Self, The Self of all Beings and Worlds.

Message conveyed by Ute

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2021. All rights reserved.


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