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Saturday, December 24, 2011


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Listen to Gaia's message on YouTube

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011© copyright

It has been my desire since a while to directly speak with Gaia, the spirit of our planet earth, to hear from herself what had happened to her since the 11.11.11 event and what would be her present state and her future plans.

For some time now I have been noticing  that the atmosphere, or better: the quality of energy on earth had changed greatly - regarding its expansion and power. The sky seemed to be higher, and there was a feeling-power and a light that appeared to posses a new mighty Presence.

Until now my “conversations” with Gaia have been “limited” to a Heart-Contact. Whenever I thought about her and expressed my love for her, I felt her answer as a deep touch in my heart, with tears pouring from my eyes, while I felt the freshness, the pristine and untouched  nature and sweet love of her being. Then I knew, that she had heard me and directly answered me. Sometimes she sent me one of her messengers, e.g. a bird, whom I especially loved, and who suddenly appeared and landed close to me and kept me company.

In the late night of the December Solstice, I felt drawn outside, into my courtyard. There I had installed a powerful, even if small, medicine wheel, and I love to sit next to it. The night sky was clear and full of stars, and as soon as I sat down and connected with the vibrant night and Gaia, she started to speak. So I quickly fetched my notebook from inside the house, which I use for such kind of occasions.

 For me the following conversation with Gaia was not just a „conversation“ in the usual sense,  whereby thoughts are exchanged on the mental level. Rather I was involved with my whole being, having a wholistic experience, accompanied by the deep emotions of my wide and  expanded heart. The experience happened within Gaia’s Heart and Being, with which I felt deeply merged, while my vision and feeling embraced infinity.
And it is my desire that this report will be received by my reader not just on the intellectual level, but that it will draw you too into the Heart of Gaia.


I Am Gaia, your Mother, do you wish to speak with me?
It is easy for me to talk to you when the disturbances in the atmosphere are low, as they are tonight. (December Solstice)

It is good for you, to sit outside under the sky. Inside the house the reception is not as clear, because too many unnatural and disturbing frequencies can interfere with our conversation.

I would like to tell you, that I am well and that I am very happy that you desire to contact me.
I love all my children, but I am especially happy when they are aware  Who I really Am.

One reason why I am well is that ever more of my children understand who I am and include me in their lives as a Living Being.
The other reason is that I have completed my ascension to  higher Dimensions. You are asking which dimension, and I can tell you, that I am now in the 5th, at the threshold of the 6th dimension. You are asking what is happening to my 3dimensional body and why it still seems to be the old same one.

You see, this is similar as with your Spiritual Masters, whose Consciousness is extending  far above the 3th dimension, but who still have a 3dimensional body, which looks for all quite normal, even though this body is to a high degree transparent for the light and carries higher consciousness.

And so it is with my 3dimensional body too. In one way it is still very much polluted and out of balance. And this is like with your  Saints, whose spirit and realization has reached great heights, but whose body is nevertheless sick and toxic, because they have taken on the illnesses and karmas of their disciples.

When you go to my pure and untouched nature, it is easy to become aware of my heightened State, in places which are not alienated by your civilization. But also in a starry night, like now, you are able to be close to my heart, as soon as  usual daily businesses have come to rest.

I will move as soon as the time for it has arrived. And these movements will usher a New Era. These movements will  shake off what impedes the purity of my body. It will come suddenly, and it will be for all of you a joyful event, who love and who are united with me in their hearts.  I will protect you and take care that you are safe. Of this you can be assured!

Keep me in your hearts and you will always be united with my presence, which draws you already now to the 5th and 6th dimension. Your connection with me will  therefore transport you into a higher frequency and guarantee your ascension process.

This will occur as soon as my body moves and enters into the higher dimensions. When exactly this will be, cannot be told yet. There are too many details to take into account. They all depend on you, beloved mankind, and your basic readiness to ascend.

All my other kingdoms, the animals, the plants, the minerals and the elements are ready for ascension. We only wait for you, my beloveds. Many of you are ready too, but not yet the majority of your human family. There still have to happen things which trigger this readiness.

At this point, while she is talking to me, I ask  Gaia for a clear sign of confirmation from her, that I have written down the correct information, whereupon she pours directly into my heart the feeling of  her powerful greatness and sublimity! This is an absolutely awe-inspiring feeling!

You see, you all must change your relationship with me, you all must be aware of my true and now ascended Being and carry it in your heart. Thereby you are directly united with me and receive constantly my blessing.

My presence in your hearts will give you great joy, strength and satisfaction. To be united with the soul and spirit of ones planet, is a great event and implies in this case the elevation of each single human soul as it is also the connection with the Great Human Soul who builds the One Great Human Body.

When you are united in this way,  you will ascend physically as this One Humanity – together with my planetary body.
Everything is prepared for this moment, and for you, who are one with me now, the spiritual ascension has already happened. And therefore the physical ascension will occur without problems. It will be carried by your unity in your hearts with me, your planet, - the planet you have chosen as your present home.

As I already raised my consciousness, your own rising of consciousness will follow inevitably, because you are one with your planet. Therefore you all are already in the midst of the process of awakening.

The more of you are uniting with me in this manner, the quicker ascension for whole humanity can occur.
This is the service you can now give to me and your human family. And this service is the unity with me in your hearts.

Seek me and find out Who I Am now, of which State I Am. Let this relationship be real, by connecting yourself with my true state (energetically, with feeling and with your consciousness), and not merely in your imagination about it. This is crucial!

I care for you all, my children, and I love you!
You all should know that I have already become New Earth and that my state is sacred.

Yes, I am a holy planet, but most don’t know yet about it.
Tell everybody about it so that also they can be made holy.

I Am with Great Love,
Your Mother, Gaia

Is has been getting very late and it was early morning already, time for me to go to bed . When I looked through the material the next day, the urgent question arose about the meaning of Gaia's "movement". It was a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky. I sat down again next to my medicine wheel and connected with Gaia’s presence in my heart and all that what surrounded me. Again I felt this enormous vastness and power, in which I was sitting and which is her new consciousness, and I asked her about the exact meaning of what she had called her “movement".

This was her answer:

My child, when I move, my present bodily orientation and location change. You know from yourselves, that you tend to change your location when fundamental changes occur for you. My new domicile will be in the higher dimensions,  where I am moving with my body, and this of course has consequences for my presently 3dimensional body – like your own “ascension symptoms” can create problems and change your body.

I asked whether Gaia was planing a pole shift, and if yes, how it would show. I received her answer as both, images and “words” and my description must be understood as an attempt, to translate a 4th and 5th dimensional event into our 3dimensional language. Therefore the meaning has to be perceived intuitively and wholisticly, and cannot be analytically dissected with the means of the conceptual mind.  

Dear child,  many are asking this question in their hearts, and I would like to give a clear answer:

There will be a pole shift, but not as you imagine it. Within the higher-dimensional shifting of the presently still dense frequency, this pole shift is not a “material” event in which things are “destroyed”. There will be a unification of the Poles and because the substance becomes so to speak more “liquid”, my body starts to  make fluid changes. All energy is always on the move. And you, your new bodies will be flowing with it. In this flow there is no „breaking“  of things which you experience, when you observe so called “matter” as “solid”. Rather everything will become new forms in a harmonious way, according to my assignment. All you have to do in this process is to exercise your capability to let go of everything familiar to you, and to allow yourselves to be carried by this process of transformation, your heart firmly anchored in mine. When the process is complete, a new day will rise in which humanity will be in actuality One Being, united in perfect Harmony and Love with me.

To understand what I describe you must allow yourselves to perceive on a higher dimensional level, because this event happens, as soon as it occurs, already in the higher Dimension.

Will there be 3 days of darkness? This has to be understood rather symbolically, because in the higher dimensions the experience of time is different from yours  and obeys other parameters. Darkness might be experienced because your present sensual perception is in a process of transition and readjustment. At that time your usual perception will fade away and disappear. When the transformation is complete you will see with “new” eyes a New World.”

I asked for another sign of confirmation from Gaia. Especially as it was about an important message for which reason I felt great responsibility for the correctness  of my depiction.

For those of my children, who are not yet prepared to move with me into the new dimension, their experience will be different. They will perceive my movement in a “material” manner, and they will experience the destruction of the Old, because they perceive themselves and the world as separate and not as a unity. This is because they did not decide yet to live in unity consciousness in their hearts, but they consider themselves and myself as separate beings. And they will perceive my movement  accordingly.

While I wrote down the last sentences, a small white cloud appeared in the clear blue sky, at first somehow in the form of two parallel bars II, which transformed themselves quickly  in two circular overlapping shapes.
And then, as suddenly as the cloud had appeared, it dissolved completely into “nothingness” before my eyes. As long as the cloudy sign was visible, a group of to me invisible birds started to rant and rave. With the disappearance of this little cloud there was complete stillness.  This was the sign I had asked for! I’d like to explain it a bit more.

For me the significance of these 2 symbols was immediately obvious. The two bars stand for separation, duality, the linear, conceptual Mind, who thinks in opposites, instead of perceiving everything as an expression of the love-blissful Source. It is the Luciferian creation of the separation of our consciousness from the Divine, The-All-That-Is. This sign symbolizes  the consciousness, in which most human beings are still captured: they do not acknowledge their own spirituality, and therefore they do not recognize the unity with all beings, with the Divine Source, with all of humanity and with their own planet.  That and their own human family are considered merely as  objects which one can exploit, abuse and destroy. In this state of consciousness the power of love does not exist, because it is governed by abstract thinking.

The transition of the two bars to the two overlapping circular shapes shows a fundamental change of this old state of separate consciousness. It is the Vesica Piscis of the Sacred Geometry! The symbol of the apotheosis of creation, its return to the Light and Unity. It is Gaia’s beginning  return to her original 12dimensional Divine existence! And we are returning with her!

And this is how I understand the sign of the cloud as an answer Gaia's to my earlier request for confirmation: Basically it is all really about the confirmation of our planet’s and humanity’s Divine Transformation. How this is experienced individually, is not of real importance in this Great Event. But what has been shown to me are two possible ways of perception and experience, the most and the least optimal one, whereby there are many variants  in between, depending on the state of consciousness of the perceiver.

But there was still one question left for me. And I asked Gaia whether those who experience the Pole Shift as destruction, would follow her nevertheless into the higher dimensions.

And this was Gaia’s answer:  

They will experience much excitement and agitation.

And again, to me invisible birds start to rant and rave. I remember that I had heard the same when the cloud sign appeared! With this Gaia is saying that  this transition, this transformation will come with great agitation for the „old“ world.

But this agitation will be experienced only – so to speak - on the surface of their perception. The agitation scatters the dense shell of separation and uncovers their deepest heart and soul. This uncovering of the soul provides the opportunity for them to unite  with my heart, because they become now fully aware of the presence of my Spirit. This will draw them to me - into the higher dimension of my body. This for them cataclysmic event will also set free and dissolve the negative beliefs and behaviors, which have been stored underneath their dense shell of separation. This is like a deep purification process, whereby they become able to experience and live their own pure and higher spiritual nature again, without being involuntary pulled back later into a 3dimensional reality.
This powerful event of transformation is a gift to them by Divine Decree.

However those who still desire greatly to extend their experiences in the 3dimensional realm, will indeed for a short while live with me in the higher dimensions, just long enough, to imprint their soul with a new permanent remembrance of this state. But then they will be drawn back into one of the many 3dimensional realms which exist in the universe.

As you can see, everybody receives according to their heart’s desire. This is the law of creation: you receive what you believe in.

I embrace all my children with great love. But those, who wish to come with me, give me glorious enjoyment.
My Blessing is with all of you, without exception!

I Am your mother, Gaia

What remains is to remember or to become aware,  that we are already walking, breathing  and living within a great being of the 5th, and at the threshold of the 6th dimension. Inspite of all the ruins, the suffering and all the negativity of a gradually disappearing old world.

What great gift and opportunity is given to us all!

Love and Blessings, my friends!

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions about sharing it, please contact me. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                                   Dear friends and readers of my blog,

with the strong geomagnetic disturbances underway, it is very important to maintain balance, not only mentally and emotionally, but also in terms of being grounded in our body and such to be connected with our Beloved Gaia, as our process is also hers, it is a united process. To be grounded in Gaia, also implies to be rested in our heart. Please also see "My conversation with Gaia". 

According to my conversation with the Spirit of the Sun, we can use the breath too, to inhale the incoming frequencies into our heart, this helps us also to be centered there. 

This is the most important thing we can do at this moment: to practice to be in the  presence of our heart, in the midst of the electro-magnetic disturbances, like being in the eye of the storm, in the still-point of a hurricane. 
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
There will be many more of these disturbances during this year, and each of us can contribute to the peace on earth - in a rapidly and on all levels changing world - by choosing to enter the inner domain of our own true being. We all can do it because the information of the light-codes, pouring into our world, contain the remembrance of our past and future, the remembrance of who we are as the ascended heart.

Especially through the working of our beloved Sun, the torus field of our heart is greatly empowered and expanded so that it is very easy now for us to enter this space humanity has once lost.

We have been granted all the means to make this powerful transition into a new and Divine World successful. 
We must remember that we are never unable to cope because for every challenge imposed on us by the forces of the universe, we have been given also tremendous help. The greater the challenge the greater the help.

We only must be willing to utilize this help, and we are already participating in this gigantic evolutionary leap, orchestrated by the Forces of Light and Inspired by the Highest Will of God. 

The still-point of the heart is all we need to own, to sail safely through all the demands of our daily lives. We can be a silent torch for others who do not yet understand the deeper working behind the visible growing of uncertainties. But we can speak when they ask. And ever more are asking! 

In many parts which are starting to fall apart in our lives, we can see what has been grounded on false foundations, mostly without our knowing and understanding. And they can open our eyes for the greater reality, for all what has been hidden from our eyes. 

Now we are going to build a new earth, a world with the foundations of love and integrity, a world where we all care about one another, a world where there is happiness and abundance.  A world where we realize our inherent unity with one another and with all beings. On the planet and off the planet.

We can decide to look forward to what we want to create from now on, instead of grieving about what we are loosing or what we have already lost. We are creator beings and always have been, we only didn't know it! We have been giving away this power to others for a long time (and even this was an act of our creation!). Now we learn how to use it again for our own and the sake and happiness of all beings. 

There are no messages from other realms coming through me at this point. I understand this as a sign that we need to focus on our own tangible experience right here in our bodies on this earth, as what has been prophesied is occurring right now in our own very bodies of experience and we need to have our focus there. It is happening and we are witnesses of it now. We are becoming our own prophets now. And deeper things are being revealed to us about who we are and what we are to become. And we need to listen. It is this message which to deliver is my task in this very moment.

As we know, things can change in the blink of an eye  though.
As always,it is my pleasure to hear from you, dearest friends!

Much love and blessings,
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Role of the Kingdoms of Nature in the Ascension Process

Dear friends,

today I went into a nearby Nature Reserve and at the entrance  -- He was already waiting: a Being of Light, about 3.50 meters tall. He communicated that he had an important and urgent message for humanity and wanted me to be the messenger.
He did not tell me His name but was indicating that he was an ambassador of Archangel Ariel, who is the Angel of Nature.

In our “conversation” he did not use words, but he rather showed me directly what he wanted to communicate.

What I saw was this: that Gaia’s Ascension is not only supported and served by us humans, but also to a great degree by the Spirits and Angels of Nature. They are the ones who are weaving higher vibrational  light in the ethers and habitat of the flora and fauna and help them thereby to evolve.

He showed me how every tree and bush, and every leaf and blossom in that reserve was vibrating with radiant light and how pristine and clear the aura of this beautiful place was, because of the high vibration the Nature Spirits are working with.

He wanted you all to remember, that we are each, no matter to which kingdom we belong,  simply living certain frequencies which are harmoniously intertwined with smooth transitions, and therefore we are all, naturally, closely connected. Without the work and support of the Nature Spirits,  the ascension of Gaia herself, and our ascension would be not possible, as we have also a symbiotic relationship with Gaia. The Kingdom of Nature is the necessary link in the total process of rising the frequencies of Gaia and all her kingdoms, to be able to ascend.

The  Spirits of Nature also want you to know that they are – like many of us – anchoring the new arriving light on Earth and thereby they prepare her ethereal field, which is also nurtured by the  Forces of Nature, which assist Gaia in her great work of the transfiguration of her body. He showed me how all of this is just one great work of cooperation!

Therefore, what they are doing, is also of significant assistance for us humans who are preparing for ascension. And the Spirits of Nature  are inviting us to spend time in nature where they are joyfully waiting to communicate with us.

As long as we identify with a separate 3dimensional body, we assume that the whole ascension work is just that of us, of Gaia, of our Ascended Masters and our Galactic Friends as separate beings. However, the Spirits of Nature  wanted to remind us, that they are participating as well, and that our connection with them can help us to transcend our illusion of separateness, especially as they are our friends who love us dearly.

To be open to them and invite them consciously into our hearts and to let them be a part of our experience, is a necessary heart-opener, by understanding and communing with the forces of light and love which are surrounding us every day.

This Being of Light, who greeted me when I entered the Reserve, is still with me, while I am typing this message into my computer at home. His love is radiating and beautiful, and touches graciously my heart. I feel the wisdom and the greatness of this being and his joy.
I am very grateful — and he wishes to extend all his love and joy to all of you  too!

He left, after he had made sure that I have written down everything he wanted you to know.

This message has been brought to you by Ute 

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011 
When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Watch on YouTube (recommended)

My dear ones I AM Gaia, speaking to you!

You have asked Me to explain what will happen with My body in the near future. There are many who expect Me to move soon in a more dramatic way than I have done so far in the past.

To those and to all those who are in fear and who believe in nearing catastrophic events, I say: there will be none of these upheavals occurring. Not in the very near future and what is beyond that depends entirely on where your human collective consciousness is heading to.

In this context it has to be said that conscious intention, when expressed firmly and from the heart by a certain number of people, whereby about 8-10% of the world population are enough,  can easily override the rest of the collective consciousness, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

For Millenniums your collective mind has been imprinted with the desires of those who claim that I am their possession, but who did never respect and honor My spiritual condition and needs, and who therefore abused My grace, patience and loving being continuously and exploited shamelessly My body. They have told you via religious means that around this time I would either be completely destroyed or at least end up in catastrophic events.
They have imprinted this idea into your mind so that this vision attracted and accumulated so much energy that it seems that I cannot avoid such disasters.

However, catastrophic events are not necessary, my dear ones! If your heart and your mind is at peace and radiates love, there is no need for My body to violently shake or to be destroyed. It is as with your own body! If there is a disturbance or illness, it always can be self-healed when you allow the natural God-given energies to flow.

Those who have abused Me for so long, did also abuse you, and were eager to indoctrinate you with the belief in disease, or even more, incurable disease and death. None of them is necessary, both is only a matter of ignorance and separation from Divine Consciousness and the realization of unity. 

Only if you believe that you are nothing but a body, you will die or cannot be cured. The same applies to Me: if you acknowledge, that I Myself AM foremost a spiritual being with a consciousness you understand that My body can be healed without major catastrophic events, which would destroy most of the beings who live with Me and cause for them unnecessary misery. The Divine does not need you to suffer in order that you awake to the spiritual being you in truth are.

However, it is also true, that many are waking up through suffering. But be asserted, that suffering is NOT necessary to begin with. The idea of the necessity of suffering has been introduced by those who have  abused Me and also you.

If you live in peace with one another and love one another and respect and love Me and live in collaboration with Me, there are no catastrophic events! What is toxic and polluted and abused can be healed by humanity’s love and care, and I myself will make sure that devoted hearts will find the means to purify what has been damaged. So in that sense there is no need for major earthquakes or for violent volcano eruptions or for gigantic tsunamis and storms! I can easily harmonize Myself with minor movements of these elements, if you let Me.

You have asked what you can do to make sure that the ascension process occurs in the most possible harmonic way without major disturbances.

You see, when humanity lost their seat in their heart, when they lost love and true self-identity, calamities began.
Therefore, if humanity restores their heart identity and love,  My restoration and healing is absolutely guaranteed. In this case we all shift easily into the higher dimensions together, without disruptions.

You cannot truly heal Me with your mind, dear ones. You need to enter the non-dual feeling place in your heart and envision from there and feel my healing. Embrace Me with your Peace of Heart and burnish the waves of upset with the Love of your Being. Let this smoothing vibration of love and peace embrace My whole body, especially when you expect quakes and other upheavals. 

Envision and feel the region where these events are expected directly in your heart and feel the oneness of us by letting the presence of your innate peace calm down what otherwise would show the sign of inflammation, - yes, look at these regions and elements as if they were inflamed. With your cooling love and calm in your heart, by fully taking these inflamed parts of My body into your loving heart, they can heal. 

Do this, My dear ones, from now on and never allow yourselves to follow the propaganda of disaster, which is so much cherished by those who only carry harmful intentions in their minds. As you know, creation works only from inside out. Energy and manifestation follows what you first feel and envision in your heart and then can become thereby reality.

What happens to my body is entirely dependent on the consciousness and intention of humanity. We are not separate and it is you who can take responsibility for what you will experience!

I love you all very dearly, you must know. But I need your help so that we can together experience a Divine Reality. In a Divine Reality disasters  never  occur!

I AM Gaia! 

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Personal 11.11.11 "Ascension" Report

Dear friends and readers of my blog,

I thought it would be encouraging for others to know that the magnificent 11.11.11 ascension activation - as foretold by many of our Galactic friends and channelers - is actually happening. Therefore I am reporting my own experience to give testimony of this event.
With no doubt- the energies today are extremely powerful. Living in Australia the 11.11 at 11:11 (o'clock) has already passed, and is wandering with the sun from my perspective towards the West so that we will have for another somewhat 20 hours a global 11.11 @ 11:11.

The process started for me actually already the day before yesterday. After I have been drawn to a so beautiful and brilliant Light far above my head, I felt, after my return, that I have been marked on my forehead, like: "she is ready to be a participant in the ascension process", of course meaning a growing responsibility for serving humanity thereafter. But, girls and boys, this is joy! And not a Reptilian kind of slavery!

Yesterday I felt like ‘sitting’ constantly  with my Arcturian family, with  signs in my body of being extremely brightened and expanded by light.

The process today began with a sensation of codes being downloaded into my body. I sat in mediation from very early in the morning  and experienced to be drawn into highest frequencies high above my head, appearing to me in brilliant white light. No colours or “places”. At the 11:11 mark I had a peak experience as if I have been drawn through a “hole”, not a black hole, but a white hole :) of extreme ecstasy and brilliance, but really not to describe. (I know it was at this time as I looked several minutes later at my watch, as I spontaneously opened my eyes.) There was also a unique and characteristic  smell which we do not have in the 3th dimension, and I remembered, ahh, that’s how high frequencies or higher dimensions can smell, because they were not just a vision but I felt them in and all over my body, so that that body was vibrating very high and felt flooded with light. This was very tangible.

At the same time I had several insights, such as: we create the dimensional “places”, because “mere” frequencies are not “enough” for us, we want something more to experience. I guess, in my case there were no “places” I went to, because I am a simple person, who is satisfied with the feeling of bliss and love, and don’t need “places”. 

Another experience was the work, together with Mother Earth. Since a while I had already felt the unity with her and literal non-separation from her, in my body. So the work “together” with her was to rise her energies, but better to say, not Her’s, but the frequencies She carries with her and which are those, humanity has created over the last Thousands of years (for whatever reason!). The work was to rise these rather heavy frequencies up to the heart. There they stood for a while, being stuck. And with the rays of Love and Compassion, suddenly emerging in the heart space, brilliant Light above the head ignited with Joy, and in the blink of an eye all heavy frequencies were raised up to above into the Light of the Heavens, to use this kind of image, to make it easier to understand.

So, this was great, as it means that Mother Earth has actually risen now forever above her former density and something has been taken from her.

Another experience was the meeting with other “co-workers” in this ascension process, with those who are here to assist Mother Earth and Humanity in their process. It was clear that we could not  share together a “certain place” were we would work together as a joined force.
Rather it seemed to be appropriate that each one of us would work from the “place” that was the one they have chosen to be, and that our joined force is the One of the Heart, that One Place of Unity, where we truly all melt, and melt with all humanity, regardless of the dimension in which they are existing.
From there it  was clearer than ever to me, that true ascension is Unity at the heart with all existence, and that 'dimensions’ are frequencies and ultimately illusions in that Truth of Unity.

While these experiences were all part of the “ascension” process, this changed in my case after 11:11 (o’clock). Because what came then was the "descension" process. In other words, to bring all that energy and all these frequencies down into the body. It started in my case with a very strange sensation of the head, as if it was not “my” head anymore, but was an “other worldy” head, which was sitting on my otherwise familiar human body.  This head – was it a new head? :) -  felt like being now of a different consistency and I have no idea what it means, and if it has perhaps something to do with the new crystalline structure.

While the Ascending process was in the first place definitely happening in the Arcturian Light-Energy, the descending process happened with the Andromedan Energy and Consciousness which pressed heavily down into my body and deep into Mother Earth. The Andromedan Energy is pretty much different to the Arcturian one, it is very much expanded and full and of highest vibration, so that the body needs some time of assimilation to recognize it as “light”. This was for me  a most profound grounding of my Andromedan family conscious light  into my body in an intensity which has not been possible for me before. During this descending process I also very shortly “visited” on my way my other cosmic homes, one on Sirius A with the beautiful and loving Lion Beings and the other with the Agarthans of Inner Earth.

Looking back it feels as if 'something’ of ‘me’ has left and stays there, high above in this light of brilliance at the peak of my ascension process, and I am wondering whether “I” am gone and somebody else is now sitting here. :). But who knows! This whole Divine Play is very astounding and there is definitely a joyful and humorous game going on, The Great One Amusing Him-Her-Self outrageously!

So far my 11.11 experience, and I encourage everyone, to report and share their own experience here with others.

Now, having written this down, I go back to meditation to see what’s next.
This is an exiting journey.

Much love to you all,

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
 By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dear Friends and Readers of my Blog!

In my report  “The Elohim and the Ascension Plan for Earth and Humanity” I have been referring to my connection with the Elohim. Since then they have not been communicating with me, until yesterday, when they again contacted me and talked to me with the language of higher mind and light.

First I did not consider to publish their communication, but then felt that they provide information which is probably of use for some of my readers.
This communication also allows you, to follow the process of the work and service of one of your fellow "wanderers" on the Great Path, which is hopefully also inspiring for you, as you might recognize somehow yourself in it.

And this is how the Elohim began to speak:

“My dear, now the time has come where our collaboration can come to fruition!
As you know, we invited you after the 11.11.11 event back into our council to participate with us. This is part of your life-contract.

It is your well tested
sovereignty which entitles you to be a participant in our meetings, and your testing phase is over. You are now a legitimate member.

While I receive their message, I feel beautiful  white light pouring into my heart, the whole chest and forehead and spreading all over my body, both cooling and burning  as white fire.

“What is the qualification of a member?", they continue.

First of all, it is the
sovereignty, as we already mentioned. What we mean by this is your spiritual integrity and your love and caring for all beings, having the very best for everybody in your heart. It also means that you are not susceptible to the degree where you give up your own deepest convictions or avoid to speak the truth afraid of being judged or to please others or to be “loved” by them.

Secondly, a member must be able to communicate with us on the level of our light frequency, and must also be able to transmit this light which is received directly into the cells of your body. The transmission of this light, a light, directly coming from the Creator, is necessary, because it serves Gaia while channeled through an incarnated soul into Gaia’s energy field which has thereby an effect on all living beings, animated and non-animated. It contributes to the  rising of the light quotient of your planet with all her inhabitants.

As you know, everything is about the light quotient in your ascension process and being a member in our council you receive all our support as we are working on the ascension process of earth and humanity. By participating in this light process a member is directly participating in the collective effort to change the frequency not only on your planet, but also thereby in your whole solar system, which in turn reflects back to the star systems in your Galaxy, the Milky Way. This is necessarily so because of the inter-connectedness of all creation.

The 3th qualification is to be able to convey our communications by putting them into a human language so that they can be understood by other human beings.

At this time you fulfill all three necessary criteria and you have therefore attained full membership in our council.

Our meetings are mainly about re-consolidating your functions and about corrections and re-adjustments of your body-mind energy-system, which also includes a regular update of a member's light quotient. We know very well that our members' connections with denser energy fields can affect their own level of light-vibration. Therefore this has to be adjusted from time to time.

In our meetings our members also are encouraged to report back to us their experiences and understanding of the state and progress of the human evolutionary process from their own observations,  and to make suggestions as to what is needed to repair and enforce stagnant light quotient processes of individual-or group-consciousness units. In that way those individuals and groups can receive our special attention and we can help to adjust their progress to rise their frequencies. Most of this work is done when they sleep, and there are only a few who will remember what happened when they wake up in the morning. But they will notice that they feel lighter and happier that day without knowing why, and that is the sign that it has been worked on them.

Having explained to you all about your membership, we also want to emphasize that you are free to call upon us any time and we will respond to you accordingly. This will serve your knowing that your membership is alive and your service is acknowledged.”

I feel an ever more  increasing influx of light from above into my body, and I ask for instructions how to function exactly as a transmitter of their light.

“Dear One, just invoke us and we will flow through you the Creators Light into Gaia's ethereal fields, so you allow it and with your appropriate intention

It is necessary that you practice this communion with us on a regular basis, so that we can be effective through you  in any given moment you call upon us or when your service is needed.

We will sometimes have messages to humanity as well and we are greatful if you would make yourself available for this.”

I ask whether they help me to consciously know about our meetings and to remember them in detail in my 3dimensional state.

“Dear One, all of this will happen in due course of time. For now know that you will be aware of all that you need to be aware. This is about very fundamental functions, such as feeling our light in your body and receiving our communications while awake in 3D."

I ask: who exactly are you? There are people who say that there are 14 Elohim of the 7 rays, but I do not  identify you as such, although I have a connection to Apollo of the 2nd ray and Lord Arcturus of the 7th ray.

“We belong  to, what  some call, the “Elohim of the Five Secret Rays” in the Galactic Center. We are of the original Light of the Creator, working with the Creator Light directly, and not less. We are at the origin of creation and carry out the Will of the Creator, as we are the immediate instruments of His Creation. “

I ask: Could you be also called The Divine Mother?

“Yes, you could say so, as we are the intelligent activity of Divine Light, which is One with the Consciousness of All-That-Is.”

Where are the meetings happening, in which I participate?, I ask.
The Elohim, who contacted me after the 11.11.11 event, said they were of the 7th dimension.

“The 7th Dimension is a so called “Mirror-Dimension”. It is the Dimension of reflection and functions as a Midway Station between the 3th dimension and the Galactic Center, if you will.
Beings who are communicating from the 7th dimension go there because it is easy  for them, without having to step down from their Realm of Higher Light, because of this mirror functionality of 7D. They can simply project themselves to there effectively, in order to communicate to beings who are incarnated in lower densities, while they are remaining with their essence in the Realms above 7D, including the Galactic Center.

Meetings happen therefore in 7D, because it is a place where we all can meet. You can project easily to there as well, as we do from our place of the Creator Light.

So what you perceive so far, is our projection to 7D, but you are at the same time also connected with us via our projection, to where we truly exist, in the Galactic Center.

Thank you, your transcript is correct.

We bless you and we are so happy to have you with us!

We Are the Elohim of the Creator’s Light."

So much blessing! This contact with the Elohim is bliss and energizes my multidimensional existence and identity. And this service, which is an expression of inherent joy, also demonstrates that there are no "independent" entities and that we all are like beads on a string, which is the Love- Blissful Light and Consciousness of the Ultimate. It is the Ultimate which is our true Self and which is not separate and which is not limited even to a "Higher Self", which is in itself still a confinement and signifies a process of separation, although a very subtle one. To me this is true freedom and inspiration, to share the Infinite Divine in service with other beings of Light who are but an expression of IT. What greater gift can be given to us while here in this density of a 3th dimension, and which is even Divine too, if we agree that there is Only the Divine.

The service of the Elohim and my participation in it, makes it ever so more clear to me again that all beings are ultimately here to serve together, and not as separate entities, the Great Process of Creation, as long as they do not yet return to the Source, The-All-That-Is, stepping out of the circle of Coming and Going. 

Much love to my brothers and sisters!

Reported by Ute

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Friday, May 18, 2012


Image Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear friends,

Recent Waves of Light and Information created new awareness of how my body is changing. It feels like the space between the atoms is tangibly increasing, as if my physical body is expanding and becoming at the same time lighter and less dense.
I am wondering how the transition would occur, how the new reality of our world would appear compared with what we know now – the physical world, in which we still have to function,  and which appears still to be a world of contradictions and  unpleasant events.

I am typing with closed eyes now, some sentences perhaps make not complete sense at first, as I describe what happens directly, while I experience the download of an exquisite Light which appears as fullness of the heart and a widening of the head, but also now a fullness there, a growing all-consuming joy  in the heart, while the Light moves down – it is a cooling Light of a beauty that the heart awes in wonder and Bliss –  and my God-Self speaks:

“This is about the understanding that you will be lifted up from your old experience of world as it appears now to you.  While you are lifted up, your awareness changes, and while your awareness changes, you will see the new world in the same moment as you are creating it. There is no “ time” between awareness and creation, and what you create is already part and expression of your being, which has been informed in the past with these experiences and which are therefore remembrances, but at the same time there is new information coming through Me, as I Myself Am informed  by the Light and Information of the Great Central Sun, that is the Galactic Center.

This is brand new information which arrives now in your body (and in the body of many) which will completely outshine the world you are still seem to belong to.

This is the information of the higher worlds, which carry beauty and bliss. This light is to create and fill your new bodies and is the substance of your new consciousness.”

I feel how this light in its fullness is expanding in my body, informing my heart, which is not just a chakra, but an energy field of consciousness in which I exist.   

This  becomes my new existence, my new reality as this heart field becomes more and more substantial and full, appearing as a new consciousness reality, while the currents of  light saturate and inform more and more this space, running down the whole body , down the legs now, cool, refreshing, precious, transparent, eternally youth-full. There is no dilemma and no question, no objects and no other, just this being-ness and fullness, the heart satisfied, no desire, just IS.

My God-Self continues:

“This Light has consciousness and so you are ready to receive it and to recognize it,  to this degree it is the constituent of your new world. Perhaps call it simply existence, because what you now understand as worlds, looks like a conglomeration of collected things and objects, all separate from one another, opaque and all with the seeming quality of  “otherness”.

When you are ready, this new consciousness is going to establish Itself as you, no, not “in” you, but as you, therefore it will transform you utterly. What is “you” now, will be forgotten, this illusion, this erroneous dream, this falsehood. And all humanity will come to this point, all. All will be lifted up, taken out of this error of creation, which is not Divine.

You must come to fully realize, that what is awaiting you, this new world, is the REAL WORLD, whereas the world you now  still experience and which is coming to an end, is the unreal world. Utterly unreal.  It has been said many times, but to realize it is something else. For most this is very hard to believe or to understand, especially as you have been indoctrinated, in the last more than 20 years, that spirituality is non-sense and a sign of weakness! So many  even were ashamed at some point in your lives of any sort of spiritual sign that has been manifesting for you.

You cannot know what your new world will be and look like from your 3dimensional point of view, not even from your remembrance of other worlds, because you will be renewed radically, nothing will be left over from what you now know. 

The information from the Galactic Center is different from all  of it and all what you remember from your experiences of the past in higher dimensions. Many of these familiar dimensions will be dissolved in this new Consciousness and form a completely new Reality. Therefore you will enter  new territory. Allow yourself to be surprised.
What you experience now is only a taste of what is to come. Let yourself to be elevated and transformed into this new Divine Reality. Complicated, mind-structures of the ego-I will not exist anymore, because simplicity will prevail, One without another. 

No division, no separation, only Bliss, Happiness, Radiance, Joy, Fullness, Satisfaction. It can happen, when you are willing to let go all difference as a prior and fundamental description of Reality. Being mere Bliss will be your full-time occupation. It is a  condition  of Truth.”

Well, much of what has been said is now my direct experience, without seeking it. It is a complete new platform. It is a free Divine gift, but we must be willing to receive it. And more waves of this Light are coming in, while my writing with closed eyes is continuing in synchronicity with it. 

New tongues of light gliding down my body and carry with them the presence of mere joy and  stillness,  and I connect with Gaia, with Her Heart, to enter with this light and Consciousness into her Being. And Gaia resonates, it is One Single Celebration, we are giving back to her, what was taken from her in the past. She is enchanted. And we share this freshness in our heart. 

I guess that’s why we  are here, returning the gifts she once has given to us, eons ago. By returning them we are free to go to,  where the call comes from.  There it is planet-less, where I go there are no planets and no people, there is only consciousness, radiant. Joy, Bliss.

Must be somewhat patient still, this is a foretaste of what is to come. We don’t need worlds in that Bliss, the only necessary requirement is the fact that we exist. Existence itself justifies this Bliss, it is primordial. Worlds arise after we have left this Bliss.  It absorbs all our separateness and thinking mind, the waves of mind come to rest in the ocean of this radiant infinity. And no mind arises in it. 

And so it is.

Be in this Radiance, my dearest friends!
Much love,

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