Tuesday, December 28, 2021




My Beloveds,

All veils Penetrated

All veils of mind and dimensions and frequencies penetrated

To the Point of Ultimate Clarity.


This IS God, Real God.

Beloveds, would you penetrate

all these levels of frequencies

to touch Me, to Be Aware of Me,

so that you Are Aware of your Own True Nature?

I Am the Mirror.

Understand This!

I merely Mirror all veils of mind-matter.

And do you really think you „are“ matter?

The „matter“ of you is only a body your engage here.

But what you engage is 99,99999 % Light and Information.

What you engage is a hologram.

As long as you do the „alone“-standing

as a seeming matter-body,

separate from Me and all „others“

in the gravity-field of heaviness,

you are suffering far from Me – (in your imagination only)

a dark and unfullfilling life!

Understand Who You Are

and You Will Celebrate day and night

in joyful singing service to Me.

You Will Dance Your Life,

because You Are merely Conscious Atoms

in the Immensity of My Radiant Being.

I Am Penetrating you Always,

As I Am the Substance of your Life

and your Life Is literally Me.

I did not „create“ you,

„you“ are emanating within Me,

as your particles started to dance in Me.

They are the particles of attention,

creating points of atomic realities

to be Mirrored by Me.

Only I Am. And It Is All Me, I Am You.

There is Always Dance and effulminent Enjoyment.

The shadows you created by imagining heavy matter

which is merely an invention of your mind,

will fade away when you know Me

by Penetrating all veils of illusions.

You Are indeed powerful creators,

having created all the worlds,

fascinated by the play of your brain-consciousness.

It is up to you to come home to your Origin,

being tired of all your un-necessary creations by then.

Heavy are the imagined iron shoes of matter

on your separate feet,

when you walk in darkness alone in the alien land,

afar from your Radiant Truth.

Therefore I Say:

dedicate your life to the Utter Worship of Me

with Only Singing and Dancing hearts,

without loss, without failure and lack,

but in Satisfied Fullness That Is Your Birthright.

Where Will You Go, Humanity?


With separate shoes of illusions

or with My Feet of Truth and Clarity?

No grieve, no sorrow, no separation, no difficulty .

Because Mine is the Constant Flow of Events,

spontaneously, with Only Joy, Only Light.

There Is Only The One Love, as Which I Occur as You

and as Every Joyful Dance

and Singing Song

that Serves Me Alone.



Of All Beings and Things


Message conveyed by Ute 



♥ ♥ ♥ 


Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
© 2021. All rights reserved.


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