Monday, January 31, 2022


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I belong to the "Nothingness" of the One Radiance

But Who Is Everything.

And nonetheless I carry the burden of time

and the burden of the misery of this time.

I Am like a needle's eye through which

the dark tides must flow,

so that they receive the Codes of Eternity.

The Real God works through me in His Way.


I Am only an instrument, a flimmering up

within the Trillions of flimmering-up

Consciousness-Particles of God, 

 through Whom He Kindles His Mind 

in All There Is.

To be Part of the Whole obligates.

Arbitrariness abandons obligation

and looses its place in the Universal Existence.

I Am exactly where I need to be.

A Part of the Whole. 


 Ute Posegga-Rudel

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"A session with Ute is like coming back to and remembering your truest and deepest essence. It's about becoming one with truth, with reality. Consciously. And the consequences in daily life are amazing. It's a complete shift in awareness and perception of life. "
~B.L. Austria 

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