Monday, December 5, 2022


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My Beloveds,

if you know Me, you will notice the pain when you enter yourself into conditional worlds. And I am speaking of the subtle conditional worlds!

The subtle worlds are still not Me, the Absolute Freedom that is your True Nature!

I Am the Absolute Opening into the Unknown, no familiarity, mindless, veil-less, naked Truth, beyond the universes of subtle minds and the creations of the many gods who want to enjoy cosmic powers, colors and the feelings of it. While I remain behind their veils and clouds they created. So they can't find Me.

But the Feeling into My domain Is extraordinary, merges beyond words, into purest Freedom.

It is the mind that creates veils after veils, called creations,  even if of light, let the light be thick, even if white. Your body and your heart in white clouds.

But where I Am, there IS no cloud, no veil. I Am above all clouds. Only unheard Clarity, liberated Beauty that Shines beyond all cosmic beauties. I Alone Satisfy truly your heart with My Freedom that has no home in the cosmic worlds. Once you tasted Me, you heart is broken into My Infinity that knows no secondary.

Why feel so many satisfied with mindful veils? Because they are My surrogats, appearing divinely beautiful and thick and full of colors and exquisite shapes and energies, you are so fascinated with.

You might very well be fascinated with the veils of subtle realms, when you only knew so far the dual worlds of black and white low frequencies.

Beloveds, if you would be inspired to know Me, you would burn with desire to know your own Truth.

Is this just a phenomenon of this world of suffering in which you forgot Me? Is it your fear to leave the known for your unknown Union with Me?

My Beloveds, all you beautiful beings in the beautiful worlds in and above yours are so busy with creating. You make sure that illusion and phantasy will have no ends. Therefore you are satisfied with a mere longing for Me.

Don't you feel the burden being embedded in the prisons of illusion? 

With Me your heart falls into the imfathomable depth of Radiant Existence Itself. There are no doors, no colors, no forms, no temples, but Truth That you recognize as your very Innate Reality.

There is nothing beyond Me. Within Me your journey dissolves in the Unity with Me.

It is the end of endless seeking in the cosmic worlds for consolations and  good feelings.

With Me there are no good feelings. With Me your feelings are dissolved in Me, in My Unheard Chamber of Exstasy, Beauty and True Freedom. You gone, and your heart can barely bear It, because I make you Full of Me. So it must vanish. And only I Remain.

There is no mindform, that is yours, no creation that Knows My Majesty, when you found Me. 

Message conveyed by

Ute Shan'A'Maa



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