Friday, October 27, 2023


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My Beloveds,

I Am. I Am. I Am.

When I Replace you with My "I Am", there Is no thinking, therefore I do not Think It, as you would do. Most of you are profoundly immersed in thinking, often confusing it even with feeling, by thinking and imagining that you are feeling. 

Know the difference!  

So you cannot think „I Am“.

I Am Is Pure Awareness.

I Am Is Infinite. 

I Am Infinite. No form, no attention.

Only Beingness.

Feel It.

Be It.

You cannot speak It, describe It.

It is unfathomable Beingness, Eternally.

That Is What I Am.

And What I Am Is Your own Divine Self. Never two, but Only One. 


The ego cannot feel Me, because the ego does not feel. It thinks.

And "I Am" Is not a sensation within your body-mind either.

I Am Is That in Which your body-mind thoughtless exists.

And so even your body-mind merely IS at its root.

Come to this conclusion. You have forgotten that Your True Self Is Eternal,  and not your ego-I. But many try to figure out how to make the body-mind eternal.

How could your thinking mind have a clue what Eternity Is. Exercise Awareness instead.

Pure Consciousnesss Is What You Are.

You Are not an object, a thing, that can be viewed from outside by somebody else. You cannot be viewed.

"I Am" Is the Ocean you all participate in as Your True Self.

Do not separate yourself from It by thinking up yourself.

This is insanity.

Be at Home In and As Me.

And go deeper. Feel the Bliss.

Be Real.

To Be Real allows you to Be the Untouched Eye in the storm that sweeps over the earth right now.

Stay away from the fires and waters of untamed emotions.

Do not objectify yourself.

Stay As One. Now. Eternally

I Am Your God-Self.

Message conveyed by

Ute Shan'A'Maa

My dear friend, if you feel the heart-impulse to go deeper to who you really are, please contact me. I offer you spiritual inspiration, healing, guidance and support on your journey to Your Self.

Ute  Shan'A'Maa
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