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By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
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Beloved friends,

I am publishing my experience because it is one of the many testimonies of the human evolution, that can confirm your own experience, or inspire those who seek inspiration. I do not "own" the process, experiences and insights described, rather it belongs to us all and is nothing but one of the points of ignition in the one huge human grid of ascension, that are rapidly multiplying themselves, because this is the destiny of humanity.

12.12.12 has been for me a very peaceful day of meditation and writing. The air enjoyably saturated with the vibration of most Exquisite Love. A Majestic, Powerful Light Pouring directly into our Earth's Atmosphere bringing with It the Presence of I AM.

This message is mainly concentrating on the culmination point of this day, around 12:12 PM. In the beginning I received  direct verbal information in the context of what I experienced at that time, but as I continued with writing, only images were shown to me which I translated into language.

Around the 12:12 PM mark my consciousness shifted in meditation to a new ‘location', so to speak, although not really totally new, but it was rather a deepening of something already to me familiar. Just as PachaMama had predicted the other day.

It began with a deep, peacefully expansive subtle vibration of the heart, felt as profound Sacred and Eternal Stillness, a state I always have access to.
PachaMama was with me and had told me that she would guide me to the Place in my heart from where creation begins.

First NovaTerra  (which I had visited last September and where I had discovered that She was pure Consciousness)  appeared in the deep Space of my heart. And while She did so, I was immediately aware of the fact that I have not been going "anywhere" from here to visit Her earlier, - although it appeared to be - but that all I did was being in my heart! This was to me a stunning revelation and a great teaching I can never forget, as it is now imprinted deeply in my consciousness!

Then other versions of earth appeared, deserted landscapes, and other darker ones, inhabited by robot-like slaves. I was not immediately aware, that what I have been shown was a possible future version of humanity on an earth, that did not ascend. I saw masses of human-like bodies, all of the same shape and moving in complete synchronicity, like clock work.

I asked what could be done about this, how we could help, and the answer was: Forget about it, and it will cease to exist! This answer puzzled me at first because we always want to fix things on the surface instead of changing the root of their existence!  

Keep in mind, all of this happened as a tangible reality in the heart, it was not merely a vision, but a deeply felt experience.

There was nothing to help in fact but it was about not to re-enforce an illusionary reality! 
Remember, that’s how we change what our true heart does not want.

So what we need to do is to allow the complete erasing of this image paired with emotion, from the human collective consciousness, that has been projected into our reality by our controllers since Millenniums.  Now is the time to do this, we only have to ask the Creator-Forces of Light for it! 

I then was drawn far above the body into light and traces of blissful states, while at the same time remaining in the cave of the heart. And with it the question arose: what is then the function of the brain in all of that?

What followed is hard to describe because it cannot be understood with the 3D mind.
We have to change our perception of reality to understand with the higher, senior mind and to feel at the same time a different reality.

The brain, I experienced, is the one that creates the virtual reality. The reality most of us are aware of, is not real, it is unreal and a projection from inside out. Meaning, the outer world is not real, it is an illusion.

This understanding is not new of course, even science is discussing this. But I am describing a direct experience which tells me that we can discover with our own consciousness the truth, without using complicated machines, physics, mathematical formula and  thinking-processes.

Again, also this concept is not new, highly spiritually advanced galactic civilizations tell us, that they do not need artificial technologies, such as spaceships. They have all necessary technologies naturally within their own consciousness.

Recently I have become even more aware about the nature of our body-mind that is holographic by default.

I am seeing from the Heart the holographic grid from which our body is made, based on Sacred Geometry, and how it is kept alive as such by the brain via projection. This holographic body is so to speak outside of, or surrounding the “Heart”, the space where true creation arises, or is rather an appendix of It.

I remembered my experience last year on 11.11.11 when I have been drawn far above my body into a space of  Radiant White Light and Eternal Bliss. At that time I have been guided by our star families. But now, at this point in time, I have been guided by the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people and shown from the position in the heart, the possibility that what I experienced, was an illusion projected by the brain!

I say 'possibility' because this is a question, I could not yet figure out fully, but getting close to it. Illusion relates also to the experience of bliss when projected by the brain. Please come to your own conclusions!

But in this context I also remember the statement ( I believe from the Mayas or the Pleiadians, which does not make a big difference) that we create the whole universe in our heart. And this is not so much different from my own experience described above.  

They say that the universe only exists because it arises in our heart, whether we know it or not. Insofar it is thoroughly dependent on us. And this is the reason, why earth-humanity is so important for our galactic family. Their existence depends on us!
Please come to your own conclusions!

According to the Maya prophecy, as reported by Drunvalo Melchizedek, but also according to Edgar Cayce and scientists, there will be a physical pole shift during the window of the “end of time” (2007 – 2014/15) for several reasons, I won’t discuss here. This shift could happen now any time or later, and also scientists say this.

Contemplating this possibility and how humanity would deal with it, PachaMama said, that there is only one place to go: into the heart. Not into the “sky” above, but to Where and What We Already Are: the Heart.

The Heart is a portal, and each human being has one, independent from outer space, spaceships and “help” from outer Forces, such as our Galactic Family! We have it all “within” us, that is  to say, the Heart is the Center of Reality around Which this illusionary body- and world-projection rotates.

By using this portal, we are able to transition into the higher dimensional new earth, when cataclysmic events occur. Because in the higher dimensions cataclysms don’t exist. This statement is not new either, but has been just again directly experienced (and not just thought) by another member of this human family. The morphic field is working!

Cataclysms or not, by using the portal of the Heart we do not need to “create” or search for portals outside of It, as the Heart is the Zero-Point of creation Itself, and using the portal of the Heart is the most natural way to change dimensions.

This was shown to me in a way that I did internalize it by direct knowingness.

What then about other pathways, not everybody chooses the portal of the heart, my question was.

Well, PachaMama said, everybody is free to choose their means. Everybody is free to choose the worlds of illusion. But who becomes tired of all of that, chooses the Real, the Zero-Point, the interface with the Void in which worlds arise as a direct Expression of the Self.

I was wondering about the possibility of a marriage between both, the world created in the heart, and the world projected by the brain, the marriage of the Ancient and the New.

PachaMama said: it requires artful intelligent play to harmonize both worlds AS OneSelf.
All are possibilities that have been developed by Divine Consciousness. But the Main Foundation is the Zero-Point in the heart, from where all possibilities can be integrated and orchestrated. Without this Foundation humanity is not Who They Really Are.

This time – as humanity ascends with the body – we obviously need this marriage! I understand that it occurs by standing firmly in the heart while rising above the head, connecting with the higher, spiritual energy centers, or chacras or points of consciousness, according to my experience. There might be also other ways to do this.

This is just the beginning of the Real Human Adventure! It is now given to all, but we must be willing to allow and to receive. The informational codings for the new human being are being downloaded now to everybody who wishes this download! There are no chosen ones, we are the ones who have chosen ourselves!

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

With much love,

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