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Dear Friends,

I am writing this while - according to ancient gnostic wisdom - Gaia is actually aligning herself right now with the Galactic Center of our Universe! Exactly on 17.6.12, at 1:50 PM, AEST. And not  on 21. 12 12.  This is not publicly known. 

In these texts one of her names is Sophia, but She has many more, She is the Goddess of ancient wisdom, also called Hathor, Isis, Kali.... She Is Divine Mother.

I just came across this information and feel very much moved as this also coincides with the latest message, I received from Her. Link

Her Yantra is the ancient and famous Shri Yantra. The Bindu in the Center of the Yantra is the Union with Ultimate Divine Consciousness. The geometric layers around the Bindu is the unfolding into the dimensions of creation.

Since weeks now I feel continuously the deepest connection with Her, as if we are One Heart, and as if Her Heart is in mine and mine in Her. There is no difference. Thereby I am drawn into the depth of all Being, and the depth has no end in its origin. It is the dreaming of worlds and universes, and at the same time it is formless, it is Shakti. [spiritual energy]. It is very mysterious. And it is stillness, while there is the meaningless noise of the outer world. She is the One who draws us back to the Galactic Center from where She came and from where we came too. 

She is living from now on in reunion with Her Origin, the Great Central Sun (not Alcyone!), and what this means, we can only dream about in ecstasy and joy. But certainly this is the time where there is no return from the splitting mind of the worlds: the Mind of our Divine Origin and the mind of a separated, god-less world. Everybody chooses where they want to be.

From now on the real journey has begun, the real adventure has started, because Gaia's Victory is sealed. She has returned. And we can too, regardless of a still appearing  world which does not wish to participate and therefore will not reflect the signs of Gaia's exaltment.

But for those of us who feel heart-moved, it is time to celebrate, to share the joy of Gaia's achievement, which is also ours. She is the vehicle for our own return to the Source.  

The Return of the Goddess shows its Signs in many ways now, we are so blessed, because we have entered the Divine Reality for good. 

Much love, my friends, we are together in this unspeakable Blessing!

With great gratitude and love for Mother Gaia!


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Alakh Niranjan said...

Thank you, Ute, for these beautiful words and this uplifting message of Love.
But, please, could you say something more (or just how do you see it) about all of those hints regarding 21.12.2012. - in opposite to this your ascertainment regarding 17.06.2012. ...and, then, does it "change" anything about whole "the story" of 21.12.?
Please, how do you see, and "feel", about this?

Love, Niranjan.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Niranjan, already in my first “Conversation with Gaia’ on 21.12.11 it was obvious to me that Gaia had already ascended, the presence of her conscious light was extremely powerful. But the trigger date was 11.11.11 when we literally felt Gaia’s elevation, while we were working together to make this possible. At that time she left the shell of 3D forever and this was very palpable, I was able to observe that everything had changed!
So to me this date today of her return to the Galactic Center (in her consciousness) makes absolutely sense, also as her recent message, that I have published here, points into this direction, and so it rings true to me.
Living in a certain level of higher consiousness does not necessarily mean that a body, that still exists in 3D, is not affected by this low vibration and all the games played in it.
So at the moment we might not see the effects of this event in the outer world yet, but they will appear ever more clearly as time passes. We must not forget, that we use in 3D the paradigm of time which divides reality in past, present and future. But really this does not exist, and so we have to accept paradoxes, as reality cannot be explained with a linear mind.
The collective mind is powerful, and regarding 21.12.12 there will be – in my feeling and understanding – a great vibrational shift, even much more powerful than at other times, such as 11.11.11 and so on. On these events many forces cooperating, those on earth and those off earth, to make this happen.
But there are many voices who see the tangible great shift of Gaia’s body into the next higher dimension beginning of 2014. Also the Mayas said in 2007, that this could happen any time between then and 2014.
In my feeling the confusion is a result of the intersection of dimensions: we try to measure with our limited understanding of “time” the timelessness of the higher dimensions. And there the Galactic Alignment has already happened in Consciousness, as well as our ascension.
As long as we measure reality with arising objects, we are still living in the outer mind, which is a creation of our controllers, who wanted us to live and identify with objective appearances. But as soon as we return to our Inner Self, the priority of “things” vanishes and we give room to the Source of creation
I hope this makes ‘sense” 
Love, Ute

olinstarwalker said...

Thank you, this is beautiful.

Alakh Niranjan said...

Yes, thank you, it really makes sense to me.
And... now, suddenly, reeding this your comment, one thing came down into my mind: doesn't it, in fact, and the Enlightenment itself (as a cosmic phenomenon of consciousness) anything else but some kind of "Alignment" with the Source Itself (the "Central Sun" of the Universe)?! And, according to that "mechanism" - doesn't each and ANY of our life-awakening-moments ("satoris" - Jpn.), in fact, always correlated with some very specific spiritual (and Cosmic, in fact) "alignment"?... So, it seems to me that, deeply in its essence, literally EVERYTHING that exists is functioning solely in terms of its relationship with that "Alignments-principles" - or not (in opposition to them!); and accordingly to that, paying the appropriate consequences (E-volution or DE-volution, degradation of consciousness). And, it seems that - WHOLE THE SECRET of whole of the Creation (of all that exists) is, in fact, only in its - personal relation to the Mechanism-of-alignment! So, ALIGNMENT means BALANCED-STATE-OF-BEING, isn't it? ...And it ("alignment", or "centering") is a quite natural process to whom each and every existing thing gravitate. By the way; that "The Universal Force of Gravity" - that every-single-thing returns ("pulls") to its own Source - is LOVE!!!
I, just, feel it on this way...

Love and Peace!

Sintese said...

Thank you, Ute. You explained what I'm feeling. Love, Grão 1.

Anonymous said...

Beloved Ute,

The Yantra you have shared is moving & wonderful! Several years ago "felt" attracted to this sacred geometry, and have since had it displayed on my last two vehicles. Could never provide a reasonable explanation to anyone why it was there? But now you have... Thank you!

Anyone wishing to delve deeper into the meaning of the message you have shared with us here, might consider getting one of these Shri Yantra's and focusing your gaze on the Bindhu during meditation. Words cannot describe the Divine experience!

Thank you for the insights relating to the Galactic Alignment... This resonates! The Mayans are not all that interested in the 21.12.12 date as well, as their emphasis has been on the 20.5.12 eclipse which was aligned with Alcyone (not Galactic Center)and opened a portal to their Pleiades Masters, coupled with the Venus Transit on 5.6.12 which was the return of K'ulKuulKaan (their Christ deity/energetic).

This Galactic Alignment with the Center of the Universe is profound beyond description. Yes, unspeakable Blessing! Thank you for your sacred presence and sharing the most important news we will ever receive in this lifetime.

And Blessings and healing energetics for your back and health...!

With you in the Heart of Sophia,

Anonymous said...

Ute, thank you!
I had two things happen the early morning of the 17th. First I had a dream about being on a narrow path, and a troupe of Elephants was coming up behind me. From largest to small. I was not worried in the least, although there hardly seemed room for all of us on this narrow path. They felt like Cats to me for some reason, but they were clearly Elephants. And they felt very strongly of Earth / Gaia. I woke up as a medium Elephant was passing me on the left, and more were behind to pass by.

Then later / earlier that morning I woke up from a deep place, opened my eyes and everything was turning. Like one of those pinwheel's that you blow, only it was a geometric design that was all of what I was seeing. My reality was turning / spinning very calmly, and surely. No surges or anything. I blinked hard several times, and it didn't change. Too overwhelming to deal with, so I just went back to sleep. Woke up and didn't remember. Until I was at the sink doing dishes and everything slid. That's the only word for it, it slid. Then the dream and the "seeing" came back to me.
I knew that something monumental had occurred. Just not clear on what.
So thank you for your sharing! It resonates very strongly.
In Kindness and Joy,

Anonymous said...

BTW - According to the Mayan Calendar, today is 13 Balam... 13 = Ascension. And Balam is their Jaguar deity = Born with a deep Love of Mother Earth, Jaguar or Shaman, Is directly tied to the source of all Earth Magic. Jaguar energy is feminine in nature...