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Dear friends,

I remember when I was 1 year old, while laying in my little bed, that all of a sudden there was a  very loud, deafening bang and with it the perception of my world was altered by 180 degrees! Everything seemed to be upside down or as if a glove has been upended from inside out. 

Nothing was as it has been before, the freedom, the floating in free and unlimited Divine existence suddenly was seized and instead I seemed to be part of a reality in which everything appeared to be in separate pieces, like in boxes, everything separated from one another with straight lines.

And all of a sudden I seemed to be able to fit into this strange pseudo reality, and to suddenly understand the language spoken around me. All of a sudden I seemed to belong to a reality,  where everybody else already neatly fitted in, submitted to rules which everybody seemed always already undoubtedly and very self-evidently to understand, while for me it was still NOT so! To me nothing made sense, and only a mutual "agreement" about this strange experience seemed to justify it.

The years which followed have not been less astounding, and I was surprised how everybody around me took this compartamentalised life for real and absolute, extremely serious and without humor. I always have been asking myself, how people could be so sure about things, while I felt that this certainty was mere imagination. Still as time passed by I made my unavoidable adaptations to this game.

Later, after extensive travelings in India, at that time still the abode of spirituality incarnated, I noticed when I returned to the West, that everybody was carrying a little box in front of their forehead (symbolically spoken), where their whole life was happening in a compressed manner. The rest seemed to remain unused, while the content in that box was kept a secret from others. It was actually the constant chatter of the mind which keeps us apart from experiencing Real Life, which is the experience of life as conscious energy.

This perverted life is described otherwise as the hologram of illusion, the Fallen Ones have created once for us, because if we have been chopped into something, we are not, and which is a ridiculous persiflage of our true nature, we can be prevented from using our powers of Light and Divine Consciousness. We can be controlled, because only that can be controlled which is not alive, which is artificially manufactured.

We have been made cartoons of ourselves, and this tells us, who they are who created this version of an original human being. 

It has been done by splitting our brain in two halves to confuse our Divine Identity into something separate, so that we forget the quality of unity which is love.

This is the illusion most of us are suffering from, billions are still living this insanity, this error, without the ability to see through the veil and feel their Divinity, their wholeness, their naturally loving nature. 

But now, as new incredible high frequencies, or light and information is pouring down on this planet, who we are can become suddenly obvious to each single one of us, if we are inviting these precious gifts into our life. 

The old design and structures can fall apart, because they are not real. All which is not Real, all which is illusion and false, is collapsing now. The original Divine Codes of our Single Consciousness and of our light-bodies are being returned to us and we are being recreated in the midst of this old and already fading away false dream. And this clearly allows us to recognize its drollery.

That's why Enlightened Ones, the Saints and Adepts were rolling on the floor with laughter about this optical illusion, because it is really not more than this, as soon as we accept the manifestation of the true Reality of our Inherent Nature again. 

I call illusion what is not Divine, which is not born from the One Light of All-That-Is. The Fallen Ones created with their own distorted consciousness a lesser world, they have forgotten that  separation does not exist. It made us believe  that Unity needs to be created or even "re-created". 

But in Truth we only have to let go this hologram of illusion to discover that there is Only Unity, Oneness, it has always been there. We are a manifestation of love, it has been always so. We only need the courage to melt this holographic box in the infinite space of our heart.

I know many of you recognize this game of deception, it depends on how we perceive reality, we just need to look with eyes who are above our physical ones. Silently we might see and return to the obvious Truth!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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I love the "consciousness in a box" expression. LOL How true!

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