Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Dearest friends,

One thing is very obvious: humanity is on the path of discipleship! Hurray!

However, discipleship has never been easy, especially in the beginning. There are no honors given, no extraordinary gifts, no awards, but rather hardships, difficulties, sufferings, due to confrontations with one’s own subconscious contents, those we didn’t want to face.

The light of love that is entering our sphere is the illuminated force that uncovers now in an exaggerated manner all that has been kept in the dark so far. But without all of this ugly stuff being purified and removed, humanity cannot really ascend.

Presently we are in a phase of this process where we are tested whether we can stay in the Radiance, even though the carpet is pulled away underneath the feet of many. We are forced therefore to put our attention elsewhere, away from the 3D scenario and strive for answers in a new way, for higher dimensional answers and solutions humanity has not yet familiar with so far.

So what is the proverbial carpet, pulled away? We know it already.

The declining values, increasing financial problems and chaos, the bombings and at the same time, the frustrated hopes for betterment, mainly through the frequently extended and prolonged  waiting periods for major changes in the world. 

No promise and no prophecy has been fulfilled so far in the outer world. Yes, there are changes happening in the background, but they are all preparations for what still has to be seen and tangibly experienced, so that one could really state that the world has transitioned into a new era.

It is therefore becoming slowly clear for many that the big  expected change is meant to happen and IS happening on the spiritual level of the individual, to bring a change of consciousness, the expansion of awareness first, the rising of individual frequency, the awakening to a new level of perception.

Humanity is at this time forced into a situation where there is no escape into any direction other than going within and beyond the body-mind to Source Itself. And so we are compelled to begin our inner journey, and if it is only by starting to ask the deeper questions - perhaps for many of us the first time in our life: who am I, where am I going? 

In this quest more and more discover the inner joy, peace and a greater capacity to love, after we courageously accepted and transcended our once buried inner demons.

This is the time of ordinariness, after we have been nurtured with the vision and taste of our Divinity and the promise of enlightenment. We now are tested whether we are able to be happy just by "chopping wood and carrying water". 

Comes to mind the ancient scriptures. They are full with stories of aspirants who seek instructions by a spiritual master to achieve enlightenment. In the beginning they mostly didn’t see the master ( = the light) at all. Rather they were asked to clean the cowshed for the next twelve years first, before they would receive spiritual initiation of any kind. 

These twelve years symbolise a time of preparation of the aspirant’s body-mind, where they learned to transcend him/herself, to achieve equanimity, purification of gross worldly desires, attachment, pride and egoism. It is a time where the aspirant must learn humility, trust and faith, all qualities which purify them from negative personal karmas. 

When then the time was right, the master would transfer his teaching to the disciple, either verbally, but more often by shaktipat, the traditional transmission of the master’s own spiritual energy to the disciple. In case of oral initiation, for example such as a mantra, blessed by the master, the sound would awaken the aspirant’s shakti.

So that the disciple could be awakened, the symbolic twelve years of preparation was necessary, to receive - like an empty vessel - fully the master’s blessings.

This is what is occurring presently to humanity. We are now in the stage of cleaning the cowsheds, so that we will be able to receive the Glorious Cosmic Light, soon to illuminate our entire cosmos.

What happened in the past in a traditional way in the individual circumstance of initiation, will occur sooner or later as a global, and even cosmic event that will initiate humanity into higher consciousness – if desired by the individual.

We must understand, that hardships in these times are a blessing and not a punishment, because they give us the opportunity to purify ourselves by transcending 3dimensional issues to open up to receive our own higher Truth of Divinity, simply because we don’t want to suffer any longer.

What has been practiced in the Great Spiritual Tradition to achieve enlightenment, has been just a preparation, a premonition of the great global quantum leap in consciousness, when humanity as a whole would enter the path of discipleship.

Thousands of aspirants went in the past through most difficult periods in their lives because of their desire for enlightenment. They paved the path for mankind altogether, who is now walking in their steps on their path to ascension.

We must also understand that the more difficult our situation is, the brighter our light will shine later when the tests have been passed.

The fairy tales of “easy” enlightenment at this time, where one just wakes up one nice morning and is enlightened without trial, is just a myth, at least for most human beings. There are exceptions of course, but they occur in the case of extraordinary beings only.

Remember, even Jesus had to go through  difficult trials, before he achieved enlightenment. And so did  the Gautama Buddha. Perhaps you are familiar with the  famous story of Milarepa, one of the greatest masters and yogis in Tibetan history. To purify his karmas, his master Marpa had to give him – with an aching heart - terrible tasks to fulfill, where he had to suffer illness, pain, loneliness and other horrors for many years, before he received spiritual instructions from Marpa.

Many people today are going through these kinds of trials. The pleasures of the heavens obviously are never to be gained without tasting the challenges of duality to the core.

I am writing this to inspire those of you, who are desperately -  and seemingly in vain -, waiting  for graceful signs in their lives to appear. You should know that nothing is in vain. We must look at every detail in life from a  broader perspective, from the flying bird’s view, to see the whole working of Divine Grace. 

All our experiences are testing our Divinity to come forward, to be victorious, by transcending the illusions of the dark side of the world and to discover the Presence of Light already here.

After all, the visible signs of improvement that show in our world are not the most important mile stones on our path of ascension, but the victories in our hearts, that allow the Radiant, Undivided Divinity of our Being to shine forth. Because It is the very Substance of all road signs in the phenomenal world, which are the visible and materialized stepping stones that mirror our inner state of thought and Consciousness. 

In truth there is no “outer” world or reality, this hologram is a projected illusion. It is all happening inside. But the outer world reflects to us what we believe in our hearts.

Dearest friends, therefore at this time consoling events are not as important as the birth of Love-Bliss-Consciousness in the tested heart of humanity. This might be hard to swallow. But we are being given now the space for the emergence of our Essence from within.

When  the time is right, things will be subject to change by itself, mirroring the Divine Victory of humankind!

This could be any moment or later, but it will happen.  

Each one of us is important in this process!
To our victory, to the victory of light!

Much much love,


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Ute, for your beautiful, inspiring, loving and empowering message. Very awesome.


CI said...

Dear Ute,
How is your physical condition? I hope that it gets well.

Just like you said, we must overcome each trial definitely. I was depressed mentally for a while, but, thanks to this article, I got courage.

Much love and light!