Thursday, April 18, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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I Am speaking to you all so that you remember Me in these times. 

In your usual day you tend forgetting our Oneness, and thereby Who You Are, following the mainstream hypocrisy of being merely a body, a person, an individual, a role player, somebody who is victorious, or somebody who is not. By identifying with difficulties and things you like and you don’t like.

While I cannot be contained in any term or concept, your brain-thinking, your conceptual mind, created to manage your daily affairs only, tends to take over, defining a contorted dream-reality, hiding Me. 

If this happens you are shrinking to a something that does not serve your spiritual growth and true Reality. I AM here to remind you of your infinite Truth.

Remember, whatever you do, your I AM is intrinsically and fundamentally always present and untouched from all of that what you perceive as your “life”.

I AM no “other” to you, but I AM the Subjective Reality and Immortal Essence of your own Being-ness. You might recognize Me perhaps in forms and essences other than yourself, but what you recognize is always your Own Divine Self. You can only recognize what is already yours.

This schism is what you must overcome, affirming the Truth that all you know in your heart is Divine Is Me, your own Divine God-Self, wherever and whenever you see and feel It.

Call It back to yourself, refusing separateness and illusion! Step out of the false, thousands of years-old propaganda  you have been indoctrinated with, to be a mere victim of ‘others’ and  circumstances! 

As long as you cannot accept your own Divine Greatness, you will not discover It. It is the sign of your little egoity's resistance to Me, avoiding to confess its helplessness and to let go the desire for overwhelming power. 

It is based on fear. Indeed, to accept your Divinity is the forgetting of separate egoity. 

Who AM I? I AM not the little ego-I's illusion of grandeur, I cannot be imagined. I AM not the ego’s dream.

I AM no dream at all. Self-Aware of Me you are Awake. 

I AM your Source, I AM Radiant Consciousness before the separate you ever existed. I AM the Substance of what you are now, forever One with you, Being you and your very Essence. And As You, I AM Love in my aspect as Creation. Creation Is Love in Action, because when I become Active I AM Love.

Therefore to forget Me is to forget Love and Your-Self, bewildered by unfortunate events. They are created by the love-less mind of separation. And so you betray Your-Self again and again. 

Never let this mind to be your guide, disguised as truth. I AM That Truth, mind is my servant.

Disregard what only SEEMS to be the real and feel with your Heart and your Whole Being's deepest awareness  Who and What I AM, the One Who Embraces you as You.

This is the way to change your world. Give all your energy and Radiant Heart to Me, so that My Reality emerges in this world, while all that I AM not, vanishes, un-fed by your attention and emotion. 

You Are Creators Who must reveal their own Divine Reality, supporting It whole-heartedly. And what you not support must disintegrate. 

Let Me do the work, by My Sheer Being. By My Love, by My Radiance. This Is enough. And you, your world, becomes Me by your love of Me, your Joy in Me. This is transfiguration, this is how all shadows leave.

From now on Shine In and As Me!
I AM your God-Self


Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

Very true.
I feel something big will happen. The left brain, right brain and Heart structure begin to balance (Heart is the leader). Our Beloved Perfect Beauty Lady Gaia will be ready for changes soon. Be ready my Beloved Friends. You may feel something extraordinary exciting with infinite Love. That will be the beginning.

The Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and The Primary God Creator of The Universe Bless and Love You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy