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There is, at this critical point in time of Great Change and Liberation - as I understand it, and always did -  one main responsibility we have: the responsibility to connect with the Heart of our True Being and to live from there. To live from the Depth of it, in the Beauty of It.
Because this Is What we really Are. 

This, in my best understanding, is Ascension.

Now there is much misunderstanding about what the Heart is. I use a capital 'H', and not a small 'h' to make the difference clear.

The Heart I am talking about is NOT our heart chacra! 
And I also do not talk about our physical heart. 

The heart chacra is merely a kind of superficial addition to what we originally and truly already Are. And in fact, we do not need the heart chacra at all to realize this! This is my own experience! 

All exercises based on chacra work end up to be shallow compared to exercising the natural Power of the Heart.
The Heart is our true hue-man Divine Essence, that has been always ours, the One that never  changes, and  always Exists beyond time and space. 

It survived unscathed all manipulations, all genetic changes, by those who interfered with hue-man’s true Divine Nature. 

The heart chacra is therefore of no real use! It is just a kind of toy, and superimposed on our Essence and Feeling of Being. Even more: the heart chacra  can become  a major obstacle for discovering and  Being Who We Are. 

If we are stuck in the heart chacra, we have no access to our Heart. We cannot find it, we cannot  feel it. This is so because  we are manipulating the heart chacra from our brain, in the same way we manipulate all our other chacras.  

To be fixed in the brain does not allow us to live from the Heart.

You will notice yourself, that when you are truly in your Eternal Heart that there are no chacras, because your Eternal Heart is outshining these artificial lights.

We are being manipulated into believing that working with the chacras is what spiritual enlightenment is about.  But not so. There is much disinformation around. 

There is no real power in our mortal chacras, as they do not express our own True Living Heart. They only distract you from going deeper to touch and re-cognize Who You really Are. 

It might be the methods of the worshiped “gods” or extraterrestrials, to hand “down” to us instructions how to develop our chacra system and to use sacred geometry to grow our consciousness, - and such to advance to a "higher" version of ourselves.

But this does not truly serve us: exercising only the chacra system, weakens and destabilizes us indeed, makes us vulnerable by generating dependency on the ever changing flux of the currents of life, whether in this dimensions or in other dimensions! 

In fact this method prevents us from taking back and regaining our true Inherent Divine Power, that only can be found in and As Our Heart.

The Power of the Heart is a Power that is greater than our galaxy, that is greater than the universe. In reality the Heart contains it all.  

We are not the small powerless beings, we are told to be by those who preach a developed chacra system as the non plus ultra of our spiritual achievements and ascension.
Our Heart Power is never “above”, and it is not “below”. It Is All. It cannot be categorized as “superior”, and it is not  a “ladder” to climb up to reach the cosmos above and to look from there down to here. Because it is not located in duality.

In fact, we do not need to be told or taught anything, but we are encouraged to rely on what we already Are and which does not need to be developed, but only to be remembered, re-discovered, re-cognized - when we are willing to heal our heart from painful and negative memories. 
And then we understand that we are more powerful than any artificial teachings and complicated, mind driven methods and exercises.

We do not need programs, we do not need beliefs when we rely on Reality. The Heart is beyond beliefs and dimensions, beyond the fragmented chacra system and it’s broken colors. 

It is the Continuum of our lives in all existences, realms, galaxies and dimensions.
It is the unlimited  Divine Power of the true human being, with all its humbleness, to merge with all life and all beings with great unconditional Love.

The Power of the Heart Is Us, it is Eternal and  is the very core of our Existence, it is our Existence Itself. And it is closely linked and already inherently united with the  Great Spirit of our Earth Mother Gaia. This we must re-discover! 
United with Her in our Heart, this leaves no room for  exercises and methods, but requires us to allow to merge with the Domain of Feeling.

In the centerless Depth of this Feeling to Infinity all Wisdom is revealed, all Powers of the hue-man become obvious.
It is a State of Fullness and of Knowingness, where nothing needs to be added or developed, We simply allow What We already Are! 

We always have been  already there and complete! And within this completeness the Universes and Galaxies are our playground!

This is also the Truth, our Real Friends that are of True Light and True Love are reminding us of. And it is up to you, my dear friends, to find out where your Inherent Divinity and actual Power resides. 

In Lak’ech -
Many Blessings to us!



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Anonymous said...

Beloved Ute,

You are to be Honored and Recognized for sharing this fundamental Truth... For years now I have been trying to share a simple insight to "Believe Nothing". But few can comprehend beyond their conditioning. So this insight resonates profoundly - Thank You!

Another point that would augment your message which is a lesson learned long ago is: "Get out of your own way..." You make reference to this by saying "To be fixed in the brain does not allow us to live from the Heart". For me, this realization manifested when honoring the work of transcending egoist attachments and fixations (which reside in the brain). Upon refining a discernment process to disengage this habitual cultural conditioning, the reconnection of the Heart began to take place and evolve... And while there still maybe certain tests or circumstances that can hook me, resulting in a temporary backsliding, it is becoming much easier to catch these dynamics quickly and again disengage.

What I am observing, and maybe you have noticed on your side as well, is an abundance of what we might call the "Spiritual ego" or 'Spiritual Bypassing' taking place. When people might take the esoteric knowledge they have accumulated and not notice how the ego has hijacked this criteria to continue its same agenda... Maybe my sensitivities to these dynamics are the result of the mirror, and having to dig deep within myself to clear out similar temptations, but it 'feels' important to shine a light on this topic for all of our considerations.

What resonates so profoundly in your messages, is the obvious exclusion of these mental/egoist energetics, and as a result this expansive Heart space that is felt... Your perspective on the other illusionary matters are wonderful insights. Again, Thank You for sharing.

In Lak' ech,
Shravaka said...

That's a great article, thank you much for sharing. Great bog as well
Drop by for a visit. :o)
In love and light

വിജയരാഘവൻ said...

I hope the blogger will go through the kaula and other upanishads.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Beloved Shravaka. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings! Love it!
The "spiritual ego" is a very old program ☺ It is part of the huge universal agenda. Good to recognize it and to accept that all is part of our learning journey. In the end when we brought all back to Zero we can perhaps then also see the cosmic humor of it!
Much love to you, BE HAPPY, dear sister!

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you! ♥♥♥

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

I have studied the Vedas and some Upanishads for many years with great appreciation and love. Of course I read the English translations, because I belong to the majority of people who did not study Sanskrit. (But I enjoy the sound of it!))
You probably knew that I cannot read the text you referred to, because it is an original Sanskrit text.
So why then are you providing a link none of the readers can use? Thank you for your consideration!
Best wishes!

P.S. To clarify: the age of a text does not necessarily stand for the Truth of the Hue Man. It can be part of that ancient agenda to manipulate us into something else.

Anonymous said...

You obviously are one of the many people who channel message that are not coming from where you think they are. ETs have long messed with these messages. U r a double agent. I work in the Akashic Records. Amazing how the Akashic Records work with the chakras too...............Did you ever think spreading disinformation would keep many people from doing healing work and becoming aware of their Divinity. Don't you see your message serves the negative forces. This is a fear based message. It's not Divine. It's minipulates.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Hello Anonymous (!) this is not channeling. This text reflects my own experience that goes deeper than, and beyond the world of chacras that reflect the broken light. True Divinity of Hue-man is found when chacras are transcended in the One Light and Consciousness. But I have explained it. Furthermore, someone who has access to the Akashic Records shows a profound understanding of these matters beyond signs of confusion, because he/she enters a domain of purity and clarity beyond duality. Again, I am speaking out of my own experience. I have published your comment to give you an opportunity to consider and explore more deeply your believes and convictions. There is much more to Real Truth, than partial truth is able to grasp. Many blessings to you to heal your fears and find your balance. ♥