Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright  2014

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This is the time for you to rejoice and not to complain!
This is the time to see the New, Refreshing Light, and to feel the Stillness of the Conscious Expanded Divine Heart.

By seeing and feeling That Which Is Divine, and Which is the Sign of My Own Divine Presence you make it manifest also for others to recognize!

My Divine Emanations in form - of which you are an  important part - ARE renewing themselves right now, showered by Cascades of Light, for  those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Do not make the mistake to expect first changes in the outer world before your inside changes. YOU are the co-creators in your world. And your creations are happening from inside out. Don’t you remember?

Although I AM Beyond the worlds, I Am giving you this example! Higher dimensions are arising in Me as they indeed are arising in You. Can you imagine the Angelic Beings or your radiant Sisters and Brothers of the Stars  waiting for the cosmos to change  by itself?  You know very well, that they are the ones who consciously create their worlds in  your universe with the wings of love-light from within their Divinity. How could creation happen otherwise, even in your still dense and unhappy world.

Therefore I AM reminding you to  remember to create the world you want to see from your heart and never allow your mind to fall for the illusion of  the Matrix that reflects back  to you a false image of reality.

But even if you do not engage yourself in creative processes, you still can contemplate Me, Your Own God-Self, and enjoy the Source of all Creation, before creator gods arise. Enjoy My Abundance That is also Yours, enjoy My Beauty That is also Yours, enjoy My Love That Is You. And You even can enjoy the Aspect of Mine That You experience as Light.

Happiness Is All That I AM in all My Aspects. Why then fall into unhappiness of an imperfect world, to strengthen its illusion?

Is not Ascension another word for En-Lightenment? And Is Enlightenment not a phenomenon that is independent of outer appearances? Your true Masters have proven this to you many times.

Your Inner Independence in My Radiance of Stillness is the very Source of your pure creations, because My Being of Indifference instigates your purity of mind and feeling, to evoke the Divine World for which you are longing so very much.

As you see your broken world and still invest your feelings in them, you give them power to persist, even if only in your imagination by re-creating them. Because in My Reality they do not possess foundation anymore. That has been washed away in a no-time but which you remember as time.

The great lack many of you are experiencing in this moment is a hard but quick lesson to re-awaken to your true Divinity within; to recognize the illusion of a world that is not Divine and let it go so that you do not give it sustainability.

The return to your own Divine Truth that Is Me, can change  your outer world in an instant, if enough of you follow this path of letting go in a moment, to invest yourself beyond your suffering in My Happiness that is also Your Divine True State.

How can you work the miracles of a Divine World if you do not use Me to create it, but instead continue the dream of falsehood? If you are betraying  your own precious Heart-Jewel, by neglecting it, trying to find it somewhere outside yourself first?

Therefore I ask you to listen and to understand: dare to forget the outer world only for a moment to turn to Me, to Merge with Me, with My Fullness, My Abundance, My Beauty, My Joy within. And from the place of completion dream your new world and see it from now on everywhere you want to turn your attention to. 

Notice that all things appear as my Own Disguise. Awaken with your heart of love and bring light to what you ‘don’t like’. Uplift the darkness to light, rise the frequency while you walk through darkness as a radiant torch, to awaken the new world from the ashes of falsehood.

This is the gift that is given to humanity: to co-create the Radiant New from what is already dead, without looking back. With every looking back you neglect your Divine Powers, to give them away to those still trying to control you.

The more of you understand this Wisdom the quicker the Fata Morgana vanishes to give room to the Reality of a Bright and Clear Day. It is already Present, if you only dare to see it and even dare to create it thereby.

This is the test humanity is required in this moment to pass, because they have understood in their heart. Each heart that truly understands awakens Thousands of others.

So – where are My Beloveds who dare to understand? Are YOU one of them?
I AM here and always have been. Your True Divinity was never taken from you, you only did not recognize It for a while, busy with your 3D affairs. The dream of forgetfulness seems to be an eternity, but lasted only a moment. Therefore you are Blessed to wake up in this instant and remember.

I AM closer to you than even your breath.
I AM waiting for you NOW and NOW and NOW!

I AM Your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute 

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Mark Torgeson said...

Beautiful! Thank You so Much!