Friday, January 30, 2015


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We should be Happy, because this is our natural State of Being.
If we are not, it is because we buy into all that stuff that we are NOT.

It is time for humanity to free ourselves from all that rubbish we have being hanging on for millenniums. It is time to recognize that we lived from a wrong point of view, and now it is time to change the perspective! Radically, - or not?

What perspective? The idea that we are a body-mind-complex who lives in such and such a world. While it is true, that we have had enough of all these betrayals, false images, beliefs, strange experiences, shortcomings, frustrations, fears, angers, and so on, by experiencing this stupid limitations of a world that we allowed to be governed by a few absurd individuals who shrinked ridiculously away from the forever Unobstructed Radiance of Truth – we also  might come now to understand that this is not anymore about exchanging black suits with white suits.

Didn’t we do this exchange already for eons? Isn’t it time to go beyond this play of opposites, with which we confine ourselves to be  beings who are merely a form? Isn’t it time to accept our True and Native State in which we neither emphasize the black nor the white? Otherwise we are going on and on and on. Times, in which whiteness and blackness comes and goes. Because it must, when we hang on to one side at a time. Because of the law of balance.

Now we have the opportunity to look differently, with a new understanding at the world, we created. We have now come to the point where we have exhausted the black suits, and with detailed understanding we have enough of this one-sided game of pretending we are some really miserable subjects, victims of a world nobody understands,  without the power to create what our heart desires. To live a life of unlimited un-happiness.

Now do we really want to re-establish our more exalted  past where we have been wearing the white suits, but! pay attention! while  still limited, even as divine beings, identified with a form? 12 DNA strands or more, able to fly (as separate beings) through the cosmos, living in subtle dimensions of radiant manifestations. Yes, a wonderful divine creation. But is separation from our Native State enough?

How FREE have we actually been? Do we really want to again repeat, yes, even with a new delightful experience of an ascended semi-physical body to live in the “heavens”? Yes, wonderful play though!

But: is this ALL WE ARE?
Is the exhaustive experience of the opposites of the black and the white not an invitation to go beyond both of them? Are we willing to learn? Are we capable of understanding the game now, because we have profoundly experienced it? Yes, starseeds, so what? Evolution remains the evolution of the conditional. 

And will not – while we are held captive in the polarity of this game (because we have decided so) – darkness return, after we exploited the conditional light? Are not both sides of the coin vulnerable to each other?

There are notions that from this time of ascension on darkness will never return. How? To the one who decides for the conditional light of the rainbow, polarity is inherent in their experience. Only when we desire to transcend the conditionality of black and white, we can enter the Unconditional. 

But this does not happen in mindful imagination. In a week-end seminar or by a self-applied technique or manipulation, or while we add something to our body-mind. It is a real process in which we surrender the total body-mind to our Own Divine Truth.

In fact, as long as we hold on to the conditional, we do not claim our True Identity. We deliberately choose to be some confined being, vulnerable to inevitable changes within the play of polarity.

The incoming powerful energy, light and information that inspires us with the remembrance of our Divinity, also provides us with  Divine Intelligence and  the choice to explore the Unconditional, the Divine Reality beyond and prior to the conditional. The Divine Substance in which the  conditional arises. The Light which is above all lights. The Unconditional Light. The Infinite. The Eternal Love-Bliss. Our Source.

We cannot truly know intimately this world without knowing, or better: realizing its Source. Source is not an object. It cannot be known by the mind as an “other”. Body-mind must surrender to its Source, its  Eternal Love-Bliss. Source is our own Divine Subjectivity. Because it is our Inherent Divine Nature. 

But we speak of Source as if we would own it. As if we  could manipulate The Unspeakable, as if IT would be our servant. As if our egoic personality – the body-mind-system -  could have Source at its disposal. What a blasphemy!

In Reality, it is our body-mind-system (either of the white or the black suits) that is at the disposal of the Glorious Source, The ALL-LOVING, The ETERNAL, The UNMANIFESTED, The One That Does Not Create but IS All Beings and Things. IT is our own True Identity.

Why would we choose less? Why would we go with the tides of opposites instead of transcending them and enjoy the play for Real, because we are not bound.

Is it because we do not dare to know that we ARE Pure Divine Consciousness? As such we ARE formless and irrevocably FREE, surrendered to our Real State of Utter Delight and Beauty, Perfection and the Unchanging Truth of Existence.

The white and black suits are merely pale players within this Radiance!

With so much love,
In lak’ech!



Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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