Wednesday, February 4, 2015


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I AM speaking to you, because I AM one of your guardians who are protecting your awakening process and your light. And who is protecting the manifestation of your soul purpose against all odds.

Powerful events are going to unfold shortly. I ask you to be prepared and to allow yourself to receive good news with joyful expectancy.

Please raise your energies and light frequencies now in order to support what is going to happen with the intent of the Divine Light- Forces.
You are at a crucial turning point in your history -  and it is important to tune now into the frequencies and events that will change your world dramatically.

Although it seems nothing new is happening so far, as if those who occupy your world are taking it more and more over, this is an illusion. Because it seems to be only real when you look at some visible signs and untruthful information.

But what REALLY is being prepared, -  right now behind the scenes, powerfully orchestrated by the light forces, both, with physical and non-physical bodies – will come soon to the forefront as visible and tangible events,  to be experienced certainly by all humanity.

This will change the mind and heart of your still sleeping brothers and sisters, and they will wake up to a new reality they never would have dreamed of.

I ask you, who are awake, and especially those of you who are awake, but lowered your vibration with doubt and despair while suffering unacceptable life circumstances, because of the controlling negative powers, to wake up even more empowered, allowing new hope and the certainty that all your human needs and rightful desires will be met soon.

We need all of you, Beloveds, to support the incoming light and the helping  light forces to succeed and to bring about a shift that is happening in a most benign way, - at least as benign as possible.

At peak times, when you are at a crossroad, a shift can happen when there is powerful new energy and intent, to create it. You want a powerful shift that as soon as possible would lock into the new, desired pattern of a New Reality. 

These new patterns are about the victory of the light and therefore its rising mightiness in your world. It is about joy and new gained strength in every human being and all kingdoms of your Beloved Earth Mother. And yes, it is about Her own Shift into a new consciousness, because also the vibration of so called matter will rise significantly.

You are all One in this process, all of you. Whether “matter” or living beings on Earth, you all are Consciousness, as even a wall is conscious.
Much happiness is waiting for you, Beloveds.

I ask you to align to the powerful light that is now so undoubtedly present around you.  Allow it to fill your body-mind and to raise your consciousness to bring you to a new and higher vibration.

This will enable you to participate in the shifting energies on your planet, as humanity’s consciousness shifts and instigates  the necessary momentum.

Such empowered you are the chosen facilitators of the shift – as you unite in its Conscious Field. And such united, you ARE the field, Beloveds, to bring about anything your heart is dreaming of. To bring about the New World. To Be the grounds on which universal transformation can happen.

Be assured that My Light and Protection, My loving Impact on this great Shift  is supporting you who are involved in this wonderful process. You, who are dedicated to the light, must now stand together, unified, supportive to one another.

United by the Power of Unconditional Love, our Victory is Here - with so  much Splendor, as I and so many, many Divine Beings of Light and Divine Love are  participating with you!

I AM Mother Sekhmet!

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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  1. At Christmas there was a notable change in many people's energies with comments like,' it was so much more peaceful', ' everyone seemed to get on with each other'. There is an inner feeling of hope and assuredness that, in spite of the atrocities - which are nothing new to humanity, we can do this!

  2. Time is running out. And time is a man made concept. Shouldnt matter what religion or belief anyone has, the governments have all control, and the people are blind, like the leaders like them to be. Tell humanity there is nothing new to us? This is all new, and there is some phenomenal forces at work and play. Seems like, the people may even be possessed. Already lost. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, people enjoy the sickest of acts. And no one cares. Or fights. Because, at the moment, it's not thier problem. When we drink floride and breath poison from chem trails, eat un-natural food, take pharmacist drugs for no disease, our world is spinning out of control. I may be literal. Anyone who has ever been car sick or sea sick, would recognize motion sickness. We all know right from wrong, good from evil. Our free will is ours.... and we were meant to live. To LIVE without fear of our own damn law and people and manipulations . Keep your mind, and keep your heart, cause we all inevitably lose our lives. To think it's safe and normal, is going to yank you from your delusional everyday routine, into a chaotic mad reality that may shatter all you believed. There is a change within the cosmos, the earth sun and moon, and there is a change in humanity. There has to be a change. And really, we ALL know it, what sense to encourage it and speed it up? Explore yourself, and realize what you want with the life we were granted, or live and waste it for them, the behind the scene sheep herders, slave drivers, work and obey the man appt high power, and ignore your God and goodness. Damn yourself and this world as fast as you can. Cause no one may know the hour or the time, that revelation began. Cause time is a man-made concept, and it is running out.603675 hits on this page, and only one post...... I don't know about beings in other galaxies, i dont know about human beings on earth. One post, and now.....two. Believe in better, believe believe is a tool