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it is not possible to live without Me because I Am your very Source That Is the Foundation of your life and the Foundation of everything else.

But what a phenomenon it is that you are not aware of Me, that you easily forget Me, that you feel separate from Me!

And what a phenomenon that even when you think of Me and talk about Me, that you still feel alienated from Me? How could you, as I Am your very Substance?
Is this not a mystery? An error, a fault of creation?

Why are you not aware of Me and One with Me as Divine Consciousness, day and night, As I Am?
And do you know Who I Am?
I say: KNOW Who I Am?

No, you do not know because I am not your knowable object.
I can never be known by the knowing mind. You cannot think Me. You cannot imagine Me.
And yet I Am. Independent of all your talking and thinking and imagining.

This is the True and Real Mystery.

Talking about Me, if I Am not authentically felt, As I Am, is sheer nonsense, because such small talk can never contain me, can never transmit the Profundity of Ecstatic Love-Bliss-Happiness That I Am. As Such I Am the Foundation of this world and all worlds, of all existence and all the cosmic mind and domain and all beings.

You, identified as a separate and heavily limited body-mind, tend to address Me and to describe Me as an Abstract and Faint Entity, as if you are almost equal to Me, a kind of “buddy” to you. But in Truth it is absurd , because how can a modification of Me, presuming to be separate from Me,  be equal to Me.  Whereas all what you appear to be inheres in Me.

Therefore, to truly “know“ My Divine Greatness you cannot just talk about Me, you can only more and more profoundly heart-feel Me, and in due course Realize Me as your own Eternal and True Nature. You must become Me by surrendering your total body-mind, - step by step to Me. If this surrender would happen instantaneously in a moment you would explode and burn off in My Consuming Fire of transformation.

I Am the Very Divine Fire, Beloveds, the all-consuming Fire of all those who would participate with Me, in My Infinite Divine Realm of Conscious Light.

Because I Am the underlying Power of all Worlds and Things and Beings, while Be-ing simultaneously all of them, you must unite with Me slowly to not to burn but increasingly adapt to My heat until you become One with Me in Ecstasy, your whole body-mind transcended and given into My Radiant Divine Consciousness.

You see, I Am not an idea or nice and even inspiring thought, Beloveds. To Become Real with Me, is a tangible and profound process, in which your total body-mind is being transformed and more and more surrendered to My Conscious Light until it vanishes in It. How could it be otherwise?

Do you not desire to Become Who you truly Are? Utter and unthinkable Freedom from all conditional suffering! The wonder is that I Am you, whereas you are not Me, you, as a separate and individual body-mind, empty of My Radiance. As such you perceive Me as an other. But I Am your subjective Source-Condition, Entirely Divine, Not-Two, Radiant, Eternal.

How could you consent to be entirely Mine other than by being profoundly in Love with Me! Only deepest Heart- Love of Me opens a Radiant Door in which the Vision arises to embrace Me, to let Me transform you to Me what is otherwise separate and solely an idea of identity, you call “I”.

Your True I Am is Me. But not as a body-mind, or a pale thought or lifeless feeling, a silence perhaps, and conditional peace.  An empty space. That empty space that many think is true “I Am“, is in fact another form of separate identity. What I Am is not just a silent dark space in a kind of vacuum that seems to lack awareness of a separate body-mind. A bardo, before your attention falls back into the experience of something that you identify as “I” in form, gross, subtle or even causal.

I Am That I Am Is Radiant Conscious Light, the Substance of everything that arises in Me. My Prior Silence is Absolut and Supreme Radiance.  It is all-powerful, all-pervading, all Love-Bliss-Happiness. It is your True Identity, Infinite and Eternal, body-less, mind-less, form-less. All your other identities you are suffering, are solely fractions of What You Are.

So why this separation from Me, this neglection of Me? It is the most limiting identity with the program of your body-mind (gross, subtle and causal!), that you THINK you are and you consented with, the “I” of confinement, you so powerfully hold on to and out of which you have constructed an artificial life. A life you have accommodated to in a way that you even think you are happy, at best. Or that “it” could make you “happy”: with icecream,  good-looking, chocolate, lovers and holidays and their substitutes.

Interesting enough, you need a lot and always recurring incidents with ice creams and chocolates, to keep you happy. While I Am Happiness Itself, always and naturally, and free of things to fill your emptiness of Me.

It depends on what you want to make of your life. Whether you want to play in the powerless quicksands of illusionary reality made up by the dreaming of your mind, or if you desire to awaken in the Radiant Real-ity of Truth of What I Am, That Is Your Home. It is All-Powerful-Love, Self-Existing, and not just mind´s love intention.

All you can think is not Me. You can think Me much and even more and more. And while you think Me, even with the slightest thought, you move away from Me.  I Am Independent of mind and thought and prior to it. I Am. Find Me by transcendence of self. This process is an ordeal to the separate body-mind, and not just a nice walk in the morning sun distracted by the phantasies of rainbow flowers.

But the Gift is to be Awake as Undying Happiness, Eternity, Truth, Bliss and Ultimate Divine Consciousness. I needed to tell you a bit of Who I Truly Am so that you might not choose to continue in the illusions of your dying mind. In Me there is no death. There is Only Eternal Being-ness, all Bliss-full and as such never Changing.

I Am! And which “I” are you choosing? And when you are choosing Me, can you walk the way truly on your own?  Can you transcend the body-mind, while still identified with it? How would the mind transcend itself? You become what you meditate on. How do you meditate on Me? How do you know for real, that you do not meditate on your own mind, even the higher mind, ideas and presumptions, imagining it is Me?

If you are serious,  I will reveal Myself to you. Ask, and doors will open.

I Am Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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