Saturday, March 14, 2015


Dear friends,

I am writing from my smartphone - still waiting to own again a laptop. Managing my internet life from a smartphone is a real unpleasant ordeal though, which I try to avoid as much as possible. And formatting is almost impossible.

It is an interesting experience to have lost everything and not being able yet to replace it. Whereby my lost artwork and writings,  that I created over many years, cannot be replaced of course, with all the money of the world.

This total loss makes
me wonder whether I was really of service to humanity - or perhaps the opposite: whether my work was not pleasing the common mind of the esoteric scene, or even those who would like to suffocate the light.

Given the numbers of my subscribers and the visits to my blog, I received almost zero feedback, besides  3 beautiful souls who expressed their support and feeling heart to me.

My joyful gratitude and love to you!

But otherwise it seems that my work did not really make a difference in this world and it doesn't really matter whether I continue.

Nevertheless, it always has been my deepest heart's intention to inspire, to bring clarity and truth to my beloved brothers and sisters. This will always be so.

But I might perhaps in the near future change a bit the subject and bring a slightly different perspective onto the equation of this vulnerable world.

We have learned much about the difficulty to move deeply enough the human heart, to inspire with radiant visions to truly world changing actions on the personal and more public level. Otherwise our planetary situation would have changed already in a significant way for the better.

Perhaps it is not sufficiently enough understood by many that change must start with ourselves and cannot be expected to be brought to us from "outside".

The mind plays thereby a significant role, to begin with. But we must understand that it is the frequency of our being, the incarnated light together with a rising consciousness, or rather a Divine Consciousness, that brings the real change about.

The change I am talking about cannot be a change that moves a bit the figures on the chess board. Rather we must relinquish the whole chess board! There must be a radical change altogether, that lifts our whole being out of the present situation into a completely new paradigm that transcends the dilemma we are in.

 To trigger this profound transformation we need the power of the heart and the inspiration of our higher intelligence that is carried by the Radiance of our True Native State: the Reality of the love-blissful Divinity, based at the root of our Eternal and very Existence, prior to the soul.

It transcends mind, even the higher mind. It is the Root of everything we experience, know and create. It is our true Home. It Is Us.

Why not allow to be drawn to the Ultimate Root of our existence. No more trying to change color and shape. But to return to that which we inherently Are. From there only a truly Divine World can arise. It resolves our dilemma. It is the answer to the riddle. It turns our chaotic world that hangs upside down, upside and upright again. It puts everything into place. It puts all things right.

Don't we all have enough from the fruitless and unsubstantial juggle of the lower mind in the illusionary realms of intense duality? Are we exhausted, phlegmatic and full of doubt?

We can Now do better. We can wake up to what we Really - and I mean REALLY - Are. THIS changes the world.

 To awaken to the facts of how our world has been managed in the last Thousands of years, is not enough! We must do the Inside job, not the political one, but the subjective, individual one.

It starts with us. We must all visit our own underworld and make it conscious. What's out there is a mere reflection of that. When we dig deep enough and thoroughly enough,we find the Treasure that is burried underneath all the rotten garbage: our True Radiant Divine Self. Not just a chacra, by the way. But the Divine Itself.

 Self-Radiant, it doesn't even need a body-mind.

With love and blessings,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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  1. your perspective an oasis of validation for me.
    know your words inspire beyond view <3

    sincerely gratitude,

    Maria Housden

  2. You describe exactly how I feel about the mind, and I understand the futile feeling completely. We are one after all : ) Please know how important your work is and how helpful your messages are. You must go on and keep doing what you're doing, and know that you are not alone. So many of us feel this way. And it's all about to open up, FINALLY. Our roles will expand now at this time. You, like all lightworkers, have been perfectly prepared to be a leader of light! Please check out a blog that helped me tremendously amidst yet another month of such incredible challenges: It's called Alexandrian Kosmos. With total Love of being, and sending so much support your way ~Suzanne

  3. Please keep going! Your work is so needed. With the total love of being and support. ~Suzanne

  4. Dearest Ute: You have made a difference! It saddens my heart that you have lost all of your artwork. Many of us are having a challenging year. Sending you blessings, love, light, peace, and abundance. Thank you for all you have done, Dasiavu

  5. Greetings Ute,

    I wanted to let you know that your sharings have deeply inspired me over the years. Your last email suggested (or so I thought) that you had no access to email/computer/website/etc. so I saw no way to convey my compassion toward your current situation. Better late than never I suppose.

    I wanted to convey a bit of wisdom that has been shared through messages that I transcribe for Yael Powell at She channels at least a message per week, some of which are never released. She reads them, feels into them and releases the ones she is inspired to that are most appropriate. Anyway, I am in the most blessed and enviable position of getting to read them all as I transcribe and edit.

    What I wanted to share with you, in hopes of giving you some solace and relief, is the dominant theme. That theme is this; Those that are the furthest along in this journey are now beginning to drop their "identities as humans". What comes with that is a stripping away of all we believed we were, what we thought we "had", and the past memories that influence our daily behavior. All this in order to bring in the new.

    It is my understanding that what is taking place is a new kind of rebirth, unlike those that you're surely familiar with shared by the many masters, mystics, saints, sages, gurus etc. in our recent past. In other words, it is different than the "awakenings/enlightenments" that have occurred up until now. That somehow, our past (and past life influences as well) will be released (if we are willing to allow it of course) so that we may literally be able to truly "being anew", free from all karmic influences, while remaining in our present bodies if that is what we choose (or, manifesting a new body in the current times if that is your preference).

    Another theme is about breaking the chains of "money" so that we can hurdle past this deeply limiting idea that we require "something outside of us" to manifest and thrive. In other words, we are "practicing" true co-creatorship and manifesting as it is REALLY done anyway, through our belief/imagination in who we truly are.

    When/Where/And how this all finally arrives in our experience is unknown to me. Certainly it will be different for each of us. But it is an inspiring vision to hold.

    I have nothing but love for my entire life, history, body, etc. but I am willing to allow all that to fade away in loving belief that All-That-Is has a far superior plan to anything this ego-mind can imagine and muster up. Thus, I surrender each moment, regardless of my egoic opinion, knowing each moment forward I get closer to the ultimate plan i am here to fulfill.

    I recognize your situation is extreme and certainly unpleasant at times. Yet I hope you find some hope and inspiration in what I've shared. You are clearly on the fast track and well ahead of the game in this shift in consciousness and I believe what is unfolding in your life is going to be so magical, so amazing, so far beyond anything you can imagine at this moment. So be it, so it is and so mote it be.

    Thank you for all you have shared over the years. Wishing you a swift return to higher and higher vibrations and a life of everlasting love and light.

    Love & Blessings,


  6. Ute, I don't recall how I found you, but I love your posts and your art. I was so sorry to hear of your situation after you took such a huge leap of faith and moved to the other side of the world! How inspiring! I don't generally write to the people I read and post. Perhaps because I am in awe of them/you! Although you may have lost the original art, it remains on servers here on your blogspot and on reblogs worldwide. So all is NOT lost! You could at least download it once you have a computer again. In my flash drive I have copies of a lot of your art under the category UTE as I needed to download/upload it to some of the sites I post, the technology does not pick up the image with bots to go with the article re-post.

    I have always loved your posts and I do a LOT of reading and re-posting of articles from many people, to share things that I resonate with. I have time as my work is on call and often slow or absent. I live on the edge often worrying if I will make rent, bills, etc. so many of us have nothing to give but love and support, which I generally show by re-posting things.

    When I was in school often we'd have to leave projects and often my arts and crafts would be stolen. It was upsetting. I am creative but not an artist. I found a similar satisfaction to doing art by doing massage therapy. The tactile nature and transformation of the tissue and the zen-like quality of being in the moment gave me the same satisfaction as doing art. I do take nature photos alot, that has always been my hobby. But massage has become my passion, and I hope to write more when I can spend less time reading and re-posting. You are both an incredible artist..your images are encoded with light frequencies, and your writing is also full of love vibration. Please do not give up. I dread losing things, personal things, but know people who have lost everything to fire or flood. How liberating! There is nothing we can take with us in the end.

    Art, make more art, that will be healing for you! <3

    Buy good locks. :-)

    "Never give up." ~Dalai Lama

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, sweet Visionary.

    Love and Blessings,

  7. I have also made a fb post hoping people see and buy your art.

  8. Dear Ute,i understand your despair at the apparent injustice having chosen light.I am also in danger of loosing everything at present.I think its about release of the separate identity Ute ,and replace it with the Christ self to whom nothing ever happened.I Don't have money to help you out but i now enfold you in the Christ light where you are truly free.By the way your messages are among the few that convey pure truth and have helped thousands.

  9. Dear Ute i understand your despair at the apparent injustice having chosen light,i am also in danger of loosing everything at present.I think its about release of the separate identity Ute and replace it with the Christ self to whom nothing ever happened.I I Don't have money to help you out but i now enfold you in the Christ light where you are truly free.By the way your messages are among the few that convey pure truth and have helped thousands.