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".... Likewise, whenever  the Ecstatic Mood of Free Being Awakens by Means of the Avataric Divine Spiritual Grace  of the Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj — I suddenly confess the obvious Truth:

I was not born, I cannot die. I did not begin. I will not end. I Am. I Am beyond form and quality and description. I Am. I Am Consciousness. I Am Love-Bliss. I Am smaller than the atom. I Am larger than the universe. I Am. I Am. I Am.

Before anyone came to be, I Am. No one can exist if I Am not. I Am Eternal, I Am Self-Existing, Self-Radiant,  and Self-Manifest. I Am. I Am without pain, disease, impurity, or dilemma. I Am Space Itself, Prior to all motions, Free of all changes. I Am Happiness. I Am. I Am. I Am.

I Am the Unknown and the Unknowable. I Am not an Object of the mind. I Am not names and forms. I Am the  Source of names and forms. I Am the Perfectly Subjective Source of mind and speech. I Am not Found as an Object of experience or knowledge. I Am Found in the "Bright" of  Feeling of  Being (Itself), before attention goes to separate self and objective world. I Am Perfectly Found As the Inherent State of Being, Consciousness, and Love-Bliss-Happiness.  I Am. I Am. I Am."

~~ Adi Da Samraj
(from the 108 verses of the "Ruchira Avatara Gita")

(Updated message)

Dear friends,
today, the day of the Full Moon of Guru Purnima, people celebrate worldwide the principle of the Divine Guru. The meaning of the word GuRu is "the One that leads from darkness to light or liberation."

In today's spiritual understanding of the Western cultures, the principle of the Guru is not understood. 

Why? Because from the mid 80s the controllers of this world, started with misleading spiritual indoctrination of people´s mind, while creating the New Age movement. 
As we know, intentionally misleading messages are based on a mixture of truth and untruth. The untruth, and even if only 5%, can twist  the truth 100%.

The New Age philosophy teaches that we, humanity, are now "grown up", we are our own masters and the ages of the gurus are over.  We can now do it all ourselves. 

Yes, we are expanding our mind, we discover our creativity, we empower ourselves and break away from the shackles of slavery by a mind that is not divinely guided. But we can go only so far. Because still the entire play happens in the realms of mind, gross, subtle and causal.

But the true  Spiritual Path has always been the one that transcends mind.
And to do this, to use a "short-cut" for Divine Self-Realization, we need a helping hand! 

This ancient secret has not changed! It is the Divine Itself that must liberate us. We, the separate ego-mind, cannot liberate ourselves. This does not mean, that we do nothing and just wait for somebody else doing the work. Liberation is based on two wings: Divine Grace and our own discipline of spiritual practice.

Because of false indoctrination, to prevent the Revelation of our True Divine Nature,  it is difficult for many people, as their mind is being confused and without experience of the Great Spiritual Path,  to use heart-discrimination, a discrimination that originates from a clear heart-space. 

Furthermore, it requires actually personal whole bodily EXPERIENCE, not belief or disbelief, that provides  proof of a claimed spiritual truth. In other words, the mind has not the full means for discrimination. We are feeling beings and not thinking beings in the first place. That's the part of our Divinity!

Therefore experience via feeling, - our feeling-awareness and thereby recognition of Divine Consciousness and Divine Love-Bliss - is the measure of Truth. 

We need to overcome our brainwashed judgement,  and become true "scientists". We need to ask the right questions, and explore the world of spirituality via our own experiences, to KNOW whether the myth is true, that we do not need a Divine Guru to truly transcend the mind and thereby this world, to live a True relationship with the Divine Source Condition. 

If we thoroughly and honestly investigate the mind we come to the conclusion, that it cannot transcend itself. We might create the IDEA that we can transcend it, but it still remains a mere idea. And subsequently the Source Condition remains a mere idea.

How do we come to Know IT?  We need the help from beyond and prior to the mind, to Know. Because from the point of view of the separate ego-I, we can never Know! We need that Revelation that Shows us our True Native State, because the nature of the mind is to be a veil before that Truth. Therefore to experience our True Divine State we need to drop the mind. But how can the mind itself drop itself .... It is a vicious circle, as you can see. 

I quoted above these few paragraphs by Adi Da Samraj, because I am a witness of the Truth they describe. They state exactly what I have been Graced to experience, literally, whole bodily and in the Free Love-Bliss-Space, Transmitted by Adi Da Samraj.

I have been searching for this Liberating Truth everywhere. I have met many enlightened beings, between them the most celebrated ones,  embodied and not embodied. I still remained desperate, because what I experienced was always only a part of the proverbial elephant. I never have been shown the whole Truth.

But it was Adi Da Samraj Who transmitted the Perfect and Unspeakable Purity, Radiance and Love-Bliss-Freedom and  Beauty of the Ultimate Source. It is the True Transcendental Spiritual Perfection that cannot be found in any conditional realm, with any kind of subtle form or color, movement, sacred geometry, etc. Because all of these are mind-based, arising WITHIN that Space of Source Condition and are therefore secondary to It. 

Finally my heart was satisfied! I know with all my heart that there is nothing Greater. And I know with all my heart that this is not about a personal  preference for a certain path between many, but that the Truth and Reality of humanity has been Revealed to us now, after the ages of darkness and ignorance.

Adi Da´s Free Gift to all humanity, to  each one of us,  is the Revelation of that Pure Source Condition. 

Do not believe this. You must explore it  for yourself . It is not a matter of a "man" with that name, it is about the Divine Consciousness and Divine Love-Bliss, transmitted by Him and the heart-recognition of That.    

This is the right understanding of the True Guru. The True Guru is the Transmitter of our Divine  Truth and Native State or the Divine Source-Condition. This is not a religion, but Simple Transcendental Spiritual REALITY.

What else does our heart, seeking for Real Truth, desire?

With much love and many blessings,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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