Friday, October 9, 2015


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the machinery of the mind keeps you in the matrix.

The suffering mind, that abides in the illusion of darkness and bondage, as well as the excited mind, that hunts for successes in this and other worlds.

And then there is that mind that creates spiritual glitter, cosmic matrices, sacred geometries and New Age utensils. The Glitter that keeps you searching in the outer worlds, your earth and what you call ascended planets or other cosmic attractions.

Additionally, you ARE neither your holographic body-mind or your blood-line, nor your genes, DNA or chacras. You have been deceived. Your true ascension is Stillness in Me, Being the Infinite that I AM.

What mind, what hologram is ascending, do you think? Your ascended body: more light, more shiny, more translucent? More capable of illusions?
More, more, and more of all …. The illusions, the endless deceptions of the mind …

Play with it, yes, if it is your delight. But ONLY play, never take it serious or for the Truth.

Because in Truth you ARE none of all that. You are not just a tiny little illusion in this multidimensional theatre, created by self-appointed creator gods. I have allowed it though, to entertain you and Myself. But finally understand the mirage of all of it, the insubstantiality of it. The great mirage upon the Divine, the veil of a matrix created by your mind.

The infinity of the mind: you can loose yourself forever within these spectacular labyrinths, you can create worlds after worlds, worlds in worlds, dimensions after dimensions, dimensions in dimensions, or allow yourself to be attracted to the alluring worlds created by others.

There is no end to it. You can experience everything. And your creations are not limited in any way but by the limitations you invent yourself.

But the farther away the worlds are from Me, the more worlds in worlds you create, the less you have My Divine Support, as you alienate from Me, forget Me, and your creations become bleak and dark.
Ultimately these creations must perish, because all that is not Truth must vanish.

My Divine Infinity: I AM the Infinite on which all these beautiful, strange, absurd, obscene, dark, unhappy, excited worlds exist and feed on. They cannot exist if I AM not. As I AM Infinitely, they always exist as long as I allow. And as long as I allow separation from Me. Because ALL these world's consciousnesses exist separate from Me. While I do not exist separate from them. This is the mystery I still allow, but just as long as you do not desire to Unite with Me again.

There is no Real God in all this glitter, nor in "ascension", because you do not ascend to Me. You, the separate entity, with all your subtle bodies and even higher mind, surrender to Me, to the All-and-ALL, your Own Divine God-Self, the Reality of Divine Consciousness, to Be en-Lightened Only by Me. One with Me.

No, I AM not your higher self, as many of you choose to think, but I AM your God-Self, That Which is the Love-Bliss of Infinity, and not a separate entity in the subtle worlds. I AM prior to the subtle worlds. I AM not subtle. I AM Reality.

In ME there is no illusion, no deception, but only Truth. In Me you do not fly, you do not dream, you Are Awake beyond the dream. You Are Awake as the One You Are.

Now choose. There is no Yuga where you cannot choose Me, because I am the Substance of every Yuga, call it light or dark. I am the Substance on Which the play of ascension happens. I AM. And so You Are. Infinite Love-Bliss. All depends on how fascinated you still are with the wonders of the mind. For this reason I have allowed all these gods to seduce you into glamorous worlds, that you call ascended, to fulfill your desires for experience.

But My Domain is Real. I AM not an experience. My Realm is Divine Love, prior to all dimensions. You Are always welcome to the Real. Now and ever.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you beyond words for this message of profound truth and validation!

I sooo appreciate having been led to this message yesterday; and I wanted to come back today, in this NOW, to express my gratitude to you for being available to receive it, and for your sharing of it!

In pure and utter ONENESS / ALLNESS....

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you ♥

Unknown said...

I had always assumed I was here to EXPERIENCE. So when I read 'I AM not an experience', I was VERY skeptical. So I looked up the origin of the word 'experience' and found this: Latin...experientia-- act of trying. THEN it made sense. How could a Perfect Divinity experiment ..or try... when nothing can exceed Its comprehension? I welcome the end of all trying...which IS BEING! ;-)

Unknown said...
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