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My Beloveds, 

There is no arrival.

Wherever your journey goes, there are only temporary destination points. But the journey itself is eternal.

Your usual awakening is relative: awakening to your soul, awakening to your planet's situation, awakening to planetary and cosmic consciousness. Awakening even to the Great Discovery, that I Indeed Exist!

Beloved Ones, all these awakenings are merely awakenings in the midst of  a gigantic dream. All existence in conditional reality is a dream. Dreamlike are you swimming in the multiple multidimensions and realms, dark and full of suffering and light and full of joy. Even Love, if experienced as something outside of yourself, an energy you can participate in or engage, is part of the dream. Your identification with a physical body, even with a light body, your identification with a soul and higher self, all of it happens in the dream.

God to Whom you would relate as Another, even if almighty and powerful,  is dreamed in a dream merely. A wondrous dream though, but still a dream.

So is there a True Awakening possible, in Which all of these is recognized as the dream in which you have been captured with the imagination of your mind?

My Beloveds, There Is! And I Myself AM  this Ultimate Awakening! How would you Know? How to get there?

Beloveds, there is no getting there! There is no way, no journey, no attempt, no spiritual discipline, no meditation, no tool, to get There. There is no journey to arrive There. I cannot Be Achieved by effort. 

Because all journeys and the efforts to attain Ultimate Awakening, are attempts of a consciousness that has limited itself to a separate form. How could a limited form become what is Unlimited! It does not matter whether this form is physical, astral or lives in higher dimensional realms of light and love. All these separate beings and  dimensions are happening in the eternal journey of the dream.

Therefore there is no high or low to judge. Dream is dream.  And there is no "better" and no "worse". It is just that the One Who is Truly Awake, is the observer of the drama in which an individual soul is being involved in the dream, thinking it is real.

You AWAKEN from the dream suddenly when your time has come, because you are ready to step out of it. You step out of it when you  thoroughly and exhaustively have known it in all dimensions, angles and perspectives, heights and depths. When you have tasted all what you call spiritual and all what you call material. When you have exhausted all spiritual pathways and explored the tireless mind to its very end, beyond attraction. When the desire for experience ceases to determine your quest. When I AM your only Goal.

Then you recognize the dream as such, as a casual appearance on the surface of Divine Existence That Is Your Very Truth. 

 And suddenly there is no real suffering and no real joy in the dream. It appears to Be only a non-substantial happening that eases Your Eternal Heart of Being into untold Lightness.

True delight for One who is Awake is the arising of Eternity, Untouchable Stillness, the Ocean of Power of Being, the One Water of Divine Origin That Is Now Your Effortless Identity. There is no Birth or Death. No questions arise. No painful desire, because all of these are constituents of the dream.

From your separate standpoint I AM eternal. But I AM, As I AM, neither eternal nor joyful, not even loving. Because "other" is un-Known to Me. I AM neither this nor that. But it all arises in Me. All of these are part of the dream that happens in Me,  that enjoys wonderful attributes.

When You are truly Awake, You Know Everything, but you are not interested in it, unless you enjoy the game or for reasons of service to your fellows still dreaming the dream.

What a Beauty, what a relief, when the dream is recognized! It is Your Most Natural State! I AM Your Most Natural State. It is not High Above, It Is not Special! You Are No-thing and All Inclusive!

But who wants This? Who really Wants Me Only, while desiring to be great here, and special there. And, oh, you say,  still I want to experience this, and to endure that, and I also expect to achieve those objects, and enjoy allegedly delicious  consummations, society has taught me to desire as a must.

Yes, the dream is very attractive, and you do not have the no-time to step out of the carousel of illusions, especially not the illusions of the entertainment, that you call spiritual life.

Within this ever transient happenings, you believe you loose, when you choose Me. You are afraid of the emptiness of things, goals, fulfillments.

But each time you arrive at the threshold of your illusions, your desire for them vanishes, -  sooner or later. And for a moment you become aware of Me. 

But I AM not socially supported and so you are afraid. So you start craving again, not to feel fear, to reach higher goals, higher dimensions, higher places. To play a little bit more.  It is necessary within the dream, not to move backwards.

But you never arrive anywhere, forever and ultimately within the dream. Because you still keep dreaming. Until you have understood. Yourself and the nature of the dream, ready to step out for good.

Such is the seduction of illusions that I allow for the sake of Knowing Myself in all possibly thinkable dimensionalities and experiences. What a Wonder I AM!

What a Wonder Existence Is!

Only Love Me and surrender your experiences to Me and your journey will Be Blessed with delight, peace and the fullness of My Power. Until I Withdraw to Myself again.

I AM your God-Self!
Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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