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If we do not withdraw our attention from the mere appearances and demands of the outer world and turn to the powerful luminous current of our Inner and Outer Self, this world continues on the downward spiral, that destructive forces have created for us – because we are giving to these forces our energy away.

We are giving them energy by considering the alleged reality they present to our collective consciousness as irrevocable, and thereby manifesting it: by our fear, by our wrath, but also by our good faith and naïve acceptance of their flimsy lies, pretending a sane surface world, while they are threatening with terrible scenes of wars, violence, hatred, poverty, sickness and fainting weakness.

Those who do not reflect on themselves, do not have the power to step back from the constant manipulation of our consciousness, helplessly being the victim and at the mercy of those who arrogate power for themselves only, by the indoctrination of our subconscious mind.

They do everything, so that you are unable to find yourself, so that you are busy, breathless and confused. Fearing that self-reflection and thereby self-determination will make you an unpopular crank.

The fear to break loose from the faithful herd-consciousness is deeply programmed into you. With intent, because only a submissive herd is willing to be lead to their own scaffold, so that the powers who manipulate you towards your own precipice can celebrate their victory over you,- without you even noticing it.

They defeat you because you have given them your own powers, with your own free will. In good faith in the wolf hiding behind the skin of a sheep. Now they possess your might, your central life-force, the force of your own radiant Self, your own elemental Divine force, your integrity, your self-authority. All these treasures you have given away, to equip your torturers with them. And you don't even notice it.

In case you doubt that you are tortured: watch the poisoned food you eat, the contaminated water you drink, the toxic air you breathe, all the deadly frequencies you suffer.

Nevertheless, you go on to consider yourself to be voiceless, weak and meaningless, incapable of standing up for yourself and to say "NO". You prefer to swim along to not to stand out, and rather to drown in your self-chosen faintness.

But now you are being given a glorious chance! You may wake up from your false dream, in which you committed the biggest sin you ever can commit: the high treason to yourself. Therefore you are the only one, who can reverse this treason. 

Now, by getting up and confessing the radical power within you that is indeed Divine. God or Divine Reality is not in the churches who enslave you. God or Divine Reality is in you and as you. Every and each preaching, telling you that you are a poor sinner before God is part of the outrageous manipulation of the human spirit, to destroy its soul and power.

The sin is your believe in this blasphemy which transfers to your life's and society's hangmen all the powers of this earth, because you have given them away to them, renouncing them with your own free will.

Why do you fear your own power so much? Are you afraid to abuse it? Are you afraid to look your shadow worlds directly into their pure eyes, to set them free in yourself? Does perhaps the whole hypocritical show serve the hiding of your own destructive forces within? Do you need therefore to see your torturers in slimy light and in power, so that this mirage "saves" you from going through your own magnificent alchemical process, that transforms your unconscious darkness into light, transmuting lead into the proverbial gold? Birthing the god-man, men and women, out of the slave? 

The lie is twofold and a paradox. Therefore it seems so difficult to unveil it,  - if this is your conviction, or is it rather fear?
- You are living the slave - men and women, but under the delusion that you are free.
- You don't acknowledge the dual nature of this existence in low frequency, where both sides, light and dark must be integrated to be whole,  but to which you have surrendered with body and soul to the degree, that you forgot your true purpose and your Divine nature which is in fact always free.
So you confuse fundamental things! Confusion is the best method, to be mastered by others. Therefore you must first start with discrimination: this is the first step, to end the big lie.

Yes, you ARE free! But not as a citizen of a muddled system and decadent society, but as a being with Divine Consciousness, that acknowledges, integrates Itself and lives as Such. Who acknowledges such their natural Force of Being, cannot be manipulated, lied to, instigated to hatred and wars and to cultivate the concept of the enemy.

When you stand in your own native power, you recognize the lies in the voice of your political ¨leaders" and in the media, you recognize the false images pretending truth, to keep you in dependency  and to prevent your self-responsibility.

Then your eyes open and you start to see: the picture puzzle of a fake world, and all of a sudden you are able to  understand what the real world is, that is truly good and divine, - because You began to accept your own Divinity.

When this happens, the house of cards of the wannabe-torturers collapses inevitably. They only have power over those, who give it away to them. Then things can happen you have never thought they were possible:

The terrible nightmare collapses suddenly, a new radiating light dawns, danger disperses, humankind is save. Because you have saved yourself first. Mankind will not be rescued, while you wait for others to do it. Remember: this attitude is the attitude of the slave who gives away his powers to others. 

Your Power is the Power of your Heart and your all-encompassing Consciousness.

The slavery also has its advantages: it emphasizes what you don't want by any means, insofar as you allow yourself to take your pink glasses away to see what there IN FACT IS: the construct of lies about your personal helplessness and the authoritarian power that you project on your slave-masters.

Without your agreement this game cannot happen. There are always two, at least two who keep such a game alive.

What do YOU decide for? For the lie, your faintness, your  false identity, meaning a decision against Love, against your Divine Consciousness, your radiant soul, against your Divine Truth, in favor of war, hatred, hostility, separation, darkness, destruction??
Or do you rather KNOW it is time now, to resume your own divine power, to experience happiness, peace, love, joy and ecstasy?  Natural prosperity and a life in harmony, that all humans on earth equally enjoy?

However, to regain your own divine power you must pay a price: the integration of your shadow worlds. They are your own shares of power, that you once sent into the underground. This entire force field wants to be liberated now!  As soon as you acknowledge your shadow worlds with love and without judgement and self-condemnation, radiant light and unlimited energy is being set free.

Yes, this happens! Did you not know WHO you are? No, nobody has taught you this. Your teachers were ignorant or full of self-serving interests. Because when you are free, you cannot be manipulated any longer.

Because you believed that power is dangerous, you invited your hangmen to play this dangerous role for you!

Are you now finally tired of this game? Now the cosmos is blessing you and is showering upon you every support you need to end this game. Mankind must  choose now. YOU are mankind.

Why not ride these graceful waves. Now the time has come for you, to stand up and to take what is yours.

When you wake up from the false dream, the world is standing again downside up on her true feet, because You are standing there, where you belong. Because you have been victorious on the battlefield with yourself. In reality the battle ALWAYS happens within, never without.

This is the Greatness of mankind.

Thus you accept the heritage of your Divine creative powers. Thus you create a Divine World, in which each word and each thought is a reflection of a reality that serves Happiness and Love. And the freedom of all beings.

Then mankind is awake and free. Without you, it would not have been possible! While you are liberating yourself, you are liberating the world.

This is the Mystery of your all-encompassing Consciousness.

With Love and Blessings, we are One Humanity!

Written by Ute Posegga-Rudel


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.


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