Sunday, December 18, 2016


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Dearest Friends, 

You might experience this as well:
There are periods of intense speechlessness. That's where I am at this time.

The plates clear everyday more deeply and there is nothing to say, nothing to do, but just to BE. But it is a paradox.

Having that said: I wonder whether anything is true other than the very present moment. Is this the sign of a dying year 2016 that holds the breath to be rebirthed into a new beginning?

The doing accomplishes itself anyway as the daily routine never stops. And new impulses are dealt with in the same way. No matter whether they come from "inside" or "outside": it is all a dream in  which we sleep, wake, swim, walk, act, laugh and love. It is a transient happening, while the heart is plain and silent, expanded, nothing to say by itself, but following an impulse from who knows where, because it FEELS right.

So everything dealt with in the sense of being rightful at any given moment to do.

But even thinking is doing, and all the other actions of emoting and sensing and feeling. They all pop up from the  endless sea of existence that is inside and outside and all around us.

This is the only fullness, that sea, it is the only true attraction and happiness.

Do you allow yourself  all the timely episodes to enjoy as an emanation of wonder, to entertain you, so that you don't get bored by missing events to play the dramas you are so deeply identified with. Do you need them, believing to survive?
Because what if you die to all of that and only being-ness remains?

Do you still need some time to let go what bothers you, to hold on to the plateau on which artfully  generated details of life seem to give you the justification to continue as before, where to engage all that separation, distinction, being right (or wrong), fighting, with fear or anger, all of that …. Do you still need it? And do you need to be confirmed about it by your own or others reactions?

That's right! The continuum is what makes you feel worthy. As long as you THINK you ARE the never ending happenings and dramas.

But what if all of that suddenly stops and nothing seems to remain.

Well, that's where I am at the moment. Is it scary or lonely?

No, it just IS. Events must evoke response in me, which gives me the opportunity to participate in any happening.

What else should I create that has not been already created a million times. Nothing is truly unique, everything is repetition: ascension, liberation, growth, it is all relative in terms of a planet, universe, galaxy, a culture and belief system, or a mere habit and familiarity with something.

If nothing of that seems to remain, there then IS a new opportunity to dive deep (deep or wide?) into the Un-Known. It is a journey of the feeling heart and wide awake awareness into other dimensionalities of being-ness, different in unheard depth and intensity that cannot be lived in this third dimension, because it is too small and shallow.

If we allow ourselves to say good bye to this broken experience, we are being drawn into new chambers of existence to again explore and feel and perhaps talk about, if this faculty complies with it.

Now do I need first to learn a new language, before I speak again other than non-sense? Or is  this just a short episode of nothingness in an old and obsolete existence that has been finished – so it seems- to be revived soon again?

Anyway, these are times of transitions. We step into a new experience for a while, to come back to the old, and then to transition as many times forth and back, until we never return.  The future sneaking into our present existence is the beginning of a new era. We need to be open for entirely new possibilities, we never could imagine before, we need to be open to allow to happen what we did not sense or believed it is possible before, because it never occurred to us, not even in our wildest dreams.

So what will be given to us? What is the new era? Lets not to be blinded and therefore non-aware of the pristine new arrivals form the Heart of Supreme Divinity to be loved and to be played with.

After all I have talked a lot, but without thinking and not in the usual way. I have been dedicating myself to be drawn again into the Pristine and Unknown and I am just exploring the beginning of perhaps something that wants itself to manifest if we allow it to BE. 

Trying to find words for what is otherwise unspeakable, just to give you an input, a hint, an inspiration where your own journey might go.



With Love & Love & So Many Blessings,



Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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