Tuesday, January 24, 2017


First of all: In the midst of your life, how ever it plays out, do not forget that there is ONLY LOVE.
It Is The Basis Of Existence. It Is Me.

Now feel it, merge with this feeling, while your heart widens, becomes soft, your whole body soft, and so your world made soft. Expanded Stillness, EXISTING INFINITE EXISTENCE …. This is Truth on which ground your life plays ….

Look now: so much chaos, so much contradictions, lies, imponderabilities, inconsistencies. Fears, losses, betrayals. All of this, yes.

However: I AM. It is but the mere play upon Me.  Keep your heart expanded in the midst of all of that! Can you do this? You will notice that you tend to contract when you face what you do not wish to happen, or even contract when you are in fear of desires that might not be fulfilled.

But I Say to you: STAND in your expanded heart that brings peace to all situations that do not fit the concept of your search. Of course you prefer to see peace rather than war, happiness rather than unhappiness, love rather than hatred.

But in the conditional world, where you tend to dramatize the unavoidable oppositions within the concept of duality, the right and appropriate always comes with their counterpart. Both are inseparable and come in tandem! Pray for one thing, and be sure what you desire to avoid arrives sooner or later too.

You may entertain  yourself with preferences, but resume your position prior to it in your seat of limitless consciousness and let the things pass by as they happen to pass. It does not mean you give up preferences and  avoid to engage yourself in changes, inside and outside, by right actions.

But to evolve, it is fundamentally a matter of non-search in the world of unavoidable  opposites, in order not to be pulled into struggle, frustration and misery, but to maintain equanimity and untouchable clarity and serenity in the midst of a disturbed world.

You change the world while changing yourself.
You create a new and divine world, while living as if you live already  there. And you live there when you live My Peace, My Love, My Softness and Infinity in all your engagements.

Even healthy anger allows your simultaneous dwelling in Me, if your consciousness is expanded in Me, your awareness with Me, Knowing Me Who is the Source in Whom anger, distress, sadness, guilt, fear and  your entire chaotic world arises.

Seeing Me in all your worldly affairs, does not mean they do not exist as they are, even in their ugliness and shortcomings, but it means you see My Divine Essence Present in all of it, because nothing can exist without Me.  Even the foundation of chaos is Peace.

Listen to noise while opening wide and with trust your whole being from inside out, listening to infinity, and you will know that the foundation of noise is silence. 

You are deeply disturbed when you live from your own surface only, and therefore what disturbs you is but the surface of existence, Me forgotten, which at this very moment is only changing and moving and altering, with innumerable variations of faces and forms and designs, shifting from imperfect to perfect and immediately back to imperfect and even perhaps to the most dreadful appearance. Try to discover Me in even the very last where you would expect Me to exist.

Find Me Inside and you will find Me outside too. But you must begin inside always.

Ponder this: All what is outside of Me, is but a reflection of Me and My Perfection. All that is outside of you, is but a reflection of you, and this might have many meanings in your state of separation and surface personality.

If you merge with Me, you can have both: Perfection and imperfection. Never look at imperfection without being aware of My Perfection. So you might have preferences, but you are really never lost in the miseries of duality, as you never forget Me again.

Use the play of heart-breaking opposites to find Me -  Unchanging Reality - beyond. Intuit and discover the infinite Field  of spotless, luminous Truth "above" the ever-changing flicker of appearances. 

This is the meaning of transcending the world. It is not abouy dreary asceticism. It is about choosing to be fully alive, happy and a vessel of My Love as a Divine Being. No search. Your heart truly satisfied. Imbued with all riches.

I Love You!
I Am your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute 



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