Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Nothing is wasted, no time, no action, 
when you see with your Heart That Is Me.

What does it mean to see with your Heart?
It is a state of all-embracing, non-strategic inclusion
and genesis of all that exists.
It is Compassion as your feeling Heart.

That Compassion is not superior and has no objective.
Compassion is a state in and through Itself.
It is an abundant state, untouched, that persists
whatever object is arising.
It is a state of being anchored in your heart,
at home there in your native state of being,
feeling to infinity and full.

Compassion is not of mind or thinking,
it is located in your Sacred Heart
 where all worlds, all things are one in Me.

Oneness is intuitive knowing-ness
that there is Me, the One single Divine Substance
that appears as all beings and things.

It is Known and felt at the Heart,
a Heart that is not confined,
not separate from other hearts,
because it is not created as otherness,
but it exists without beginning or end.

Seeing with your Heart is where humanity is heading to.
It is the primordial state
as which the divine cosmos happens effortlessly.

My Intrinsic "Creation" is not
an externally projected process,
but an unfolding of Me
as your very own being from within.
Your native Heart or Pure State of Consciousness,
expanding to new appearances. 

Whatever happens through you spontaneously
as such Consciousnes
Is Divine Creation Itself.
No difference between Cosmos and Consciousness.

Every other creation projected with effort from your
separate identity and awareness is not Divine.

Separate creation is never flawless.
It is empty of the Heart, it never truly satisfies.
And yet, this is what is being taught to everyone.
The markets are full of it and they are thriving on it.

It is the origin of unhappiness, insecurity,
separation, artificiality and the fear of death.

In your separate world you notice
that fullness created by your separate mind
is inevitably followed by emptiness,
as mind exists in the domain of duality.

It is but the sign of separation from Me that Is Living You.

You cannot think My True Cosmos.
Leave what is cold and separate,
 located in your separate iron-cold head,
 there, in the ivory tower of illusion, 
seeking in vain perfection
which remains always an idea. 

My True Cosmos can only be seen with the Heart. 

While feeling and seeing It with the great compassion of
 your Heart it flows naturally without planning, 
without goal setting, without struggle
 because it arises naturally and spontaneously in Me.
It happens as expression of 
My Pure Divine Impulse. 
Now and now as it emerges as innocent play,
always fresh and pristine.
Adorned with simplicity
that Is the radiant and untouched current of Beauty.

Seek this state in and as your Heart!

Trust is the motivator
If you loose trust you sit in the ivory tower
to control your world.
To control happiness.
To create illusionary happiness stressfully,
which never makes you happy.

Only in self-radiant Truth the glorious bubbles
of manifestation made of Love and Joy  
take effortlessly birth, embedded in the happiness of 
your conscious being that never dies.

This is ascension.
It is a state of consciousness.
You Are Consciousness as Me. 

This to realize is your birth-right and your Majesty. 
There is no other Majesty beyond or above.
Because that Majesty is My non-separate Unity
of all beings and things.

When you realize this
you are uncontrollable and non-programmable.
And you only obey the realization of Me.

Mankind  awake to your Native State!
This is the time of your trial!
And all the treasures are yours. 
There is only My everlasting fullness.
Nothing wasted, nothing lost with your Seeing Heart.


Message conveyed by Ute



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