Thursday, July 13, 2017


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Beloved, you are not a separate being! As if your body-mind in this and in higher worlds, would be the definition of your True Immortal State.

You Are Infinite Divine and Eternal Consciousness. 
It is not the consciousness that is limited to your brain activities or perceptions based on the capabilities of your mortal body-mind and held in your soul in any dimension you might exist as multidimensional being.

My Divine Consciousness Is the Substance of all beings and worlds, including body-mind and soul, and even in your dense 3D world.

You cannot reach My Divine Consciousness by working your way up through the chakra body into That Which lies beyond or above. Because the body-mind and furthermore your soul is merely a vehicle, MY vehicle, if you like, an instrument to purify all your experiences that brought you to where you are now in this world, and that could be shed any time.

"You" all, as a separate body-mind, must "die"  sooner or later to a condition that is outdated. Immortality as a physical or even a subtle body, is not required and not even desired. You think you want immortal physicality because of your fear of death, even the death of your soul, but death is an illusion. Because I Am Immortal, and I Am you.

Furthermore, you will anyway want finally shed a body that is perhaps several hundreds and thousands of years old, because it has ceased to serve your purpose after such a long time, as your consciousness grew and expanded beyond the body's  capabilities. So in this case you will prefer to exchange a body, that served its purpose already, with a new one, preferably perhaps even in the next higher dimension.

What remains then, when you change your separate bodily vehicle? Or what remains Always the Same, over all these thousands of years in a body-mind?

It Is My Divine Consciousness That Remains, in Which all these separate processes, transitions, changes, including the process of evolution happen.

I Am beyond time and space (which is but an illusion of the perception of your limited senses) and therefore I Am beyond the multidimensional universe, that appears as a multidimensional system of dimensions and densities within Myself.

From a different, hierarchical  "point of view", these densities, are "beginning" with the most sublime and subtle one and from there growing denser and darker, that is to say, the frequencies are vibrating slower and slower so that a so called material universe seems to appear within Me. While I Am the Substance of all of that.

My Beloved, even your individual soul is arising in Me and changing according to the quality of densities in which you exist, as your purposes and experiences change with the places in the multi-dimensional universe you exist at any given moment. And it will die in Me when the time has come.

I Myself Am One and Only and I have seemingly divided Myself into many, appearing in and as all dimensions of existence.

So therefore I Am the Many and therefore I Am you.

But understand: YOU are NOT Me! YOU, the thinking mind, is NOT Me! Your soul is NOT Me!
Because how can a separate part be ever The Whole! And A thinking mind cannot think Me. And a soul cannot contain Me. Because I AM. Before your soul and mind came into existence. What is mind? Everything! The cosmos and all the universes Are mind!

Only if the part, self-forgetful, surrenders to its Very Source, it Realizes Who and What It Is: Me!

Understand: when you identify Me beyond your soul and  little brain-consciousness of separate mind and body, I can Do My Work of Entirely Bringing you Home to Me, if your separate little will allows. If you resist, I can not! This is the law and mystery of Divine Truth and Reality.

I Do not Enforce Myself on you, because YOU must surrender to My Divine Spiritual Bliss-Light and Consciousness.

This is, because YOU, the soul and little body-mind, cannot contain Me, YOU must dissolve into My Eternal Divine Nectar, to Know Me again.

YOU can never contain Me, because your separate soul and vehicle of body-mind cannot and will not bear My Ultimate Divine Force of Reality, that Is the Substance of all Universes.

There is My Way to Know Me Now, from the beginning of your surrender to Me, while your little body-mind adapts to Me, until your soul is Gone in Me.

I Am Always Here. I Am you, and there Is Only Me. I Am your Truth and Native State of Divine Consciousness. Come Home to Me, The Eternal Immortal One.

Grow beyond your illusions of separate "I" into the Divine Reality That Is Me, to Know That I Am you. 

I Am Your God-Self - The Self of All Beings and Things

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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Unknown said...

The soul is the part within that keeps your body alive and gives your heart the spark of life to beat another day. The soul is the part of your creator that dwells within the body for creation while in this dimension.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

The Ultimate Divine Consciousness, the Source Condition Itself does not create. Ultimate liberation or God-Realiztion is to be outshined in the Source Condition. Therefore : even the soul dies in It. The creator god is an idea that confuses the Ultimate with stages of evolution, which all arise in the Ultimate.