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From The High Dimension Of All Possibilities The Angels Speak:

We are the Angels of Transformation. We bring the secrets of radical Transformation to you who is ready to enter the arena of fire with courage and surrender, seeking real Truth.

How to access real Truth, Beloveds!? How to become aware of It to begin with?

Know that you are helped by the ones who are living key points on your planet to redeem the lowest and most dark frequencies which are unfortunately still stored not only in the past earth processes, but also in the collective consciousness of humanity.

These servants are performing therfore planetary – and humanity work. What they have done and still do now is a kind of icing on the cake, before the great shift can occur and be fruitful.

For some of them it is more difficult than for others as they are not fully conscious about the magnitude of their work by not being aware that they function as mere instruments and have basically no karma on their own. They must forget the remembrance of who they really are, so that the work can be authentic at the level of lower frequencies. 

To the extend to which all of them have managed this transformative work, mirrors the powerful upswing of human consciousness. Whereby they are the required channels for the increasingly incoming higher frequencies of love-light in your realm. They have accomplished a great task, a work about which most people who are interested in ascension don't want to know about.

They are rather drawn to hearing only about the pleasant stories, but they don't know that the process of ascension is inseparably connected to the path of descension, being both sides of one coin in your world. 

This deep-rooted service in the womb of darkness has been necessary so that the part of humanity which is ready for it, but is still too much tied to unresolved patterns of humanity's past, is able to ascend.

It is this work which sets the evolutionary and liberating course within the consciousness and in the structure of the body of humanity, so that the necessary process of ascension of consciousness can be put in motion. Without setting this course, a fundamental expansion of consciousness is not possible in such a short time. The intense energy boost would destroy a human being who is still in deep sleep. 

The deeper the descend the higher the ascend. The new Light that you are experiencing now is born from the immensity of the darkness into which they have been descending so that this new conscious light could be born for humanity. Now the path has become relatively easy, but it must become conscious and so you still have to duplicate the process. 

Although these processes can be also looked at from a superordinate point of view as a cosmic joke, as a merely detached play, the physical and individual experience is always painful. But there is consciousness and awareness in pain, that can be set free, and that's what it is about.

There are so to speak shallow, light, conscientious, deep and ultra-deep players. They all belong to the great play, and they all are valid. The depth of the immersion defines the level of ascension. This depends on the level of experience you seek.

But you need to know that ultimately all experiences, and we say ALL experiences, keep you captured in the prison of limitation and separation. Only if you wish to explore the total bandwith of experience, you can achieve absolute freedom from all worlds. And only when you are ready, to even transcend all these levels of experience you will be completely free.

This Freedom is your very and supreme nature. But usually only those begin to ask for this absolute freedom who have taken on the ultra-deep path.

Freedom is therefore relative. As long as you speak of freedom FROM something it is in actuality freedom within the room of limitations.

But when you cry out from the depth of all your heart for absolute Freedom, a process is being initiated which catapults you there where you begin to intuit for the first time the Magnificience of It as It Truly Is. To realize this Freedom as Is, you must enter the true path of radical metamorphosis, without „knowing“ where you will end up. It is the path of trust in the Existence of Ultimate Divine Consciousness.

With blindfolded eyes you will be guided through all levels of existence in a process of utter self-transcendence, which is many times unbearably painful until the bandage is being taken from your eyes. Only then you will understand. And only then, and not prior to it, the true path begins. To walk the path you must be of a pure heart and radically comprehend the total play of the matrix of creation. You must leave behind the world that hangs upside down and which is the all and ENTIRETY you have known so far, to intuit the world of Divine Existence That Truly erected IS.

When you such enter the Great Path the Angels of Liberation and Freedom will show you the way, Illuminated by their Divine Wisdom-Light of Unspeakable Beauty and Freedom.They are the messengers of Your Own Ultimate Divine Nature, until you Realize the Mystery of Oneness where there is no process, not path, where there are no angels, no heavens, no skies and no separate worlds. Only this ONE Radiant Happiness, Joy, Love and Undying Bliss, One with all worlds, and in Which all worlds are being finally consumed. 


From the High Dimension of Eternity the Angels speak:

We are the Angels of Liberation and Freedom. We bring the Light of purest Enlightenment to you, who is longing with great thirst for Truth.

Know that above all your experiences there is the Free Divine Realm, empty of objects, above the senses, gross and subtle, above all dimensions. It is the radiant realm of Pure Being, of Eternal Existence that cannot be experienced but you must Be It, because it is your very own Single and One Truth.

It is not the truth of you as an individual, separate being, but the inherent Truth of Existence Itself, the Divine Well as Which your Primordial Being is resting always, always Living as never-ending Enjoyment. It is the Reality of Being-ness, not experienced, not thought, not hoped for, but lived in any moment as unquestionable Truth of your Divine Being, when it is Realized.

We Are here to remind you of This, as you have forgotten It in the midst of all your experiences, let them be worldly or spiritually. What you Are is beyond spiritual, because your True and Ultimate Home is Divine Reality. Spirituality is the bridge to there, which must be left behind, it is merely the pathway to that Truth, to that Divine Reality that Shines forever as the One Who you Are.

Please open your heart and your mind to be inspired by that Truth into your Ultimate Space of Radiance, forever free, blessed and glorious. There is nothing above or below It and It is untouched by the worlds, high and low, Pervading and Containing them. It is forever Free and Pure Beauty, boundless Clarity and Happiness, the stainless Infinite Being that you Are.


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