Wednesday, May 2, 2018

PERSONAL UPDATE, 30. 4. 2018

Dearest friends,

my journey is not yet at the point of arrival at a final destination - if such a thing should exist for me at this time. And perhaps destination is not the point anymore on the evolutionary course of earth and her changing place in the universe.  

From an ordinary point of view, I am still living in a transitory circumstance without any privacy. Still testing the waters to find somehow the rightful impulse where I will be heading. But perhaps heading toward something is now out of the equation as everything seems to be expanded dissolution,  mere Being-ness is required! Quite on the contrary to the people around me who are one-pointedly following intentions, plans, goals, directions. 

For me the Universe seems still to hide evidence of my future putting me into a kind of Bardo - an in-between condition. But perhaps also "future" is not a necessary term or experience anymore, because we go beyond time and space. Being extra sensitive to the turbulent waves of my immediate environment, it is an interesting situation to practice the stillness within the eye of the storm.
For those who are familiar with astrology: I have strong Neptune transits to all but one of my personal planets, including AC and MC, which speaks of dissolution of all aspects of my life, not to mention powerful Uranus influences that crash my life apart.

Well, I am tested on all ends to prove the presence and peace of my heart and the trust in the Radiant Infinite Divine. And even though sadness comes and goes, it is like a dream upon the luminous Jewel of Truth. What a time! 

It seems that it is exactly what the deep of humanity is to be going through at this time, whether conscious or unconscious. All are tested. And I am holding it in my very Heart. That's what their dreams show to me. This is not just MY life, it is not meant to be personal. And I must not forget it.

I wonder whether you UNDERSTAND? Perhaps you have similar experiences? 

This is the time of big transitions for an awakening humanity, on the verge to new Openings, new Revelations, the Radiant Eternal Truth shining through all appearances of this world. 

According to the great Hopi Prophecy, don't take anything personal, dearest Ones. I quote it here for you, to remind you of it, in case it is helpful for you: 

 "At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves.  For the moment that we do,  our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt."  

So just feel what there is and do not identify! Be Love and it transforms into what Is Great and Immortal.
Much love and many Blessings to you all, my friends!

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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