Monday, May 7, 2018


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Beloved Friends,

there is more to what I said in my last update from 30. April 2018. It is about the awakening process of humanity and a changing disposition of earth.

A newly activated radiant ray of consciousness and light is penetrating and sourrounding earth now, helping her to take on a new position within the universe. This new position is not to be understood locally but dimensionally in terms of a higher vibration and with it a higher consciousness.

It is up to each one of us to participate in it consciously. It might be your experience that in this new emerging light old patterns you thought have been long overcome, appear again, but only to be eradicated with their roots!

It is absolutely crucial now to make clear choices what and where we want to be! First of all we must locate this new light. It is pure and limitless, directly shining from the Divine Source Condition, pristine and self-radiant, as I perceive it. It is just there, surrounding us, filling the space within we live, and all we need to do is to allow ourselves to become aware of it.

To do so we must go beyond our old self-image, beyond old ideas about spirituality, beyond the body-mind, because it is greater than any quality of light we have known so far and anything we have been identifying with. Being willing to let go of the familiar, opening to the yet unknown with intuition and also with knowingness of the heart, will suddenly reveal what you are looking for – as you use your higher will and mind to discover and communicate with this new conscious light.

It must be so because it is here to be discovered to be utilized by you as it is Divine Intention that those who are ready and willing, receive the gift of this higher consciousness.

With it the frequency of humanity will rise, together with the already risen frequency of earth. It is the means to go beyond the present man-made calamities on earth. Bad intentions cannot be realized in the higher vibrational light of this new reality if enough of us connect with it. They would just fall apart without vibrational foundation and the dissolution of a lower mind.

In addition it is important to understand that 7 years ago (I believe it started in 2011) the images of the old world as they have been held in the universal mind of the world population and thereby kept in a seemingly fixed form, started to crumble exponentially away by Divine Intervention, to make room again for a truthful Divine creation.

However since then, desperate to loose their tyrannical grip on earth and humanity, the old images have been drasticly reinforced by the negative ruling forces. To bind humanity within the old patterns, the life situation on earth has been made worse and worse, people being forced into increasing suffering.

Unfortunately the major part of humanity has lost in the course of this darkening their light and natural intelligence by giving up their own self-determinating power, integrity and self-authority, so that it seems that humanity would not survive.

But we all know that even a tiny ray of light can lighten up a dark room. And so it is given back to us what humanity seems to have lost – for a while.

The new undeniable Radiance is here and it is stronger than just a beam of light! It is a powerful radial light, and at the same time a light without center point, spreading and radiating to infinity in all directions. It Is. And it is Source Light, in Which we must participate, because it is us who allow it to manifest its Divine Power.

And we participate by recognition of It. By acknowleging It, by being touched and penetrated by It, so that our body-mind takes on new patterns of Divinity and the consciousness and frequency of It.

It is a process and we are given the chance to divert the otherwise rather catastrophic events which are the results of a humanity who has allowed themselves to be mislead to take more and more negative and life– and love-denying actions.

This new radiant light Is a higher Love-Frequency, a vibration that is free of the suffering of the dual mind because it is an emanation of the Oneness in which the pairs of opposites are contained. It comes with the Vision of Wholeness of undivided Joy and the actual experience of It, even in the body when It enters from above throught the  crown chacra.

My beloved friends, we have reason to celebrate! It is up to us to surrender to Happiness, especially in each moment in which old, undesirable patterns might appear, to honor the Divine and to prepare for a new earth.

May You Be Happy! 

With Love and Blessings,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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