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It is not the world we love, but the joy of being that is our happiness.

What we love is not what we see and think about, but what we feel to BE as the Essence of all things.

It is only the search for our inherent Happiness that makes us believe that it is found in things and situations.

Because we are strongly convinced that THEY make us happy we tend to relax into them, although in Truth we connect thereby into the greater field of Being That is  the field of Happiness in Which we always exist.

The satisfaction we feel when achieving things is only due to a certain stress release for a short while that grants a glimpse into the domain of mere Being or feeling into Infinity. For a while only we intuit our true Nature, but never become it, because the creation of these things we believe we need, to be happy, stands in the way to our Infinite Divine Nature, the Source Condition or Radiance of Divine Existence.

To believe in the Happiness of things - as if they themselves would bear the Divine Revelation  -  is to separate ourselves from the One Sphere of mere Primordial Source, the Divine and Pure, Stainless Condition That is Pure Undifferentiated Joy.

And so it is the creation of the worlds that diminishes pure Happiness as we identify with what we create, superimposing the world on its Source. Prefering the secondary to the Primary that Is God or Divine Reality or mere Radiant Being or Primordial Joy and Happiness.

It Is, without the body and its relations, without the mind and all dimensions, always Present. It Exists without creation, prior to it. It does not need creation to exist.
Therefore, if we believe, things make us happy, we open up a tiny little space into the infinite Space of Happiness That IS before creation ever happened.

It teaches us that we can always choose to be truly happy, whithout the things, beings, worlds we desire. As the desire is born from the body-mind that has forgotten how to be sourrounded and pervaded by the Infinite.

Therefore it is the Infinite always that is Radiating Happiness in all things and situations and thereby creations.

We only have forgotten it by our identification with creation, the objects of the world.

Finding our way back to the Radiant Source Field, transcending the bondage to the world, grants the Ultimate Freedom in which we are always Happy, and ARE the Joy that is the Foundation of the world. 


Love and Blessings to you,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

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